Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 2 - Story Teaser

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The White March – Part 2 not only adds new
content to the Pillars of Eternity universe, but also allows players to experience the conclusion of the stories told in The White March – Part 1, bringing the first epic chapter of Pillars of Eternity to a close. Players will find a variety of new challenges waiting for them in the snowy borderlands of the Eastern Reach, along with new quests, new abilities and a raised level cap, and a new companion: Meneha, the Barbarian.

Directed by Josh Sawyer, Game Director of Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, The White March - Part 2 brings players through an expertly crafted story from the award-winning team at
Obsidian Entertainment. A series of new features await fans of the Pillars of Eternity universe,
including a new “Story Time” mode, letting players experience the incredible narrative of Pillars of Eternity at a faster pace. Players will discover the answers to questions asked in the prior expansion, and lead companions old and new through new locations such as the Abbey of the Fallen Moon.
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Also waiting for your "Vampire: The Masquerade". You have bought the rights.
We need expansions that continue the story and provides more challenge.
Oooh yiss. Finally I get to finish my story :P
And here I was, expecting it to release on March 2nd. It would have been so punny!
Will I be able to Kill Thaos ? it's killing me that I have to play expansions after the original games epic task is not complete
Jakub Burnos
Are we getting a new CK2 DLC in January? Please, leave us some info.
more pillars? but they already have an eternity of em! :D
Max Mach
Not enough puns 5/7.
Anna K
February 16th :( they said it would be January :((((((((((((((((((( must stay strong and wait!!
Дмитрий Кононенко
Ну, как и намекалось в WM1, мы увидим тех, кто изначально напал на Белую Кузню.
DD Games
le tengo ganas a este juego ;)
Duncan Fischer is that you?
Michał Ostrowski
So, close! Can't wait to return to this game, it could easily contend with Witcher 3 for 2015's rpg of the year.
Joao Victor
VERY GOD !!!!!!!!!
God, I love Pillars of Eternity. I can't wait for part 2! Need to go back through that again. Top contender for best RPG since Planescape: Torment.
By the way, russian localization is made badly, some skills are translated badly and it on time is not updated.
bring and Baldur's Gate 3
The Internet Killed Music
Divinity Original Sin is a far better game.