Yakuza 0 - Telephone Club Minigame Guide - All Dates, Conversations/Voices ( Read Description)

Time stamps are as follows:
0:00 Yakuza Zero - The Sexi Hook Up Substory (Befriend Ayaka) + Includes Voice and meeting.
9:04 Yakuza Zero - Mother's Touch Substory - Sayuri ( uGLY) ( Includes Voice and meeting)
17:01 Yakuza Zero - Verbal Warning Substory - Mirei ( Ugly) - Includes Voice And meeting
26:17 Yakuza Zero The Predator's Call Substory - 44 Maria ( Ugly) Includes Voice and meeting
34:11 Yakuza Zero - The Innocent Hook Up Substory - (Befriend Riku) Includes Voice and meeting.
43:54 Yakuza Zero The Flirthy Hook Up Substory - (Befriend Haruki) - Includes Voice and meeting

Very Important: Each bikini color references one of three women. Example: Riku is blue, but so is one of the "sakuras" and Mirei. The ONLY other distinguishing feature is the voice

-blue clothes
-short hair
-child-like kawaii voice
The girl wearing a blue coat with white spots is Riku.

Long hair
-Wears purple clothes
Inspect the girls and you'll see a third girl,Ayaka.

Works at a fashion shop
Hair tied up in a bun
red jacket

Sakura Shock
-The image in the background is Haruki but it's not her.

-is an office lady
-says she has blue clothes and short hair (image in the background is Riku)
Rotate the stick clockwise until it goes all the way around, then hold it there and release when you want to fire the topic at them.
Special thanks gamefaqs guys.
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Jakira Kumahata
This is a super serious game about the Japanese Mafia
Banjo Potato
I had to keep my eye on my bedroom door at all times while doing this
Gerry Martin
Love how his health literally depletes upon getting the uglies xD
*Dramatically picks up phone*

_"Moshi Moshi"_
Tovarish Tony
The "what is your face like" and "Shall we meet" part should be a meme as Kiryu looks funny on that pose just like the pocket circuit part with the car flies off the track.
how to pick up chicks with sensei kiryu
This video saved me hours of frustration, thank you!
Man I got 3 sayuris in row... I hate that hag
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Even the Dragon of Dojima is no match for ladies. especially the ugly ones.
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Kiryu: *picks up the phone in heat mode*
1 second later
Kiryu: loses heat and says: Oh nothing I was just on heat mode I’m sorry
John niner8
i did all these this phone game is annoying lol
*Epic Phone Awnsering...* "...hey there :3"
El Rocky Raccoon
0:10 How to pick up a phone like a man.
Little Witchling
"Your gassy"

I would laugh so hard if you accidentally click that.
1:23 - THAT'S RAD.
Noir/Chadski07 The Animator
'You some Old Bag?'
Kiryu Kan
"moshi moshi" xD
Weeaboo loli slayer
An accurate description of the male mind when trying to pick up a woman
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Ha ha 4:21 that would be me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😍 on the phone call with a girl
A Tan
My first try is Sayuri lol
Thanh Xuân
How to date Haruki the second time?
Wow not worth the time it would take to do these at all XD
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The guy kinda sounds like jotaro kujo
You never got stood up?
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Holy sh1t this video helped me a ton. Thanks.
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I got lucky and got haruki in my second date
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Okane muchi naaa.
I often get mirei all the time.
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How can you roll the dial that easy? mine resets every fuking time
I'm lean and molecular
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Huwaaaaaa! ....hello?
PessiOpt 9
Do you mean black spots?
How do you page them afterwards? I don't know where you find their numbers?
GiantTasty XD
I’m playing the game again and this guide is helping me!
What's the trance theme that plays while you sex talk the girl before you ask to meet?