Let's go deep sea diving! From my livestream over at:

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This game is almost as beautiful as Hannah.

Now where's my cookie for saying something nice >:3
Donald Anderson
The absolute worst game you could play with twitch pop ups the whole time...
Quayson Williams
Also the last time i was this early, ive never been this early
As someone who is scared shitless of the deep sea, this game actually calms me
Thank you for putting up videos from your streams Hannah! I don't get to see yours live much because of time differences (I'm 5 hrs. behind you, so your late morning/early afternoon is really early in the am for me.) So this is nice. This game is really cool too! I loved Journey and was excited to know that some of the people involved in Journey were involved in this game. :D
i had a great time on the stream! thanks for the great experience hannah!! (and libby of course <3)
Annie Rowe
This is so brother bear-esque but with SHARKS
LOVED watching this on stream! Thank you! ^_^
This game gives off a "Journey" like vibe. That is a good thing.
It's like Libby knew exactly when to come in and kill the most dramatic moment.
andre fernandes
My PC broke'll have to finish watching the video on my tablet
Method Man
I actually really love this game.
Zac Rivett
Why does this make me nostalgic and remind me of the Shadow of the Colossus?
Average Beaver
I wish I was in this stream
Christopher Vinci
Try walking around in Rome in 45 degree heat, fun :))
Leslie Smrekar
I'm so early for this video
Yes an extra super long Hannah video! :D
Robbie Messenger
Flip's sake I fell asleep and I don't know when
So beautiful got friends that freedive :)
J0n M0rton
Naomi Yokoi
This is so relaxing
Ella E.
They should play Journey!
erin mahoney
Omg I really wanted to watch this stream... D;
I'm gonna be honest, I really disliked how you did this. The visuals of this game are ruined by the Twitch popups everywhere and you miss so much stuff because your focus isn't always on the game. This game *deserves* your full attention.
Annie Rowe
I can't believe they managed to make an underwater game this peaceful
jim scott
the music sounds quite like tomb raider..i like it
Got to be honest, I preferred Hat Films' take on this game.
Llama Gaming
Is this channel dying?
hey hannah. layers of fear has a new dlc campain. will you and kim be revisiting the game
ash squarkz
So gorgeous ...
Gothedrill Terror
I'm not loving the channel as much as i used to. there so much streaming stuff now, and all this VR stuff. theres a lot of short series and one offs. I also wish there where more collaborations. I don't feel like i can't get invested in anything before it's gone. I think thats kind of what I grew to love about this channel. It just feels like a bit of a cluster. Thats just my opinion, and most people might like it better this way.
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Given how many YouTubers seem to just play the fool, I like how Hannah isn't ashamed of being both intelligent and knowledgeable. Also that happy little drone reminds me of the web comic Mare Internum :3
don't worry I will watch this right after I play the game myself
Psychick Phenomena
32° is great weather though.
for a meditative game you should stop talking incessantly to say things without interest
Waiting for a fish pun
Naomi Yokoi
Does anyone know the composer for the music in the game?
Fish are friends, not food
Jacob Horton-Scarfield
Abzulutely amazing
Abzulutely amazing
Izzy Mei
can you do more mirror edge pls
Ivette Rojas
I think u have to play this on play station
If you haven't played it yet, play it before watching this. It's worth it.
Mike McMahon
I hate the ocean too. Especially when I can't see below me because something might be watching u
To be honest I've never really understood the distinction between ancient marine reptiles and dinosaurs, it just seems like it would be simpler to call them swimming dinosaurs or whatever
creed 18
Hannah has the same fear as me the open space in the Ocean
Ivette Rojas
Hannah orcas are actually part of the whale family hence the nickname killer whale.
Russell Pierce
complaining about 30° when there's a heat index of 40°+ every day here
F. H.
I would like it more if it was recorded as a video and not a stream.
Donald Anderson
Journey is still king
oldman Henderson
booper dooper
Thank you so much for playing our game!
Arley Stuffins
Are basking sharks endangered? I've seen a bunch of them off the west coast of Scotland (Gigha to be exact); at one point I actually had to get out of the water they were coming so close - their skin is like sandpaper and a flick from their tail can break ribs.
Joe Venables
Abzû? Sounds like a pokemon
Luis Fim
The game has 2 hours?????
Why is everything triangles and pyramids?? In Recore there where pyramids and im seeing them everywhere. It must be the Illuminati lol
Hannah, you mentioned Atlantis, but you do know it doesn't exist and never has right? Or not as an actual physical place at least.
Quayson Williams
Jeroen van Wier
andre fernandes
good Game
Leanne Williams
louis finnerty
The bitrate in this video took a dump at some points, so many moving things at points