Pillars of Eternity: The White March part II review! (PL sub available)

Hello everyone! Check out whether or not the White March part 2 is worth your money! If you've played it share your opinion if not then feel free to ask anything!

This is my second review (and the first in English). I am aware of the mic problem or rather my nose problem XD.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March part II sure is awesome. I enjoyed playing it a lot!

Be sure to say in comments what could've been better, what would you like to see more and I will strive to improve. Still newb at editing but I am improving.
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Polish subtitles & links to parts of the video coming at the leatest tomorrow. Feel free to ask me anything!

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Even better than the base game.
How is it... Game's in English but that one character is "Zrozpaczona Matka" in Polish? :D
Why don't you do more reviews in english? -,-
Puma Serrano
the characters just run full speed...or just slow slow slow scouting (when you scout your character becomes see trough...wtf)...no normal walking...and that fucks inmersion!!!
And also the scenarios are blurry as hell...and the game does not support antialiasing so get use to jaggy edges...in its actual state is unplayable and looks dated as shit. Imposible to forget youre playing a game with all these issues.
Killyox!!! Pozdrow Soula!!!
Polskie napisy już dostępne!