Pillars of Eternity: White March 2 - Tanky Monks

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The hatchet Hearth Harvest should work pretty well with this build no?
ang alv
on your last guides you had a control wiz guide that could be used as leader with max perception resolve and int what changes would you do to him if any for this patch?do u intend to make a new guide on them?it was a superb guide :) ty
Sedat Köksal
Can you give some insight about your optimal party composition ? I loved your videos. Gotta tell you are the only one who's doing guides like that on Pillars of Eternity
is this build posssible in vanilla im looking for an offtank but i wouldt really want a paladin i tried one and while they work is kinda boring.

luv your videos but please can i make a suggestion
would you please add some timestaps (i think that the word english is not my language) you know something like

race selection 1:50
stat distribution 2:30
recommended skill 10:00

etc etc
your videos are very informative but also very long and t is hard to comeback to the information you re looking for
greetings from chile
ang alv
been following your guides for a long time now ty so much helps alot i will try do a new run from scratch using your companion guides + main....what you recon is the safest main class according to their stats for part2?i used your wiz class guide with low int but high control on my last run for part 1 and it worked like a charm i wonder how things have changed now and whether i could use sthing different as main now that works well but doesnt kill dialogue options ty....also when it comes to npcs which u think are the best options?