Pillars of Eternity: White March 2 - Storyline Companions Builds, Part 2

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Eder - 0:00
Durance - 3:12
Hiravias - 7:10
Grieving Mother - 11:00
Devil of Caroc - 16:45
Please make your videos 1080p next time. Liked.
Chester666 Me
thnks, really helpful
Why no Into The Fray for Eder? Seems useful, and I happen to miss this one sometimes... if it's true what it states.
Darokar Tevir
Why can durance not be used as an off Tank? He has 13 Con and 18 Resolve, that seems pretty tanky. My plan was to make him an offtank next to my PC Paladin Tank on PotD so i didn't have to take Edar and have more room for dps characters.
Helmino 87
Are the buillds of these 2 videos for POTD too?
So how is reaping knives for carnage on a barbarian? Enough DR and damage to be viable over firebrand?
ummmm... what about the skills??? You didn't assign any skill points.
Bento San
Triggered immunity on eder seems to have been removed in the final release - anything else you recommend in its place ?
Awesome videos. I see you didnt pick hold the line on lvl 4 with Eder which you did do in the French Connection Fighter Build. Whats the reason for that?
May I ask why you don't take unbending on Eder? If he's to be a dedicated tank, can't that come in real handy for some fights where he could be burst down from something like a dragon? I may be wrong, but I seem to recall your recommending it in some previous fighter videos for a striaght tank. Did it get nerfed? Also what about critical defense? I get that he shouldn't be getting crit much with such high defenses, but on POTD it can definitely still happen, can't it? I would think both of these things would be more useful in terms of making him the best tank he can be.
Where is the first part?
With the rollout of white march and the new talents, you can compensate somewhat for Durance's appallingly low might and dex scores. If you take aggrandizing radiance (+2 to all stats) along with the cross-class barbarian skill (+2 might/con, but more importantly 33% faster speed), you can stack the two for a burst of spells. Later on of course clerics get avatar. You can also give him even more defenses by being a player-character paladin and giving him the soulbound scepter Gyrd Háewanes Sténes (eventually, +3 resolve, procs a powerful defensive spell if you get critically hit)
Elliott Decker
This dude is stealing your content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gGIq-ENuyE