Top 8 Fighting Styles In Yakuza 0 (3K Sub Special)

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Here it is! I apologize for the delay, it was because I ordered a new mic and thought it'd be better if I waited for it to deliver a video with better quality, this mic makes the previous one look like utter crap! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think of the new mic quality and the video in the comments below!
At this rate, the next sub special may be at 4k instead of 3.5k.

Footage of Yakuza 3 taken from this video:
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Elliot Addler
In my opinion, rush is really weak in this game compared to Kiwami. You’re way too slow for the style unless you’re in third heat mode
I swear, if the RGG team confirmed Majima was stronger than Kiryu in this game, who'd doubt them?
Marc Frenette
Jack Mercer
I began my Journey with Yakuza Kiwami and.. I was blown away and Angry at myself for not being interested back in 2005... Thanks to Sony, I got to know one of the best series. I might even try and Platinum Kiwami... Well. If not, I'm coming for Yakuza 0 and then for Kiwami 2 anyway!
Death by Konami
You mentioned Dragon of Dojima's unique taunt but not Mad Dog of Shimano's
Anyone whose played the other games, should remember Majima's signature cackle
Damn fine list!

Here's mine:
8 - Rush (Really good in 3rd Gear, but almost useless if below, so using Heat Actions is, sadly, not recommended)
7 - Beast (Fun to watch and good counters, but a bit overpowered/slow)
6 - Slugger (Awesome combos, but wall-bouncing is annoying, too few Heat Actions for such an otherwise creative style)
5 - Thug (Heat Actions are fucking BRUTAL, very versatile, but counters are a bit of a pain to use, sometimes)
4 - Brawler (Heat Actions are radical, also very versatile, great counters, but feels a bit slow in lower Gears)
3 - Dragon (Classic, badass combos, counters are crazy, cool Heat Actions, but we've seen it before, and also a bit easy to use)
2 - Mad Dog (Fucking epic, previously unplayable, lives up to expectations, amalgam of his other styles, but few Heat Actions)
1 - Breaker (LITERALLY THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN, awesome speedy combos and counters, but recovery a bit slow)

Fun fact: Watching the Breaker Style has inspired me to start breakdancing, myself! In fact, this whole series has inspired me to practice unarmed martial arts (previously a swordsman). Specifically in this game, I absolutely adore the style shifting, and I'm working on adopting a similar combat methodology.

Truly, this franchise is fucking amazing. Anyway, congrats on the 3k subs, Devilleon! Can't wait for more!
Blind Cleric
Beast style is yakuza kiwami was pretty decent you could grap people then slam them down Infinitely as long as they weren't special
Breaker is OP. Everything else is meh. You can basically spam a certain combo and you win every fight with ease.
Mistah Jenkins
Main thing I like about Breaker is how it looks almost like modern Capoeira, which was a fighting style simulated to look like dancing.
Bluesummers Taylor
I can't even begin to express how badly I want to play as Majima...And I'll likely use the shit out of Mad Dog of Shimano. That being said, I'd kind of like to see all of the Yakuza game fighting styles analyzed and discussed. In Yakuza 4, for example, I caught myself playing as Tanimura more than the others, and leveled him up first. 
There's also plenty of bosses who's fighting styles I often think of in regards to how they would translate into gameplay mechanics if playable. For example, Yoshitaka Mine from Yakuza 3.
Irsyadi Aryadiva
I thought you're gonna put Breaker style on the first. But nevermind, Thug also cool too.
Nice video btw, keep the good work Dev!
Shadow Bladekiss
Dragon of Dogma and Beast= Wrestling
Slugger and Mad Dog = Dao sword style
Breaker = Caporeia and Break Dance
Rush = Kickboxing
Brawler and Thug = Brawler
Random Guy
my top 8
7.mad dog of shimano
1. dragon of dojima

