Rant: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Intro = Made by Jonathan Vize
Outro = Drowning Pool - Killin' Me
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Rectus Rectumius
This game is obviously a good one. Remember Commandos?
Yeah this is basically medieval Japan Commandos.
How would you even think you would dislike it?
"It was hard, and I LOVED it!"
Someone should take that quote and put it in a...different context XD
Yuki and the old man are the best. But I love them all.
Great review lol i watched a few others wondering if i should get this game. You my friend convinced me
Akemi Homura
Nice looking game. i don't think i've seen this before.
Wow this is the dark souls of Stealth games!!!! (plz dont kill me XD)
Hamish MacColl
Love all of your videos! Thanks for creating such entertaining content! :)
Doruk Kaptan
This is such a great game man
basically Commandos in Japan???? Count me in!!!
here are some random multitasking killings from this game that i recorded sometimes ago. specially last kill may interest you xd.

I thought this was gonna be a negative review cause it said rant. Glad you loved it =) first mission sold me within 5 minutes. Plus I love Japan setting games like Aragami
Faddishname 228
1 minute out and only 3 views I expected more so disappointed
6:40 and 13:41 are basically the same sentiment, but there's JUST SOMETHING about 13:41 that makes it stand out as the superior version to me... Hmm... What could it be...?
So..Basically Commandos with a ninja motif.
other name
We calling reviews rants now?
Hùng Đỗ Thành
after playing this game, I see I won't playing any games of this types soon. It is just so good and frustrating at the same time. Make no mistake, this game is great. Actually, there are only 3 great games of this genre: desperado(which is the spiritual father of this game), robin hood(less superior than the other two but still an entertaining game and easier) and this. The game is so hard that it is frustrating, but there are moments you truly feel satisfying after solving a good puzzle in game. However, personally, the frustrating aspect of the game outweigh its fun factor easily.
Emerald Moon
Do a parody series of Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony. Please and thank you.
Christopher Thompson
Man this game is so good!!!!!!
billy Patatos
I wonder if danganronpa v3 parody is coming wink wink
I read the title of this game as blades of the shotgun until you said the title of the game in the video.
haha bottom
Ori No Game No Sekai
I thought of it >>> think about it >>> the Germans and the Japanese people were allies in WWII, so ya... :) >>> they're still good friends :)
Magos Explorator
I haven't complete watch it. But if you like this, check out commandos's this game used it as inspiration
a ferg
The Wolf Princess
I have been waiting for this new video. Just watching while working on my scripts for my own.
The GateK33p3r
A similar, and just as difficult, game to Shadow Tactics is Invisible Inc. It's turn-based and the levels are randomly generated, but it's difficult and satisfying to pull off a successful infiltration. It's 7 Pounds 17 for the base game on Steam and 14 Pounds 50 with the DLC
Patiently awaiting a Skyrim 'Rant' video.
King Sirbosston
No dislikes