Let's Play: Stellaris -- Sci-Fi Grand Strategy! -- Part 1

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This is a pre-release press copy that may be different from the final release version, as was provided to me by Paradox at no cost.

From :
"Paradox Development Studio, makers of the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series presents Stellaris, an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core. Featuring deep strategic gameplay, a rich and enormously diverse selection of alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris has engaging challenging gameplay that rewards interstellar exploration as you traverse, discover, interact and learn more about the multitude of species you will encounter during your travels."

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Also fanatic pacifist yetis have nuclear missiles. I guess they took some notes from Gandhi.
Unbearable Suffering
Cold blooded reptiles living on an arctic world, gg.
I like how on the race summary screen it says "Fanatic Pacifist", all the while on the right it shows an icon for nuclear missiles.
Dovah Kanye
"I'm sure people will complain if I don't do 1000 Stars" - Quill

_"Inappropriately happy?"_
Woah there, calm down man, this is a family channel.
Holy Q
Europa Universalis V looks great
No anarcho-communist government? :( My dream of playing as communist space squirrels has been crushed .
Wow Hearts of Iron 4 sure looks different than 3
Huge map...
Well, there's a game you'll never finish.
So, The'Quill moral democracy is basically Canada, so at what point did Space Canadians start breeding with Hammerhead sharks? Would this have been covered in Stargate Atlantis, if it had gone a few more seasons? Is it Rodney's fault?
Wait what?!! A paradox map game where you got WASD?!!!
Greg Londish
Feel that there's a missed opportunity to call your empire The Q(uill) Continuum.
Kristian Fagerström
"What are we, the BLORG?! I don't think so" Made me laugh out loud :-)
So if you've followed every bit of information about Stellaris to this point you can skip to 26:00 after race creation.
Steam be havin' a free Stellaris weekend so I clicked this while drunk.

I have NO idea what I'm listening to and retaining NOTHING but man you're a good teacher.
Great work dude.
Manfred Höffken
"Pacifist"...yeah, I totally see that's gonna happen.
Adam Egerstad
"I really just want to play the game" 15+ minutes of explaining anyway. :D
Lance Elliott
This game has me so moist.

I DID MY WAITING! (over) 12 YEARS OF IT! IN AZAKABAN! (waiting for an actually good 4X game since MoO2)
Alex Scott
this game may top my love for Europa
I'm so going to make the Imperium of Man.
Gödeke Michels
I really like this introduction into Stellaris. I also like that you show us some different stuff from what we all have seen so far (Blorg). Here in particular that you use the industrious trait. Since this game is different from the usual Paradox Clausewitz stuff insofar that everyone starts from the ground stuff that helps you expand faster should be kind of powerfull. I really wondered that it seemed there wasn't a lot of people useing speed up traits, ethos and goverments in the mp stream (with the non agression for the first day it would be a great way to overpower the oponents industry).
Thanks. In many ways that was the most informative video on the game I've seen as you've taken the time to explain a considerably amount of important basics in some depth AND, most critically, explained WHY they matter.
Good job.
I'll take it you recommend the game.
"warm hole generator"

I dare you to not be able to hear that.
victor bruun
Oh it is historical, its just future history :p
Fredrik Dunge
So you've created space Canada.
Ethan Boasman
Crap, I just got out of rehab for Paradox grand strategy, looks like I'll have to do it again... after 300 hours of Stellaris.
i feel like this is one of those games i'm never going to finish cause of the map is pretty big.
I can see a Mass Effect mod for this coming
Caden Hammer
21:40 you said "That's okay" and my Google assistant got activated haha
This look great. I wasn't to sure about it but I'm totally sold on getting this today.
Ivan Dogovich
Paradox strikes again! 4X goodness!
Cheers, Ivan :D
Hal Effect
"What are we? Blorg? I don't think so."

