HELLBLADE SENUA'S SACRIFICE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Prologue

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and Story Prologue of this Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Walkthrough for PS4 Pro and PC. This Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Combat and the Ending of the Single Player.


Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed and published by the British developer Ninja Theory. Scheduled for release on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The story is based on Celtic mythology and Norse mythology. The game is focused on Senua's (Melina Juergens) point of view, as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld made up of Senua's psychotic manifestations of her reality and mind.
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Here is Part 2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5PotAlco5I
Kurt Ironmonger
AAA quality game, marketed at half the price and developed by only 20 people, whats the excuse for other game companies and their lazy ways?
Marina Petersen
People saying that the whispering is annoying are missing the whole point of the game bc the whispers are SUPPOSED TO BE ANNOYING AND CREEPY. The whispers are forcing you to immerse yourself more into Senua's psyche and experience what she's feeling and what she struggles with. Just saying.
Aneesa H.
Wow, this is a masterpiece
Das Böse
I have Schizophrenia, I do not suffer from it as the way I see it (and many other treat me like a mad person), and this game for me is amazing. I know I am not mad and whatever I feel or sense is reality and this game makes me feel myself in it. The true is that I feel like home playing this game, thanks so much!
Xervantez Xvi
Who’s ready for HELLBLADE on the Switch next week
Slimm Liaa
Within the first minute I almost fell asleep I thought this was a ASMR video I accidentally clicked on😂😭
Tylon Ray
Does the main character have Schizophrenia?
Use headphones for best experience...Sick!
Lolli Pop
If u have earphones it's sooo creepy and I'm watching at night😧😣
travis elliott
Acid is a hell of a drug
Alexander McLucas
In my opinion this is a great psycological horror game
Bia Wright
im only 4 minutes in and i feel like im going to have an anxiety attack for her, lmfao.
Brad, you should've whispered when commentating as well
Jesse Stevenson
Thanks for the video! Just bought this game from Best Buy for $29.99. Can't wait to get started on it, it looks amazing!
S. Lopez
So... she (Senua, the protagonist) has schizophrenia? And these voices in her head are to make the player feel what she feels/hears/sees in her head because of that condition? What a way to play through a game... Keeps you on your toes, I'll tell you that much. Yeesh.
AJA Ryan1994
22:16 a character has just seen a vision of her own death and all he could talk about was the graphics.
Psyfkyn Daniel
i think senua looks like sigourney weaver in alien resurrection (1997)
Storm Legend
@Radbrad if you die in this game multiple times it'll delete your save file.
This is how it goes when you mix your girlfriends ASMR fetishism with your own daily dose of Acid.
she only paddles on one side but doesn't go round in circles
Master Roshi
He said "That's that Brad Pitt from Troy. I don't think so bitch." Most profound statement of 2017 so far.
David Beaulieu
Oh fair warning do not play while high or tripping if you value your sanity.
Man i love you love you love you Been watching you for so meny years since 2014 and you always supply good shit! Keep up the good work :-D
Austin Baker
Is this ASMR the game?
Detective Ryuzaki
How is the game only 13 gb with that graphics wtf
Sammy Albert
I'm not a big fan of such games ... but no force in the world of the living will stop me from playing this one. It's just so awesome.
Fvcking Goddess
Radbrad the reason you hear constant voices is because she has schizophrenia and psychosis you're viewing the world through a mentally ill woman of her time where myth is reality and her illness solidifies that in her mind
Mark Priss

theRadBrad It's cool to hear you do the opening with talking about chair throwing! ;) Good times indeed!
King T Animations
Wtf rad brad? youtube didn't tell me you were already making these! now I gotta binge watch this + Game of thrones + Rick n morty!

