Shadow Tactics - the Board Game | Rules

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Based on the acclaimed video game, Shadow Tactics is a fast-paced tactical stealth game with detailed plastic miniatures, engaging story-driven missions and an ever-changing, non-linear campaign structure. Defend the fragile peace of newly unified Japan playing as one of the five unique ninja characters with vastly different skill sets or play the role of the Daimyo, an evil mastermind plotting against the Shogun, relying on superior numbers of soldiers and samurai.

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La Giuggia
I want to back this game, it seems awesome but I'm confused about one thing. It's a 1 vs many with bluffing and deduction mechanics. Supposing that I'm a ninja, given that if the daymio know what I'm gonna do the next turn he will screw me, how can I talk about our strategy with the other ninja in fron of the daymio? Are there particular rules on that? Or am I supposed to not talk with my mates about what I want to do if I want to win?
Darryl Wolfe
Yan Hey
Quick question: you've mentioned the ninja moved using a card for a yellow area (or through a yellow gate?) Where do you see the color of the game on the board?
Another one: when refering to "neighbouring yard" for guard movement, does this mean they "hop over" bushes and only consider open space?
I have a feeling this game could be as interesting for me as Not Alone (you can choose to do stuff and have limited choices. I assume your already used cards are visible?)
Thank you for your help!