joking wanted to troll you :P
Sometimes Beast mode makes me feel like the hulk
Enrique Ocampo
how we doing yakuza fans
Pao Line
i seem to be one of the rare players who adore slugger the most... i really love that with slugger you get those nearly insane, creepy vibes that i love majimas character for
I love brawler simply for the square, square, triangle combo. It's quite satisfying
And now, for the Top 20 bosses of the series! ;)
I think Mad Dog of Shimano is more stylish than Dragon of Dojima.
0:43 - Wait, that's Majima wearing Kiryu's suit and Kiryu wearing Majima's tux.
1 Brawler
2 Rush
3 Dragon
4 Slugger
5 Thug
6 Mad Dog
7 Breaker
8 Beast
Rush and Brawler did not deserve to be up there.
And Beast and Slugger do not deserve such treatement..
to bad they drop the styles in yakuza 6.

why this bad choice?
Lor TC
Majima is officially the best in the game
solidante 83
Agree with the list, except for Rush, as I would put it on the first place.
8 - Dojima no Ryu: The legendary old style...
Cons: TOO SLOW below 3rd gear, and his badass iron fist counter no only misses sometimes but also uses too much Heat gauge...
Pros: 3rd Gear Heat is so much badass, and the theme played is the best of all 8 styles.

7 - Beast
Cons: Too much powerful when full upgraded, and not that fun to use, to me.
Pros: Very useful against multiple foes.

6 - Slugger
Cons: Unless you unlock the specific upgrade, the bouncing bat on wall is really annoying, making it frustrating to use in beginning...
Slow too, and as a hand to hand player type, I don't often use weapon, making this style less fun for me.
Pros: Nunchaku bat !

5 - Breaker
Cons: Dashes and Square combos really weird to me, and bad style against bosses.
Pros: Very useful against multiple foes.

4 - Brawler
Pros: Jack of all trades style, and stronger than Dojima no Ryu, except for counters. Brillantly reflects young Kiryu. Badass Heat moves ! Love the grab follow ups.
Cons: I don't like the Square combos, weak counters, and fight backs should start faster, Kiryu takes little too luch damage before fighting back, and these moves sometimes misses.

3 - Mad Dog of Shimano
Pros: AT LEAST !!!
Strongest counter of the game, fastest mobility, very fun to use, useful against several ennemies, badass Heat move...
Cons: ... But the only unique Heat move. Spinning Knife drains the Heat Gauge too fast. Not that great against bosses.

2 - Thug
Pros: BADASS. The Heat moves are the best looking of the game, especially the ennemy grab escape when Majima lands a fuckin' flying high kick and the wall back grab, with the backfist followed by an awesome wall back flip.
Square combos is cool, best style against bosses, good against several foes too (!), good counter...
Cons: ... Only on 3rd Gear, and consumes Heat... (But Badass !)
Fight backs awful.

1 - Rush
As an counter fanatic (I love Tiger Drop !), I'm suprised myself to love Rush style (The style with no counters at all). It's the funniest style to me, as your literally play with your opponents. I love speed like Akiyama, and Rush is so cool. Love that weaving builds Heat. To be able to quickly get out and in. The "counter" is actually useful too. The Square combo is badass. The Heat counter (Both) are badass. And the fact that you can cancel combos into dashes is really awesome, as you can combo dash then combo again !
The cons...
Bit repetitive, and really bad wakeup attack. Need to be 3rd Gear to be really fun to play...
And lacks a punch while weaving.

Of course, It's my opinion !
Sorry in case of bad writting, I'm French.

PS: I follow this channel since years, and never wrote a comment before.
Devilleon, keep the good work, it's because of people like you that we finally got the chance to have Yakuza at home. Thank you.
Duh majima is stronger plebs
Anthony LéDeath
Ok, Yakuza 0 will be the next game i will play after Kiwami 2. Oh man, it will be pretty fun to use the Thug
А\ Мorbid
my favorite is beast for kiryu and breaker for majima
Meme Iselfaneye
Majima became my favorite character for any beat 'em up ever, his 3 main styles just clash so perfectly, and Breaker is just fantastic through and through.