*can't wait😍*
Stevooo 1
Man i cant wait until walking dead comes out again. I kind of like the game series better than the tv series lol
Bhavya Dhuria
Bro you are my go to guy for all walkthroughs, if I am looking for a game's walkthrough I always type your name first in the search bar, been watching since 2014!!
Hiccup Ait Dahman
2 month to see you play The evil within 2
Microsoft's answer to God of War?
Love ASMR...
I specialize in neuro translation not a degree for that, such a shame.
What she is experiencing is her own thoughts but translated by seperate parts of the brain making it seem like different people are speaking. With how different perspectives in her own head, makes different tones and ways of thinking even. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Jerry Gross
The Talking, represents what it's like for people with schizophrenia, and what they have to deal with all of the time.
Philip Reed
Definitely do the full game. I just found your channel and you are very entertaining.
10 minutes of ASMR ?!!
Playing the game in xbox..... Graphics are stunning but the voices are weird.
I have this for “Xbox One” amazing game... amazing graphics ....really plays on your mind!
Had to reupload it cause of a video bug but appreciate if any of you that liked it like it again. Would be sick to see this do well. If we break 30k I'll do more. Much love to all of you!
Ben Oliver
Found you in the Tomb Raider reboot and stayed ever since!
VC Creative
Graphics a lot better than Shadow of Tomb Raider
Lana Oneal
I Beat the game now. Good game. I love it a lot
Murtaza Rizvi
for twenty person team, the game is pretty amazing.
Wafi Abdullah
Senua's sacrifice? more like Brad's sacrifice
Robin Magnus
Bro with headphones it's crazy
Hakan Dindar
THERE WAS A WALL TO CROSS TO THAT DAMNN PLACE "BRAD" and you choose other way goshh
Love this dude, even if I did start watching him thinking of Brad as Edwin Jenner V2 😀 Graphically the game seems insane!
*Brad having 2012 PTSD FlashBacks*
belinda hawkins
Beautiful place with impaled dead bodies
Always a bad sign
Never thought I’d see a game based on Norse mythology and Celtic cultures. I’m Scandinavian and Irish/Scottish which makes it that much better
So, I think I fell in love with whoever motion capped her. I have never felt this way before.
I love how quiet you are so we can hear the voices
Anakin Sepherd
Knew it will be amazing 😀
This is how dark souls gameplay supposed to be. Amazing concept game devs
Baladan 1999
Anyone else notice it said 'mental health advisor' in the credits?
Found your channel when you did infamous loved watching you play the game it brings alot of great memories back.
Hannes Olsen
The Whispering im not liking the whispering right in the ear
It's creeping my out bro :c
Watch Time
I found your channel all the way back in 2012!!! During halo 4 and stuck with you ever since :)
Rossco Sal
Thanks for making my Sunday with this video, man. Legend!
Abhimanyu Maheshwari
Found your channel when you were playing Far Cry 3. Been a fan since then. Love your content!
Wanted to see Brad's video before I actually get the game and start making videos
Alban Avllazagaj
1 am here i got work at 5 but i dont care cuz this game is amazing!!! love your commentary brad ur the best keep up the good work
gaming with egg
my mind is blown ,a game with amazing visuals a complex yet interesting story and smooth gameplay could it get better? no
Russell True
Hellblade: Rowing Simulator
Found your channel back in the 2012 chair throwing days of Silent Hill: Downpour. Love your walkthroughs!
Michael Wärn
I have a triskelion/triskele tattooed on my leg! The Hellblade's blue symbol is a triskelion so i think thats awesome! 👍🏻😬
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Favorite YouTuber! Love watching radbrads video game walk throughs :)!!
Will Clardy
I found your Chanel during dead rising 3 keep up the good work my dude
Heather Garrison
I found your channel a hot minute ago when you broke your table/keyboard while playing the impossible game. XD
You obviously have played or watched someone play before, or they have played on this save file. From your dialogue I imagine this is supposed to be your first time, but you hit continue at the beginning, your first move in combat was parry, and you just are flowing through the illusions like nothing, not exploring as much as most new players I'd think, and overall I don't have a problem with you knowing the game or having played it, but why pretend it's your first time when it's not. You can even see on the pillars that they've already been read because they turn white when it's already read before. Kinda kills the thrill for me of watching someone play it for the first time.
Timothy Yarborough
Nice bro one day I'll start playing games again ..just broke
T.Y Music
Found your channel on original deadrising 💪🏽
Yahya ibn Martey
The combat system in this game are amazing. Its the best i have ever a played. The fluidity, the fact you can improvise is genius. I actaully think it spoilt the game for me because its not that kind of game and i was or am enjoying the combat system so much. I want to skip to the action. But i also love the story line, and the puzzles. i have so many emotions playing this game. That i have resorted to watching some one else play it😂🤣. When i havent even finished it.
whooo holy hell that fight was smooth
Best gaming channel love your vids bro 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Time Streamer
Hey Brad I'm not subscribed but I always end up finding your videos. You are rad indeed man! Cheers!
Keep up the Videos Brad! My wife and I enjoy watching em! Started watching your channel during the Resident Evil 7 series. Have watched many more of the other series you have and love em all. Thank you
Chandra West
I feel like this intro lady was telling a bed time story 💀💀
Zidane Hamed
Gift card found your epic Chanel in 2012
I found your channel at DMC devil may cry
gamer beast
Its coming out on the switch
I found your channel when you first started plating Dying Light
Oh Dae Su
Heck yeah ya did this game! Nice!
i hate two words in my life
"So its been a long time"
"So thank you guys so much for all this support"
kaylee dennis gaming
I am playing this game at the moment and it is awsome can be hard in parts tho. Keep up the good work :)
Anthony Andes
Dude you are awesome. I have been waiting on this game from it's first release/preview. I play on the ps4
DMR Playz
I found your channel when you were playing Last Of Us Remastered and PS4 Please. Keep up the good work.
Pradi is loki
Back at it again with the.. NOTIFICATION IS YOU HERE
Mohammed Rizan
Found out on AC BlackFlag. Thanks for great Entertainment (PS4)
Rakesh Nair
Unreal Engine 4 in all its glory and Ninja Theory just nailed it!
Bunk Bed
Who clicked of at 0:00 when they saw the fidget spinner in the top left ?
22:00 "a vision of what's to come"
Brad:... come again?
generale hannibal
PC found your channel way back, can't even remember how i found it
cheers .
Ben Dawley
Found your channel in 2014. Love every minute!
Tim Gregory
I really enjoy your playthroughs. Your commentary is just at the right level to keep it fun & engaging! Thanks :)
metro customer3
What was first 360 game you play
Kent Hinckley
Hey new here you mentioned playing another game like this where corpses were stabbed through grounded spheres or something. If you played Metro 58 REDUX you'll see the same thing.
Loved the hellblade walkthroughs. Bit spooky for me. It messes with your mind. LOL!
Take care
raymanx runer
the type of blue use in the loading screen remind me of the show "Avatar"