Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part One Review (GameWatcher)

Obsidian has taken a nostalgic trip back to the tundra for Pillars of Eternity’s first major piece of DLC, and the frozen setting isn’t the only thing in The White March Part One that brings to mind the combat-focused games of the Icewind Dale series. The focus here is firmly on battle, exploration and looting; that means that a little of the character and mystery of the main game is lost, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

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Considering that Part I+II costs as much as the entire game, yet no nearly as much content, i've decided against buying them.
Great review.
Does it fix the saved game error in the steam version?
Very informative review, now i have all the information about expansion. I guess i will skip it, because it focuses mostly on combat.
Night Fright
Eh, I thought you could get this and start playing it right away, I uninstalled the game ages ago and there's no way I'm replaying it just so I can get to this content
Andrew Vincent
If your character is good then going to the White March to help out and get some good reward is good enough reason to go to The White March. If that's not enough of if your character isn't good, then the Leaden Key being there is also a good reason to go. Of course in part 2, the serious threat the Eyeless pose to you, Caed Nua, and everyone else is reason enough to go back to stop them. I think you're being too harsh on the reasons of being in the White March.
ppp peter
very nice indroduce , u save my money.
Coffee Break Hero
saved my time. game companies like obsidian and bioware should realize their fan base loves them for the plot and not for dungeon crolling (not saying PoE gameplay is bad but that it's not the reason people get the game). it's a nice addition though. i loved the dungeon crolling in the keep but i finished it because of the mystery. I'll probably give this game with dlc a full playthrough before PoE 2 comes out (in a few years probably)

i mean. this game isn't really interesting after u know the ending.
Perfect. So for me who havent played the main yet, this DLC is awesome. If i had finished the game then i would prolly skip it since it doesnt continue the main story. For those new to the game though this DLC starts a third into it so its a perfect DLC to get loot, spells, characters and a lot of combat training. And then swing back to the main and finish the other 2 thirds. Perfect. :)

Feel a little sad for those who finished the main story though. I actually thought this DLC would continue the game and maybe divert into a new deep mysterious quest. Maybe this part 1 is just a "story light" intro to part 2 that will go deeper. Who knows. Anywho, Thanks for the review!
Alpha Seal
i hate dynamic scaling
Does anyone know if the game was updated so every act in the game are good as act 1? I like act 1 very much and I backed and played the game, but even so I mostly forced myself finishing it :/
Puma Serrano
the characters just run full speed...or just slow slow slow scouting (when you scout your character becomes see trough...wtf)...no normal walking...and that fucks inmersion!!!
And also the scenarios are blurry as hell...and the game does not support antialiasing so get use to jaggy edges...in its actual state is unplayable and looks dated as shit. Imposible to forget youre playing a game with all these issues.