I'd have it (not yet playing Yakuza 5):
Majima (Yakuza O)
Kiryu (Yakuza 1-4)
Akiyama (Yakuza 4)
Tanimura (Yakuza 4)
Kiryu (Yakuza 0)
Saijima (Yakuza 4)
I know this might sound crazy but could you do a summary of the yakuza games for fans just now starting in the series
Mechassault Man
My top 8:
8. Slugger
7. Beast
6. Mad Dog Of Shimano (Might change)
5. Thug
4. Rush
3. Breaker
2. Brawler
1. Dragon of Dojima
personally i liked beast fighting style the most hahaha
Emmett Niles
I'm late. I like your stuff. I have now subscribed :)
Snuff Muffin
mine own top 8

8 thug
7 beast
6 dragon of dojima
5 rush
4 brawler
3 breaker
2 slugger
1 mad dog of shimano
When he does a rush should say MUDA
Peskiplumber2146 1
Slugger. Shinada does not approve of this style
Castjet 989
I think Tanimura's fighting style is pretty comparable to rusher
Editman 龍が如く
Nice video once i finish 0 ill make a top 8 fighting styles of mine as well :3
Funa !
My top 8 has to be

8. Rush
7. Slugger
6. Thug
5. Brawler
4. Mad Dog of Shimano
3. Beast
2. Dragon of Dojima
1. Breaker
Beast on number 7...DA FUK?
My ranking:
#1 Rush
#2 Beast
#3 Brawler
#4 Dragon
- Dragon last for the following reason: Its obviously overpowered (when fully unlocked) but as a fighting style its less technical than the others. Its just there to be overpowered and make the statement "this is the overpowered Dragon of Dojima".
- Rush is number 1 because you are technically invincible with this style. Only huge weakness is against crowds, for which you use beast.
- Beast is amazing and number 1 against crowds. It's also very technical against single foes if you use it right, which requires technique. It's basically a wrestling style at heart.
- Brawler is amazing when mastered, but since I prefer Rush, I put it as #3.
*As to Majima, Thug is the best style along with Mad Dog, the others are just flawed/weird*
Gyasi Burris
I look forward to playing this for my birthday!
meshal ali
Yakuza zero fighting styles batter than yakuza 6 but yakuza 6 batter heat action with rage mode
i drink laundry sauce
ever have I told u that u had a cool voice
the dragon of dojima suplex was recycled from yakuza 5. before, it was shinada's move.
Indigo Wendigo
So according to you, the Dragon of Dojima secret style is essentialy boring to unlock, at least compared to the others? o.o Sigh. :(
I haven't even finished watching this video and I already can tell that you did a pretty good job analyzing all of the fighting styles! 👍
metalgamer 817
Rush has the most broken wall combos in the entire game. But it’s kind of situational
the only way to have any use from dragon of dojima is by leveling up the heat accumulation passives a crapton
02:47 was Akiyama's heat move in Yakuza 5 though
Holden Caulfield
How do you do a regular triangle move when the heat action icon pops up?
Deemo Dude
wait how do you taunt like that I'm dragon of Dojima style ?
I may get a lot of hate for this but here's my list.
My Top 8
1-Dragon Of Dojima
7-Mad Dog Of Shimano
I honestly didn't like the Mad Dog Of Shimano style that much, it was quite weak and it costs a lot of heat for little to no effect, it's also rather slow. It requires Level 3 heat only to deliver effects similar to Level 1 heat Dragon Of Dojima :(
Many times I ended up switching back to Slugger or even Thug because the Mad Dog style costs too much freaking heat. I would have preferred if the 4th styles could have different keybindings so I can switch between them faster.
Atıf Aydın Turanlı
My top 6 (doesn't include the secret ones)
6- Brawler
5- Beast
4- Thug
3- Rush
2- Slugger
1- Breaker
John niner8
Just curious were you from Leon But great video you have a cool voice
yo dude, dunno if ya didn't know this but in Majima's Thug style, when you grab a guy you can taunt him.
Elongated Sandwich
this is one of my favorite channels you deserve 200k subs
Mojo Kor
Nice list Dev! I've yet to get the Legend styles for Kiryu and Majima, but for my personal list, I'm gonna go with...
6) Beast
5) Breaker
4) Brawler
3) Thug
2) Slugger
1) Rush
Dante Vera
my top 8 are: dragon of dojima, slugger, rush, breaker, brawler, beast, mad dog of shimano and thug.
p.s: you sound awesome. 👍
Romnys Gonzalez
Slugger is OP. Square x3, Triangle. GG nobody can even touch you.