I just lost it here!! XDXD
Iron Sakura
Love this game! And Quill is a good person to play it!
First time seing the gameplay, this reminds me of Endless Space very much.
I just found out about this game today and this looks intense, I like the choice that you have.
IMHO put a link to this series directly from the title screen of the game and call it the Official Beginner's Guide and Tutorial. This series is very well-done, man!
Ah yes the embargo is finally lifted time to engorge myself on as many videos as possible
My body is ready.
Shane Cammmie
Guessing youtubers had to wait till 5 AM as wow my phone just went mad on notifications
Well I'm gona wait to watch this. Till I play. The great Holy Raptorian Empire will spread the love of Raptor Jesus to believers and heathens across the galaxy. Starting May 9th
Review Things
Bro...i love how you explain everything, first time watching your vids, im subbing right now!
I don't mean to be rude, but you never get straight to the point.
Thanks for the detailed tutorial-like start.
Also - good job on the Paradox Stellaris event in London. You kicked some arse!
I saw the "multiplayer" stream from Paradox. Obviously you were the best player there
i miss the good old stellaris when you could choose between warp and hyperlanes
Jacob Toews
Quill. You caused the entire Galaxy to lose a war. Millions of lives were lost because of you!
Lizard Wizard
i didn't want to watch your stream of this because you were playing the same thing everyone was (pacifist tech race) and I wanted to see something different but that was a mistake. In a sea of shit your let's play is the only refuge.
Adam Coventry
Just finished my revision for the day, and I have all this stellaris to watch. Glorious.
FUUUUUUUUUUUCK This just makes me want to play the game NOW
Praetorian HiJynx
You should have played as the cat slavers. Great video though, very informative.
YEAAAAAAH QUILL!! I was waiting all day for you to upload this :))
Love you quill and the names you came up in the multiplayer are amazing XD
Please upload the multiplayer!
Colin Lebold
Ah, Soodbury. I get it. good joke, Quill...
Todd Howard
15:50 actual gameplay starts
William Benton
Yes! I watched the entire multiplayer stream and preorderd today. Let's play indeed!
Joel Gawne
Love this video, even if it is obsolete mostly. You were very professional and well-spoken, clear and concise. Your level of presentation is obviously admirably high. Very well done good sir!
Trevor Duncanson
I think I found a new favorite series... now I just have to catch up on everything you've uploaded in time for the stream!
Jerry Whalley
Thanks Quill -- you make the myriad of strange possibilities humanly navigable :)
Matthew Overton
I've been waiting SOOOOOO long for this!
James Snow
This is a great video! I'm new to the 4X/Grand-Strategy genre, so everything's pretty complex for me, but this helps a lot!
aidan green
8:15 when it starts, u welcome
Wow 2 years ago after discovering this game (which sounded like the game of my dreams) I've watched this gameplay and I was instantly hooked now I've bought the game and I love it
This game was built for a Star Trek mod. I'm truly enjoying it so far. Thanks for all the vids, Quill!
Was it sword of the stars that had similar modes of travel? I just remember one of the races needed jump gates.
Kylo Bren
I love how Quill and BA Start Gaming both uploaded this game at the same time😁 XD
Beastly Gaming
"Pacifist", Owns Nuclear Missiles xD Im dying of laughter!
Ábel Zatykó
i love that at 4:47 the description for the resilient trait is just placeholder text
I am hungry
for ground invasions you should use a different subject race. try to conquer strong millitarist aliens
UK man loves goddesses
2:00 My cat had a fanatical spiritual belief that the ritual of jumping on my bed and meowing a lot would magically cause food to appear.
Cool, cheers for the video, I was thinking of picking this one up and you've made me want it now :D
Raveena of Punjab
You've recreated the Amarr Empire with Kittycats...NICE!
Quill, you're one of my favorite youtubers, but I hate you for playing this before me xD.

But, you deserve it, have fun!
Reading the flavor text, I was like, _oh, shit! I'm a Yetian!_

19:09 It's cool, dude. Just rival a fallen empire for +1 influence! What could possibly go wrong?
Thank the Blorg this has finally come to pass! Well done sir!
After watching the dev live stream... I'm really looking forward to this.
Awesome! Loved the stream, and especially following the Twitter feed while sitting at my desk at work (The turkeys got basted was probably my favorite line) and eagerly awaiting more from this Let's Play. Thanks Quill!
thank you so much for explaining how this game works! I always have a hard time understanding these types of games but I always wanna play cause it looks cool lol
Thanks for posting, look forward to more :)
Lewis Sinclair
Really liked this vid getting it tomorrow looks amazing! you've got a subscriber
Nick Murphy
11 minutes in and still waiting to find out how to start the game,going on aBOUT TRAVELING FOR AGES GRRRRRRRRRR
Really looking forward to a new SciFi 4X series. Keep 'em up, Quill!
I remember back when he only had 3k Good for you Quill. I'm happy to see you have grown
Flint Hawkins
Thanks for the lets play, I wanted to see how the game was before buying it preorder. Would not want to have a total war rome II on my hands.
Loic Le Grégam
Still loving the content, awesome game gotta love them fellas from paradoxe
Mr. Roboto
I'm sooooo jealous of you quill. This has been the longest week of my life.
YES! Finally! Thanks for putting this up so quickly Quill!
Marcus Sundbom
14:39 :D
Helois Gevit
Would be nice if you can have migratory factions without a planet that live on ships like the Quarians of Mass Effect.
This is so exciting! :D
Weak yeti's? I always knew Hollywood was lying to me about something!
when using hyperspace travel, does it leave a visible link between two systems you traveled?
: well-hearing ur Extensive knowledge of the game seems you been at it for a while, form my unextensive knowledge of the supposed universe, all is connected 9:42
Bryan Shouse
I see triangles with pluses in them in the surface view of the planet. Does that indicate an adjacency bonus? It appears to be the four tiles adjacent to your capital.
Jason Schnereger
great video as always! thank you :D
Tragically Hipster
Well I'm learning a lot that I didn't even realize. Thanks!
Yes! Been waiting all week for you to upload your series. So it begins!
I am in love with so many things about this game so far. The tech tree being somewhat randomized is so amazing! I love the fact that your homeworld can be a moon. My God why does this have to come out on a Monday!?
Ole Moy
More! More Stellaris! Btw, good game in London! Cheered you on!
I am so excited, I just can't hide it.
I know, I know, I know, I want more, I want MOAR!