Tyranny Review

Tyranny reviewed by Leif Johnson on PC.

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More games crafted with love and skill, and less games crafted with greed and triple A cow milking please!
Great! Keep isometric RPG's coming!
We need another Obsidian Fallout game!
This game is at least a 9..
Carl Golli
But why is it an 8.3? Why not an 8.2 or an 8.4? Why not 8? Why not 8.5? GODDAMIT IGN THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS! I NEED ANSWERS!
I love these types of games, but I don't know why I can't seem to be able to play them fully and beat them. I left PoE half way and I haven't touched divinity 1. I still support them by buying the games, I'm prob alone on this lol
Alec Fortescue
Gief me Isometric Old Republic CRPG from Obsidian and Chris Avelone on board.
Olaff Rogness
You didn't mention any negative aspects except a lack of enemy variety. Could you further explain the 8.3 rating please? I haven't decided should I get the game yet so it would be helpful.
Lack of enemy variety is partially justified for me - this game is mostly based on relations between various factions of humans. Other than that we have Bane and we have Beasts but honestly it's hard for me to imagine something like elves, orcs, dwarves etc. in this particular world. Sure, they could add more variety of human enemies themselves, but still - it's a game heavily based on humans and we should remember this.
This is PC gaming yeah!
I finished the game in 28 hours and apart from an abrupt ending (that leads into hopefully a sequel) I found it way more immersive than Pillars of Eternity.

Also playing different shades of evil was a refreshing experience.
Theclaw Yaww
Obsidian needs to make more AAA stuff
Gaming Cheaply
in stressful times, this game is the light I have been looking for. Thank you Obsidian.
John Epic
HOW THE ACTUAL [email protected]#$% I MISSED THIS?
one of the best crpgs out there and definitly a piece of art.
i would play this on x box one
Jamie Phillips
Makes me miss Neverwinter Nights 1... that game was so much fun playing with other people.
Slight lack of enemy variety: deduct 1.7 points. wtf is the point if you ign?
This a refreshing original game, in an industry that relies too much on button smashing. It is tribute to Obsidian, Creativity, and PC gaming.
Loudry Fredericko
still waiting full release of divinity orginal sin 2
Important question : is there a walk toggle key?
Pathfinder, pillars of eternity, original sin 2, tides of numenera, spellforce?

