iDGLAX DG-747 LED HDMI Movie Video Projector 2021 Reviewr

iDGLAX DG-747 LED HDMI Movie Video Projector 2021 Review

To upgrade your home, you don’t need anything really fancy. In fact, a simply projector could be what you need to make your home the party house! A projector can make it so that you have a home theater with you no matter where you go. Whether you hook it up indoors or play outdoor movies with it, you will not regret having a projector. Projectors of the past have been grainy and not very focused, but the projectors now are far better. In fact, they are HD and have stunning color that rivals even the best TVs. The best part about this projector is it is easy to take with you wherever you go. If you’ve been searching for a new way to make your home better, this could be it. You up your entertainment to the highest level! You definitely don’t want to miss out on the amazing deal that this projector is currently boasting.

Best Features

Here are some of the best features of this projector:
• TRUE 720P PROJECTOR With native resolution at 800x600. Compatible with 1080i/p., Aspect Ratio 16:9; 4:3
• Inputs jack: HDMI, Y/PB/PR,S-VIDEO, VIDEO, VGA, AUDIO,USB, compatible with DVI
• A great experience for Wii games like golf, tennis, fit etc. Works with game consoles: PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii etc. NOT Recommended for business presentation. ideal for your home theater and games
• LED Lamp with an average life of more than 20000 hours or 14 years
• Image Size 50"-150" diagonal; Throw Distance 5.8 feet - 18 feet; 2 built-in speakers


This projector is extremely affordable. It isn’t going to come with a lot of frills like some other projectors on the market, but it will still get the job done. It’s the perfect introductory projector for anyone who wants to use it to watch movies, shows, or do some gaming. While it might not be the best thing for business presentations or conferences, it does do great for an at home theater. Most users were very happy with the quality considering the low price that it has, and it performs in an easy to understand way.


When you move this projector around, the image then comes out of focus. This is obviously a problem, but this can be resolved by mounting the projector on the ceiling.

Final Verdict

A projector that everyone can afford, and it’s definitely worth it! If you are looking for entertainment, you cannot go wrong with this projector. While it might not be the most expensive on the market and come with the biggest frills, you’ll definitely want this.

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