My Top 5.
Mad Dog(Overall)
Slugger(Againts at lot of people) Personal reason i just find this work much better for me than Breaker
Rush(For 1v1)
Devil lion some of the styles are different names like dragon of dojima was called master of dojimas fist and beast was called destroyer in other videos and breaker was called dancer I think boxer would be better then ruah
Anybody knows whether or not the Thug style is based off anything irl? Asking for a Friend :^)
Brian Nguyen
Brawler's counter hook, is it different from the tiger drop, as I'm getting all the games from 2-6. I only started with 0.'
I never played the game series, but I choose Beast or Slugger.
I agree completely
Timothy Watcha
all of majimas styles felt so meh (i only played them mostly in the japanese version) i actually appreciate how slow and full of flaws each style has, and then in yakuza 6 hes just so fast and overpowered. but great vids man! keep up the good work
Omar Elkahky
8:28 *sees the guy's name* I guess that's everyone want to see...

*ecks dee*
*DoD at 8th place*
Diego Quevedo
Excellent Leon!!!
Glaz Canon
My top 8:
8: DOD (Dragon of Dojima)
It is by far the worst style in my opinion, aesthetically it looks great I love the heat aura, rush combo, and heat actions but it's absolute *GARBAGE* in other aspects. The only counter worth doing is the R1 + O and it only becomes fun at 2nd heat level. Also, seeing as people say serenity is terrible i'll say this, serenity (taunt immediately after dodging) is extremely dangerous when combined with the counter hook from brawler.

7: Breaker
I'ts fun against crowds and it's heat actions are awesome, but the rush combo is.. meh. I say this because if the enemy dodges and then immediately attacks and it connects, then the rush combo stops and then you'll either have to dodge or take the beating and (this next bit has nothing to do with the styles so just head to number 6) that bothers me slightly because, my head cannon is that for both Majima and Kiryu when they get into a street fight, they don't get hit because the scrub's that try to take them on can't fight for shit I mean Kiryu is twenty for f*@ks sake (in zero) and he still fights better then people his age and older. Majima is 24 in zero but I don't expect him to get hit because of how slippery this man is.

6: Beast
To be honest everything about beast is awesome, the beast guarding, rush combo, heat actions, and it's counters make one of the styles I have fun with in crowds. I don't know why people say beast hits too hard cause for me it doesn't hit that hard, probably because in the first half of the game enemies don't have much health but, I don't know. I put it in six not because of it's slow hit speed but because I have a little more fun with the style in 5.

5: Rush
Rush for me is very fun because of how Kiryu moves, he slips pasts attacks with finesse and launches a flurry punches and kicks that you can cancel out of if you have combo weaving which makes it even more fun. But rush style is also great in crowds if you remember to combo cancel and keep moving.

4: Slugger
It has amazing attack power, and when combined with the ability to negate the wall BS it becomes almost unstoppable. Since slugger is weapon based you also get kali sticks, nunchaku, katana, and staff as weapons you can use which makes the style very fun. The thing is, if you don't have 3rd heat it goes from awesome to alright and the weapons durability is lacking unlike in yakuza games (some of their weapons have 100 durability!).

