Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I - Release Trailer

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

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Tiago Jordão
Is Durgan's Battery the new Durlag's Tower? :D
Clarissa Claudia
Icewind of Eternity !
Quad Rax
Finished part 1 of white march yesterday. I love how you did Durgan's battery and the soundtrack! The soundtrack is so dann fitting the battery and immersion
0:32 Pamukkale? ;_;
Dude Man
OMG dat Dragon Leap!! I can make a proper Dragoon class now
... Great. I've been living under a rock for a month or more. How the hell did I miss this?! And from this amazing game no less
Looks great, keep up the good work Godsidian! Loved Pillars!
Глеб Артёмов
Когда вы сделаете FALLOUT 5
Mark Wonder
OMG, I should have brought some tissues before watching this...
awesome! is the trailer music also in the game?
General Maul
I know this wont have anything to do with the video but please Obsidian. You gotta make another Fallout game.
Harb Chan
Hmm...did I hear Matt Mercer of Critical Role near the start of this? :) Looks pretty amazing...had many geat hours spent in titles like Ice Wind Dale...this seems worth checking out.
Man, I gave my steam key to my brother. Anyway to get the expansion for the physical copy?
General Grievous
Pantheon is that you??
Goth Xtreme
I never actually played much of Baldur's Gate or any of the other games styled like this and I was wondering would someone just being introduced into the genre have a hard time getting into this title? I did play and LOVE Dragon Age: Origins but as far as RPG's very few if any others resembled this.
What scale armour is that the barbarian is wearing? 0:49
Obsidian, I didn't like the fallout games until i played Fallout: New Vegas. 11/10 better then fallout 4. I hope someday you will may another post apocalyptic fps with the same level of depth and amount of fun as the previous one.
i know this is only part 1, and that this is suppose to be side content to the original story, but I just finished part 1. I havnt done craighold or whatever its called, will do that tomorrow i think. But I hate to say it, but this game is becoming increasingly boring. The main problem I feel is the writing, story and characters. It felt extraordinarily bland to me. The original POE story line I think was quite ok, but nothing special. Even the characters I think are quite good, but they just dont add no where near the amount to the game that other CRPGs have done, I want to care about them but I barely notice their presence except for combat hah. Speaking of combat, It's getting to the point where there are just too many spells over multiple classes, its a bit hard to properly manage it in combat... yes i Know there is the new AI system and I actually think it works quite well, but I dont like the feeling that the computer is doing it for me, but dont like trying to manage it... I think with this many abilities the game would have been better as a turn based system, but I dont necessarily think they realised it would have turned out like this. I also find that potion buffs and spell buffs are horrible in how they work, you can only use in combat, but you feel so penalised, because you taking time to buff while combat and crowd control from enemies is going on... it just doesnt work imo, and should have been how its always been, having the ability to buff before combat It just seems to time consuming during combat to try and get all those buffs off, or maybe im trying to use too many? I know this seems very negative, but I do care about the game and I want it to be a great experience, but I feel as though it just falls short in so many areas, though its still a good game, just not great... of cause this is just my opinion and I know others will probably disagree greatly.
Andrew Vincent
I loved the White March saga so much. I had such a great time. It really felt like it's own game. I really think it should have taken place after the main campaign. It just makes no sense to me that your Watcher would halt his serious quest of pursuing Thaos and racing against time so they can complete their quest before they go mad like Maerwald to go to the White March. There was too much urgency in the Watchers quest to take the long journey northeast.
I would buy this from GOG, but due to the $#%#$# capital controls I can't buy it now.  Promise I will the second they are lifted.
Great job guys.
Zero Sami
fallout 4 sucks please do another new Vegas love your games
MaG Hooligan
will you guys do another fallout game at some point? you guys are the best at it
I hope it's better than the original, which had only one interesting part - the ending level.
ommm love PoE so much, but new addons seems to be EA - style :c
Monikan Cultist
Your game is awesome and perhaps one of the best I've played so far.

But whoever the fuck, did the mechanics on Charm and Dominated. Fuck you and go to hell. And fuck Twilight.