Yakuza 0 - QTE & Action Sequences Compilation

With the Ryu Ga Gotoku 0, we did a QTE fails compilation, so with Yakuza 0 we'll do a.. QTE success compilation!
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2:30 most important QTE in all sieries :)
But seriously, I think Yakuza have one of the best QTE in games
The Devil’s Advocate
8:30 is the best QTE to me in the entire franchise,well choreographed and fast paced with a great music behind. And the conclusion of it is just fucking epic.
Ayumi Sanada
0:51 Kiryu is just so done with this guy
Favorite Kiryu QTE : No selling Kuze's punch.

Favorite Majima QTE : Shin Knife.
The final QTE with Shibusawa is so memorable. Seeing Kiryu savagely beating Shibusawa over and over again followed by the last punch was so satisfying. Its also shows just how unrefined yet so full of energy young Kiryu was as opposed to older Kiryu who shows far more restraint.
Carlos Velasco
6:44 and no one was harmed in that explosion!
8:23 when Nishikiyama needs his meds, but Majima yoinks them before he gets 'em.
The Penniless Gamer
Yakuza kiwami didn't have enough of these
AirStyles VN
When Kuze took off his shirt... I didn't expect that.
When Awano took off his shirt... BOY I DID NOT EXPECT THAT!
Josh Guidry
10:26 probably the best qte in the game
Dante Vera
the nishiki fight was the funniest out of all the boss fights
Joeloyo !
0:47 My favorite, the reason why this is/was my GOTY 2015/2017
Sega Harley
I pity the hospital bills.
Yeet Infection
6:18 i didn't know casper made an appearance
I came just to see what would've happened if I got that Kashiwagi qte. That one you need ninja reflexes for
6:29 Kiryu first blood!
Just Karl
Guy: Time to look at some lol- uh can I help you?
FBI (undercover): *Shows badge*
Guy: Uh oh
FBI (undercover): 9:23
Game Master
8:52 Awano can break a wall with his fists, but in climax battles, when Kiryu use his Rush Essence of Wall, Awano shutter his fist and wall remain intact. :)
LarsJunFan Oleg Troitskii
Haha))) Nice! :D I saw long ago FAIL QTE))) but Successful QTE is something different and also fun to watch! Good work Leon! :D
2:30 LOL! I get the joke! XDDD
7:52 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I guess i would never dodge that! XD How many time it was to success this Leon? XD :D
9:52 LOL! I get it somehow XD Here he use his Brawler style, 10:00 here too :D but here 10:25 Kiryu becomes a legend! XD
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3:17 when you steal someone’s knife and just stab them in the leg to bring them down
Caius Caius
Compared to the fail video, this one is really satisfying..phew.
Ayumi Sanada
Majima: Ok really? you tried that last time and it didn't work...
Hyde Kido
That first guy just won't stop coming back!!
Son Bardock
Koyaku Mizusaki vs. Crustin Mustion 水先子役 対 クルスティン ムスティオン
Salem Andrada
Jesus christ is this visceral. Gonna grab it after i finish 6.
Devonte D101
1:00 This is Tokyo!
Grimm Ashley
That one dude at the start is just the most persistent henchman I’ve ever seen.
Vincent Yang
Jimmy Entertainment
Must have hurt
your mom gay . no i
How did you unlock dragon of dojima before the introduction of real estate? Or did you use new game +?
Philip A Winged
Holy shit this is the greatest video ever. These action qte scenes, the way they look, the moved that are used, the different martial arts styles portrayed, the camera movement, the music, all that stuff. These are some A-Grade action scenes, it just looks fucking incredible in this game of the series in particular. <3 Yakuza series man.
Son Bardock
Shimano Gaimaushi 外邁進閉まろ
Anime Fan and Gamer
5:35 wtf... 😱😲
Muhammad Beni
7:52 Hardest qte
Grimm Ashley
I don’t even KNOW this series and I think this is an awesome prequel.
Eric Rhodes
1:03 Kiryu:"I never kill a man, though I throw some off from 5th floor."
Fu** it. I'm reinstalling the game.
Little Witchling
Gosh I want this game!!
Alfredo Dimas
The Young Family
Is this all the QTE's in the game or only some?
Son Bardock
Connor Eblen
5:29 music?
The Devil’s Advocate
mr kaka
Hyde Kido
Majima's best one id with Oda in the jail cell
1:02 Kazuma Kiryu never killed a man.
Hyde Kido
Kiryu's epic moments are with Keiji and Kuze
Currently playing through Yakuza 0 on legendary while my girlfriend in a neighbouring country watches via Discord, got a second save just to train on these qte moments so I can give her the best possible view of how epic this game truly is
Miffed Max
6:35 kiryu has never killed anyone....
Renegade Vile
Half of these are Yonda being a pain in the ass.
Pretty sure if shibusawa has more health during that final QTE, there's more to it with Kiryu giving him the fucking haymaker of a lifetime. I always feel a little dissappointed not seeing it.
Tyrannosaurus Chexmix
Some of the faster QTEs are so badass that I didn't even mind failing them. I got fucking wrecked by Kashiwagi's lightning-fast punch and I was just like "Shit...you right."
Son Bardock
Tanaka Takyo 「田京田中」
The Gaming Kirby
did Kiryu really take that fucking punch at 8:41? Total badass right there.