3: Thug
Fast as a shadow with the strength of a demon, it's balanced nature and heat actions make it incredible fun to play and I also like the counter you can preform a counter with R1 + triangle. Evertyhing about the style is great, but it can't compare to the last 2.

2: Mad Dog Of Shimano
This style is wild as it's name implies, with incredible speed and a knife to boot I have fun with this style the most. Sure it has only one unique heat action but can you really be mad about it since Majima only has one hand available so his options are limited. It's counter is powerful and it's rush combo to me is a better version of the breaker rush combo (Yes I know breaker style is based on breakdancing so it will look a little weird) and it carries slugger's benefits of weapon damage boost. But by a sliver, the style in number 1 beats the mad dog.

1: Brawler
Brawler may be a balanced but it's by no means fair. If you max out the brawler wheel you will soon learn that it's very powerful, I can kill the average enemy with 3x square triangle combo and if it doesn't then the heat action after the combo will kill them. It's my second favorite that I have fun with cause of it's unique heat actions and rush combo. However the thing that makes this style absolutely *BUSTED* is the counter hook the little brother of the komaki tiger drop, not only is it great against Mr.shakedown sice you get a second worth of invincibility frames to pass through his attacks but it does so much damage and the less heat the more damage you do. Now here's a method to get max damage out of your counter hook, switch to DOD then use serenity to get rid of all heat then switch to brawler then counter hook spam and you'll end every fight relatively quickly.

Here's my list so take it as you will
Joseph Pradhana
Is there any point of using brawler after getting DoD?
Glaz Canon
2:49 this heat action was in yakuza 3,4, and 5 though.
Death by Konami
He put Thug over Mad Dog of Shimano? Okay
I'm really surprised that you put rush at anywhere other than 8. It's lack of flash and killing potential makes it the worst style for me.
Thank you!
Brian Nguyen
Mine's theme, Fly works well with this video.
Goro Harumichi98
Kiryu- 1. Brawler
2. Dragon of Dojima
3. Rush
4. Beast
Majima- 1. Thug
2. Mad Dog of Shimano
3. Breaker
4. Slugger.
In all: 1. Thug and Brawler
2. Mad Dog of Shimano
3. Dragon of Dojima
4. Rush
5. Breaker
6. Beast
7. Slugger
I used breaker on literally every boss fight and never had an issue. is being powerful a con?
The heat draining taunt is required for any First Gear abilities so it helps you decide the flow of the fight
How do you use Majima's Keen eye?
8 Mad Dog ( the only thing I like is Triple Kill and the counter )
7 Dojima no Ryu ( TOO SLOW and only one quickstep )
6 Beast ( too OP )
5 Slugger ( bat's good )
4 Dancer ( I love the leg grab in his 2 gear )
3 Rush ( VERY FAST )
2 Brawler ( Great )
1 Thug ( Street Fighter ) ( Love this style. The stance, the combos, throw, Heat Actions, double quickstep mid combo )
Cristian Cortés
look i have a special thing about yakuza games. i love their stories...but their combat design i always found them cheap.
you can beat all games with 1 dumb combo. just 1. something is really wrong here
Capitaine Barbecouille
I must be the only one having Slugger as my favourite style. I dont really care about the wall-bouncing issue, as long as it gives me the feeling i can keep any ennemy at bay. :D
Goro Harumichi98
Honestly I'm not even sure which fighting styles to choose in order, they're all too damn good.
Camouflage Bourne
why is majima stronger than kiryu , kiryu is soooo baaad
Mike Henny
I didn't like playing as Kiryu in the beginning of the game, and shifted to Majima for how quick and flashy he is. Later on, I started prefering Kiryu's damaging attacks and some speed in heat. The huge and really only problem with Beast mode, is just how slow you move around as opposed to all the other styles. Other than that, the sheer power and throwing people overhead is hilariously fun
Majima: 4: breaker, 3: thug 2: mad dog 1: slugger. Kiryu: 5: brawler, 4 thug, 3: beast, (bonus, 2: 尾道の龍/堂島のドラゴン), 1: Dragon Of Dōjima.(堂島の龍
Gwyndolin the god of traps
This game was my entry into the series and the dragon of dogima style was my favorite because how good it was against those mr shakedown guys that O counter is kinda broken tbh.
Gorka CG
Oh boy freaking ironic.
Go back to reddit.
Ok, I know I've asked this before but who should I have on lineup when I battle Tsukiyama and do I need them all at max?
Also...does anyone know if Yakuza 6 will implement the same combat mechanic?
danny z
Looks like the Eng localization got Kiryu and Majima's default (blue) style's translation exactly backwards.
Kiryu's チンピラ (Chinpira) should be "Thug"
Majima's 喧嘩師 should be "Brawler"
Pinguinho 767
12:05 i have a question, how do you increase your heat without doing nothing? I want to know because i already have the mad dog of Shimano style
Jinhunter Slay
I always like to go for the “fast” fighting style (Breaker and Rush) since they’re just so fun to use....not to mention they’re the only two styles with some basis in real-life martial arts (boxing and capoeira)
8: Brawler (weak and slow)
7: Beast (useless unless your near weapons)
6:Dancer (hard to control)
5: Thug (great with enemies but you can't do most heat actions on bosses)
4: Rush (great with slowpokes)
3:Mad Dog (great with crowds, easier to control than Breaker)
2: Slugger (faster than Beast, great with bosses)
1: Dragon (No annoying heat drainage like Kiwami, strong and fast)
Here's my list, tho I am very heavy favoring Kiryu's fighting style over Majima.

