Pillars of Eternity: White March - Wizards Guide

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Jason Woods
does this still work? I did you go colonist for the survival bonus?
You are kind of slightly unfair to the classic nuke spells, I guess. For sure, the standard output of these sounds rather mediocre, and: It is of course intended. You do not fully take into account that these spells are consciously designed as part of a combo (You use Arcane Veil, e.g. , on your melee build, as well) , and to be buffed up further with e.g. Scion of Flame. In reality, basically all spell caster debuffs work nuke-friendly against Reflex; and only a very chosen few versus Fortitude and Will. Enervating Terror (Wiz) and Spreading Plague (Druid) are good alround bets here. Will only (and again Reflexes): Miasma.

- So, whereas Forti and Will spells tend often just to hit, or maybe even graze, you go all out with Fireball, and the whole Fire and Ice stuff, for the Criticals; if necessary in longer battles with double or triple different debuffs (Hobble, Blind, Prone, etc.): leading to the Triple D; De-Buff, Disable, and Destroy. - The Fireball/blaster wizard`s mantra.

Crits are granted for these spells by smaller Fetid Caress (basically destroys all Reflexes on a single target) and its iconic larger (AoE) brother Adragan, that multiplies the guaranteed-to-crit Fireball damage output by a whopping EIGHT. (Maybe, put Sneak Attack on the wizard for some extra Oomph) That is, in the first example, as a simple fast cast crit,about 80 damage (multiply fittingly for the Delayed version) to the main target, and less to its neighbors. While in the second, you destroy about anything in the vicinity. (Put a second Fireball in if needed...)

In general, one could even slightly optimistically say that (because of the lack of fitting debuffs) Will and Forti centered spells even deal less damage, often over time, with a larger amount of Grazes, than the classic Nuke stuff, that can be unloaded after the debuff phase rather quickly. They (Corrosive Siphon, Malignant Cloud, Bitter Mooring) are just way easier to apply (less preparations, e.g.) effectively. And clearly, Chill Fog is always quite a good starter.

For Melee versus Blaster (and ranged caster) : Melee gives more damage output and defensive capabilities (that you will load upon), but even normal Blasters give more control.
Chronosphere Steen
i wuld ay that preist i scarryin this game too much
Jeffmetal 42
wanted to thank you for making such great guides. I've played through vanilla once and white march 1&2 once so far blind. Now on my 3rd playthrough and using your guides since I'm doing an all custom party this playthrough. Only playing Hard on this one but for my 4th I'm doing POTD. since u spec for POTD difficulty my party is awesome on Hard. thanks again sir, great work.
Hugh Janus
does perception accuracy improve the accuracy of your spells?
Vale Sauce
how do you feel about going for 20 perception? i went resolve 3 and might 17 on a wood elf with white culture for maximum interrupt and accuracy.

by the way how do you make those fully leveled characters?
Daniel Parra
would be viable if i sacrifice CON , to increase DEX???
Kevin Lisek
Absolutely love your videos. I'm learning the mechanics behind Pillars and I'm loving it. Doing my first playthrough of Path of the Damned now with your White March paladin as the lead char. I am just curious, when you're done with re-doing your videos do you think that you might make a quick video about the best builds for the in-game companions and their horrible stats for people that want to see the game story and have a decent party build? That's what I'm doing now but it's hard to follow your builds if my characters attributes don't follow your strategies.
What did you end up doing with all those unspent skill points?
I don't think you talked about the choice of race in this one. Doesn't it matter much for wizards?
Offtopic question:
Any idea how to kill adra dragon and sky dragon? I'm currently playing on high difficulty and all my party is 14th lvl and i don't have any clue really. Most of tactics i've seen on the yt don't work anymore, some are very hard to accomplish which doesn't help. Gaze of the adragan isn't working and I've tried many ways to stunlock dragon and it isn't working, he just comes and one shots my team. Only mind plague sometimes charms the dragon for about a second or two. Traps are also pathetically weak sadly. Any suggestions?
I wonder if there are any transcripts of these, they would be plenty useful
ang alv
yes i second that...i love all your guides and finished easily my path of the damned run on pillars with your builds with premade...but i plan to make a path of the damned run with 2 premade (main priest or pala and wizard) and 4 companions cause i love the story and their dialogues and would love to have your ideas on how to build companions and their gear...
thanks for the videos, what do you think of my party, will it be good on path of the damned : fighter sword and shield, paladin Two wepons, Cipher gun, druid bow, Priest melee or ranged, not sure, chanter with a bow, I'm not sure if a tank is essential, I'm more of an offensive heavy hitter for the pal and fighter!
Jacob Gullick
this is what pisses me off about this game.. its better to use your wizard as a MELEE FIGHTER rather than a fucking wizard.. fucking stupid