RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE All Cutscenes (LEON STORY) Game Movie 1080p 60FPS


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Resident Evil 2 is one of the all time great survival horror games that helped mold the genre into what it is today. This 2019 Remake keeps the core story and atmosphere, but truly remakes it into something entirely new. This is what a remake should be. We started with Leon A and will do Claire's next to get a complete story. This is only Leon's story. As always, we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to stitch together a fluid cinematic story. We cut out most of the puzzle solving since it's mostly unnecessary to the story. We hope you enjoy!

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Gamer's Little Playground
Working on Claire's now!
Rere Lele
Leon is so handsome in this version
FBI 1987
Cutscene: zombies take one bullet to the head.
Gameplay: like 5.
Calling shenanigans, right now.
Leon: Gimme a break
Mister x proceeds to break Leon's ribs
This game says jesus christ more times then the new testament.
Josh Bermudez
Bro those burger graphics look so good now I’m hungry
Needs more ''Ada wait!!''
anyway thanks for the cutscenes, this game is amazing!!
Neidentifikovani Leteći Objekat
"Take care of yourself Leon" ... man that got me
Glen Ryder
0:22 That cheeseburger's like "That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?!"
Color Neon202
Leon's Always Looking Cute.
Leon : Grab my shoulder
Ada : Dont push it Rookie

Tundra Vort3x
Leon looks more like a SWAT member than a rookie cop
Nightcrawler GAP
Leon is skilled, but realistically he should be dead. Soooo many miracles save this dude's life.
Le Preecha
Ada:Take care of yourself
Leon: No!!
DollFace -Shayna Martin
Why is Leon so hot?
Autumn Equinox
I mean, Leon is attractive af, 😂 but I’m more attracted to his voice. Hot damn.
Rama Dwi
This game is so dark i have to turn max my brghtness so i can see ada giving leon that launcher.
48:14 dang.. ada got clocked right in the face
Kamilya Kadyr
Guys I think Leon is supposed to symbolize justice, purity, hope and victory (of the good) in the RE games.
Hence why he is a rookie cop (police =law = justice) and why his name is Leon (Leon = Leo - often in literature the lion represents courage and justice). He’s fighting against the evil which is Umbrella, (in this case umbrella is a symbol of hidden power).
Also I think his last name Kennedy is a reference to JFK, who also stood for human and civil rights, and was considered great by many.
I think that was the creators intention with his character. Someone who is a silent hero, a silent protector in a corrupt world. Of course my interpretation covers Leon in everything pre-Re6. They drastically ruined his character in Re6 and the movies, which is a shame considering Leon is one of my favorite characters. You get so attached to his character, his heroic actions and moral values make you wish he was real. The same goes for Claire, too.
Joseph Hernandez
Leon look like young Leonardo DiCaprio
Roger Leung
Having seen the original Resident Evil 2 and this remake, I'm amazed with how much change and progress has been made in terms of story outlook and graphics technology! It's just a matter of time before computer graphics and illusions become visually indistinguishable from reality.
T James
Leon : Oh no, Oh no, Oh no
Mr X : Oh yeah!
Why does Claire look like Zoey from Left For Dead? 😄😄
DeathReaperz YT Gaming
1:05:30 is what you're looking for...

EDIT: 100 Likes in 2 days? That's alot and new to me 🔥
Barbie Collector
27:23 If I ever get an FBI card, I would never stop going around people, point a gun at them and show them the FBI card then run away
abraham suarez
Mr.x: you need help sir?
Leon shoots
Mr.x: my hat!!! I'm gonna kill yaaaa...!
Next remakes will be RE 3: Nemesis and RE: Code Veronica. I'm still hoping that Capcom would considered remaking Dino Crisis 1 & 2, I've really miss those games.
The Ill Mannered Gentlemen
It looks like they're using the same engine as RE7. It's interesting that they're able to change a first person mode to third person and still have the engine run smoothly.
John Gonzalez
Lieutenant looking like he is covered in babypowder
Calvin Loo
I strongly believe Capcom has more to offer players in RE2 remake. I think we will see Ada's scenario after she survived the fall. This is a very good remake.
2:31 This what suprised me more than the graphics. The gas prices.
Susanne Witt
19:44 it's so cute how he's flirting with Claire... he's such a womanizer xD
Advant Garde
Ada : i used to be a badass, until i took an arrow to the knee.
Awww, the kiss. I think she did itto manipulate him, but it is still cute.
Bryan Fury
"Where's leon when i need him.."

