Yakuza 0: The Movie (Game Movie) (Part 1/3)

* i originally was gonna have this as a full video but unfortunately i didn't have enough storage to render all 18 hours of this game movie so it's separated into parts. Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3*

Story: This is a story of how two men became respected legends among all of yakuza. Kazuma Kiryu, The Dragon of Dojima and Goro Majima, The Mad Dog of Shimano. The two stories happen simultaneously.

Kiryu: A young man who recently joined the yakuza a year ago along with his blood brother Akira Nishikiyama. Kiryu does a collection job for a loan shark. While Kiryu was enjoying his leisure time, he is framed for murder and the bosses of the Dojima clan are very quick to give him to the cops. Refusing to get arrested, Kiryu goes AWOL and must survive to prove his innocence while taking on the entire Tojo Clan.

Majima: A Manager for the famous cabaret club in Sotenbori, The Grand. What people don't know is that he used to be a yakuza in the Omi Alliance but was exiled for "disobeying orders" and was tortured for a year and now he's imprisoned in Sotenbori. Majima's supervisor, Sagawa, arrives at the Grand and offers him a deal to get back into the Omi Alliance. Kill a target named Makato Makimura. Easy enough, right? Turns out there's more to this person than meets the eye and things get complicated real fast...
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