8. Mad dog of Shimano.
I'm sorry to say this but this is by far the most shallow fighting style I've ever touch Y0. All you do is slash, and slash and slash and the auto run after every combo is ultra annoying. The only think that I like is the counter.

7. Rush.
This style really didn't stood out for me much, without third gear, the style is pretty bad. Only used it for heat moves and dodging.

6. Slugger.
I like the combos and heat moves.

5. Destroyer/beast: the mechanic of auto grabbing nearby objects as well as how the style specializes in grabbing and throw (IE bearhug, rising ppl up and leg grabbing.) I really didn't like the insane dmg it does tho.

4. Breaker.
Pretty fun style really good cc, counters and combos. But my gripe with the style are the dodging, the recovery frames for the elbow counter is insanely long, and rolling snake is pretty unreliable at times.

3. Thug.
Very well balance style and really fun to use, and the counters. The only thing I really didn't like is having no reguard for this style.

2. Brawler.
Same as Thug, but the thing that made me like brawler more was the wrestling move you can do and the counters are just move fun to play with, especially bodycounter and counter hook.

1. Dragon of Dojima.
Yes, I know this style is complete ass until you get third gear. But that still doesn't change how I find this fighting style to be the most satisfying fight style I've used out of all the styles I've play. Godlike music, fun heat moves, very fun counters to pull of (namely L1+ triangle and the third gear counter), and getting to use the wrestling moves again is just very refreshing to me.
Rico Martinez
I don't blame you if thug was your favorite. It was mine also.
Smooth Play
Is there a Style resembling Karate? I find funny that the game is in Japan and they even put Taekwondo, Wrestling and Capoeira in there but not Karate x) Don't get me wrong, i love those. But i wish there was Karate since it's their martial art.
Dennis Scott
I’ve been a fan of Yakuza series since 2011. The first Yakuza game I played , on PS4 , was Yakuza 0. It made such a huge difference. Thanks for making this video. So far I find I most often employ different fighting styles based on situation rather than preference. I just started the game and have only unlocked 3 of Kazuma’s fighting styles so far. Your video has given me so much to look forward to. Thanks man , from your Newest subscriber .
Thug has an amazing unlockable attribute where you can repeatedly press square and it'll continually hit them and stun lock them and it won't knock them down until you press triangle basically meaning that you can just drain there health in one combo. Brutal. Great choice for number 1.