Awww i always know aside from the buff Ada, there is a soft cute spot of her.
Zen Acuarity
Gamer's little playground so fast af. LOVE IT!!!
Guess we’re gonna go through another 5 games of Leon chasing after Ada
Damon Cheong
Capcom needs to make RE8 happen and bring closure to Leon and Ada, Leon's been after her since RE2 but every time he was close to getting her she slipped away, let them be a normal couple already!
1:05:30 The only reason people wanted a RE2 remake.
Xiao San
God damn ada wong is way too hot to see her in remake <3 <3 hope she can marry leon one day
The amazing rainbow Pickle
35:53 thanos
arnold owino
the speed at which leon runs is unreal..
losnf jslefn
Why does Leon look like Zac Efron in the thumbnail?
Lord of Memes
You are my savior man :) keep it up and please do Claire's story cut scenes
Dylan Hernandez
Man the graphics are so good
You are a hero
Aqua Wolf
Thanks for the upload so fast. You are amazing!
Malachi Zalar
Drives into zombie apocalypse, sees zombie next to car.
"I guess we're walking." 🤦‍♂️
*D A M N!* Ada be looking tight!
Ada...wearing sun glass in the middle of the night? Hmm
Stained Glass Window
55:01 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ᴄᴏʟʙʏs ᴡɪғᴇ.
Me: *Leon is hot but realizes isn't a real person*
Lizardboy Gaming
Objective: Save Ada
Leon: I’m coming, Ada! But first lemme watch a movie
*proceeds to insert VHS*
jerry cruz
This is so lit thank you
Robert Barnes
if you guys want the mutant birkin scenes, here you go.
form 1 - 23:12 - 25:29
form 2 - 58:23 - 1:00:45. 1:10:00 - 1:10:33
form 3 - 1:11:43 - 1:13:47
Why the hell the 720p looks like 360p?
Vince U
Playing Deftones "change (in the house of flies)" the same time with the title scene, goes together so well.
Sparrow. TV
they should have remake the most badass intro too wherein The umbrella, S.T.A.R.S. and RPD got together tried to hold the outbreak :(
Fight The Bully!
You know why didn't they drive away from racoon city instead of to it? The next city would've been zombie free.
Kenn nny
Marvin is best babe.
Ok. Now imagine him being *Chris Evans*
Durty Lifestyle
Here after part 1 on TheRadBrad channel I’ll just finish here
Adam Bestler
I like how Leon and the others never seem to be that scared about any of these situations. I guess part of the problem is the phoned-in voice acting. None of the characters sound like they're really there. They all sound like they're in a comfortable little recording studio. Strap a microphone to the voice actors, and have them actually act out the scenes. Use sets, costumes, props, et cetera. It would be an improvement.
Nait Duran
a RE4 remake would be great!!! Of course with added flashbacks
SlipknotFan 84
18:14 god that part is so brutal!!! Amazing game Capcom!!! 🤘😃
No bandage over Leon's uniform? Terrible
Gold Connor
This is Crash and Spyro level of remastered
1:23:09 Ex Machina is strong with this one
Sleeping Angel0007
SWEET! posting dude!
cory musselman
huh role reversal before the trucker stopped at a gas station and leon stopped for a body in the road now in the remake leon stops at the gas station and the trucker stops for a dead body
Whoa, didnt expect it'd be this realistic.. 30:12
Aresta Stenly
Defri Zelma
From a Rookie cop to a EXPERT Zombie Killer
Ken Kaneki
Hey man great work, can you please do Hunks bonus story please.
The Strong
I liked the intro way more in the original (storywise) first of all Leon and Claire actually arrived at Raccoon city before knowing something was wrong while here they both stop at a gas station, also in the original they looked way more shocked and in fear because of the crazy shits they just witnessed just like every normal person would be in that situation, here they look barely surprised while watching a zombie ripping a guy's throat with a bite. They even spend time flirting later I mean... You are in a freaking zombie infested town, show some concern at least dammit... Also I always appreciate the fact that Claire found a gun in the police car in the original, while here she already carries a gun for some reason (I guess Chris made her go to college armed? Lol), plus the zombie hidden in the back seat that sneaks on Leon causing them to crash was a classic that should have been kept in my opinion, even operation Raccoon city handled the Leon and Claire's RE 2 car crash better... Well at least they kept the storic "get down!" moment.
Damn that's fast.
Roger Leung
Good job, GLP! I can only imagine the persistence it took to get this far in the game just after it was released!
Nisha Saxena
Leon and Claire are sooooo cute and good looking
Deebas Limbu
GLP you are the Best!!!
Rorschach Daws
1998-2019 Resident evil 2
Nega Rell
28:14 made me happy
Young JoJo
My heart brwaks every time the old intro DOESNT play
Cawfee Catt
i feel like this game makes no sense
Bitch Please
i never understand why ada i never like Leon but damn! in this remake he just become my favorite!
Davion Burney
If you feel my pain of not knowing your way around. Scream softly
you missed a lot of custscenes in the game
Example : in gameplay when you find the first two medallions and you put them in the statue Marvin talks with Leon about the secret passage
Assam Citrus
the first day on the job is rough as hell
kuch kaam ki baaten Deepa Saxena ke sath
Claire and Leon is so cute and good best friends
charles Receski
Ada found the G sample and ingested it to heal herself
Ardiansyah Arifin
Ada wong is so beautiful
i think claire 1st run then leon second is best
SpY WoLf
118 zombies dislike ...this video
This is Linner
48:13 Dear godd ......
She need some milk !!!!!
Welp, is it me or he does looks like Dylan Sprouse?
Thank you for making it.I just want to watch this~~!
Thanks for the upload mate. It was awesome from start to finish.
Edyson Maldonado
The cinematography is dope.
Main characters: *Bitten by a zombie*
Me: How are you not infected?!
KiM 98
Diego Andrade
I'm torn on Claire or Ada.Ada's got looks but Claire's got a hue booty.