Are there any?
Indie into, indie graphics and AAA price. I'll wait thank you, just like I did with Pillars of Eternity!
Halofan117 Halofan
the 8.3 is soooo abrupt u did not explain it but just blurted the negatives at the end.
Not a suprise considering ur recent reviews.
The High Wall
I actually felt the fighting is kind of stiff if it was like divinity turn based fight i would enjoy it much more
The irony when Obsidian makes a less buggy game than Bioware.
Antonio Bocaranda
Looks like a game I would definitely buy if I liked RPGs.
DJ Pedobear
there's one expression that can be describe playing this game.
ಠ_ಠ :glares silently:
Is this game friendly for old computers without a video card, like PoE , or not so friendly (like Divinity 2)?
Eric Nick
A great RPG and a better game in general. So much better than the Witcher 3.
Obsidian's been doing pretty well from the looks of things. It'd be nice to see them move towards working on bigger projects along the lines of Bioware and Bethesda with the momentum they've gained recently.
Kapamaru Jujitsu
Imo Tyranny is ALOT better than Pillars,totally worth 9 or 9+,super rich world,and mature audience story
Mr Spaghetti
I wish reviewers would drop the number system. this dudes review was totally incongruous with a 8.3, he had essentially no complaints. why is that
Aayush S
Oh I can't wait to finish pillars and buy this.
Dave M
the fact that they didn't finish the story makes me not want to get the game
Not enough quick scopes -Ign
W Boring
A game where you have to read big blocks of text? bleh.
Thank you Obsidian! Holy God Obsidian thank you so much for these amazing games <3 <3 <3
Phuong Ming
Now make an isometric Fallout for us, please
I couldn't get into POE as it was kind of complex and lore too a lil difficult.
But Im gonna love Tyranny cause I always wanted to play as a real bad guy.
Hopefully it will give me Dragon age origins feels unlike its sequels...
Ralf Protson
Just love it when critics rate a game experience based on 30 minutes gameplay. 2-3 character levels.
Ali Al Homsi
I'd like to see a new Fallout game in this style.
City England
I can't wait till Christmas when I can build my pc
I really liked it, but I could not finish the game because for some reason my titan xp sli setup makes me freeze lag for 2-3 seconds.
Vít Savický
Sooo... Tyranny vs Pillars of Eternity? Which is better?
*grabs popcorn*
Realy Relavent considering what just happened to the US of A
pillars of eternamy
literally had nothing bad to say about the game... still gives it an 8.3... what?
stephane dugas
too much tyranny 8.3/10
Gaim Kore
i don't get IGN why the review have to be done by one person? it will be more effective if 5 people at IGN did the review but its narrated just by one! this feel more like a personal say then a collective
The False Rabbi
A criminally underrated game
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Game ALWAYS CRASHES in the character creation page. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Ideas, people?
This game flew under the radar... had never heard of it.
Marko Docevski
Daemon you still at IGN. Come on dude
fatrick swazy
WOOT WOOOOOT!!! The art looks amazing!
Welkin Volg
should i play this right away or should i wait for updates?
I'm enjoying this much more than POE. The world is more interesting to me in this game.
Eville Game master
will it be on XBox one?
Halofan117 Halofan
Obsidian should mak there own type of fallout
Ayoub ZHM
Just Noob
It look better than New Vegas in all way
Jachin Rivers
Music really drowns out the reviewers voice which also lacks any proper normalization.
No thanks.
I read Tranny😂
Eh, not my type of game
Zayd Lipscomb
BlackThorne 2001
the gameplay is more like a Dragon Age Origins
8.3/10 too much tyranny.
Kappa Chino
the verdict is 8.3
It's not how hard or difficult a game is that makes it fun. It's how well the game rewards your effort to explore and master the elements of the interface. The most addictive game of all time was probably Diablo II because of how well your character benefits from equipping better items and choosing the right skills etc.
Yuno Gasai
You lost me at timer.
Ive tried to play this a few times and just lose interest. Torment... yea sure. I loved that story. This one? Its like reading some kind of bronze age Newsweek. Just cant get into it.
I never got the appeal of this kind of game. I played Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale back in the day and found them profoundly boring, with the former being particularly listless.
Commando Rick
just finished the game and it was great
Viktor V.
Can I grind in this ?
Pineapple Pawnch
Mayo Rice
0:50 "it's a brand of evil that feels real" but it's a video game, I don't want it to feel real, I want it to be fun. Realism almost always makes a game less fun.
The Dude
Too bad the ending ruined the whole game
Femi Adedokun
A true RPG that only PC can have.
Thunder Dick
This game looks boring visually and like it's from 1999; a purely superficial gripe, but one i have ,_,
Izgubljeni Snovi
This game is dead.
Please stop making this idiotic real-time combat. This is not appropriate for that kind of games. Make turn-based combat please!
Great review Leif:)
The Flaming Pike
My question is: what about the characters' personalities? As a Baldur's Gate fan, I expected Pillars of Eternity's characters to have a little more depth. I felt that there was a little something which was lacking in PoE. Not quite sure if it was a romance or maybe the characters simply weren't likeable enough? I needed a Minsc, a Viconia or a Keldorn in PoE. Didn't quite find what I was looking for in PoE. Don't get me wrong, it still was an above average RPG, but it wasn't as exciting as Baldur's Gate, especially BG2.
Primer Decima
Ayoub ZHM
Young Dong Tofu
I have a question about a point you raised that is keeping me from buying the title. In RPG's I like to explore the world I'm around, shape it not only with the main quest line, but doing something significant with the minor quest too and don't feel too much like I'm on a morality gauge and more on a choice and consequence line.

In other words, I like to keep my pace and don't feel like the game is pushing me towards the end without giving me the chance to decide to do it my way. It's this game replayable in the sense that the game is short but has many branches, or that it's complex and gives you the feeling you never explored all the possibilities?
FUN FACT: The main bad guy that you initially work for likes the color Orange and large structures with his name on it.. Well played Obsidian, well played.
Farmer Frank
I think Terratus is inspired by bronze or rather iron age greece. Kyros = kyríarchos a greek word for overlord, Archon a greek word for ruler. Greek names and weapons everywhere. Imagine living in a world where you don't know who is collecting your taxes and forcing you to work hard. No one has ever seen this ruler to a point that most people don't even know if he's a he or a she. The only thing reminding you that he or she is real is his conquest and his soldiers scattered all across the land. And most fear him because he has the power to cause earthquakes, floods and storms when he's angry. Would've been nice to witness such a thing.
Callum Miller
I simply cannot decide. One part of me wants the game and another doesn't. I have heard that this game is very short. I played Pillars of Eternity and had a blast. Howether, that game was quite long and it was full of content and many, many secrets. Tyranny on the other hand is said to be very short. What do I do?
Jefferson Tavares
A turn based mode it would be nice...smash the pause button it's very tiring, in my opinion...aside that, everything else looks interesting :)

Divinity: OS it's a good example of how still make a great turn-based game, and the second edition it's my first choice in that type of game.
Paradox, Oh Paradox Where is this little game that whole world really wants : Vampire The Masquerade !
Ronan Solomon
Fire Thief
Does this mean Pillars of Eternity will go on sale for cheap soon?