[Cuphead] this game is a little hard

Get that chair:
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Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!
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PewDiePie: Comments on other people failing the tutorial.
Also PewDiePie: spends 30 minutes to try to make a cobblestone generator on skyblock.
26 minutes of raw footage!

Video is 15 minutes lul.
Moon Raider
PewDiePie: Finished the tutorial in like a couple of minutes.

Media: He is making fun of the instructor
soup time
“Unedited first 26 minutes” *isnt even 26 minutes long
This is now one year old. I waited one year.
4:23 Can we copystrike Cuphead?
Arjun Vinod
Don't know if anyone already told you but that's some pretty good reflexes there 10:00
Did anyone notice how similar this game is to dark souls?
A large audience and actual skill, PewDiePie is the exact opposite of a gaming journalist.
If you dont want to know the journalist's name, do not continue read.
If you want to know the journalist's name for research purposes, continue reading.

His name is Dean.
I Smell Like Beef
Who's here after nintendo switch announcement???
Simgeek Doiz
Cuphead isn’t Dark Souls!

*Cuphead is Super Mario Bros 2: The lost Levels*
Gojira kun
-Just like Dark Souls-
-cuz its ZeRo dEaThS-
-this game is easy-
The Pie that the Cats Eat
If it 26 min of raw footage then why is it 15 min long😂
Rio Gosselin
This is the first 26 minutes of pewdiepie playing cuphead

*video is 15 minutes long*

Scrolls down 2 comments and realizes someone just made that joke
KazMan14 Noob
Are we not gonna talking about his beard?
William R
8:30 Back in the day they couldn't make the games very long due to technical limitations so they made everything as hard as balls
Even the tutorial seems to be hard as Dark Souls
Klay Mart Cunanan
13:27 didn't know you can do a mickey mouse impression.
Dark souls, is like the dark souls of dark souls
Giovi Magic
Does anyone wants to talk about how he spent 3 coins for a power up that he didn't even equip?
abinayariplay yt
*I'm a little hard*
Marxman 0
PLZ play the dlc

When it comes out
Kase Beatz
"He can't seem to make this jump". Already dying here lol
Alexandr Denyakin
reminds me of EPIC MICKEY on the wii, oh my god my heart...
David Gutierrez
Here because it got announced for switch
Weebs for life
Gamer Rowan
I'm two years late but I just wanted to say that All You Need is Kill is amazing and I totally agree with your analogy.
Gabe Phillips
"I don't even know how these work" *proceeds to understand how they work*
The Mad Pie
okay wait i just found this and i watch a PewDiePie video every day and i just missed this entire series. hOW ?
Super Booda
did you setiously have complete the first lvl in 3 TIMES!!! I did it in like... 20 times?
Jairo Olivo
The game looks fun not gonna lie
_Every game is like Dark Souls_ -(PewDiePie, 2017)

so is Minecraft like Dark Souls?
Okay so moral of the story: That journalist sucks at gaming.
Dr Shark
Pewds: First honest 26mins!
Me: “Looks at time of the video.”
The first run and gun took me hours

Edit: I killed the bosses really quickly cause I play boss games
Cuphead 10/10👐
Damir Mešić
People that made a cuphead deserve a 20 meter golden statue, it's a newer game and the artstyle is like from 1950s
Just like Ducksauce? Man, if he was still streaming...
Jeezus• •Murphy
Let’s be real though, the controls for cuphead are really fucky at first
Amaury J. Pereira
I beat bloodborne and every souls game I can beat anything now
Jake B
This game is hard, but the reporter clearly wasn’t reading the instructions. That is without a doubt a problem. How can they fairly grade a game if they don’t read the instructions?
Carter Anderson
i like how he related it to sonic and not megaman
Wow NO.
You can tell its serious since this vid is 15 minutes long.
Dere Moto
First in 2019
Check the comments
*Y O U D I E D*
Apriyandi Nugraha
Do you ever played Megaman X series? Side scrolling game, like this, but harder
David Nainggolan
Felix when he got damage in dark souls:

You weren't supposed to do that.
Who's here after watching the nintendo switch's trailer reveal ???
Daniel's Channel
This videos are best 😂 please start recording videos like this in 2019
gmail account
zEяO dEaThS
Slime Rancher is the dark souls of RPGs.
Some One
It’s a hard game

Not a dark souls game
Mr. I Take 30 Minutes To Complete The Tutorial was the beginning of the end of gaming journalism
He has a chair right next to him and doesn't sit in it lol
The Nocturnal Alchemist
yeetus sheetus
Dark Souls + Sonic = Cuphead

good job pewds.
[Plant Gang]*Pirahna Plant*
Legend of the brofist is like dark souls

Me: Is this dark souls?
Blue Orca Entertainment
Cup Souls... Just like Dark Souls
Hi Just me Here
Dark souls please

Yeetus Yeetus commit self Deletus

No offense I love dark souls
Ghost : hey
Ghost : am i a joke to you?
Insan Almanfaluthi
kok subtitle bahasa indonesia di menit 0.22 "astaghfirullah" ?
(· - ·)
xEthanx xStraightx
I actually kept track of pewds deaths:

Gudako IsMyName
26 minutes. Unedited. Raw Footage

15 mins: Am I a joke to you?
Dark Souls is the Ghouls & Ghosts of 3rd person slashers, right?
Cody Mrow
no other game could give the experience like dark souls does
John Yan
You made it further than the journalist on ur first try
United Potatoes
Great Job at showcasing why this game is so great.
Summer Camp Island Fan
2019. Anyone?
Rizall Fadillaa
Dark soul!? Astaghfirullah..
deimian 68
The dark souls of dark souls is JUST LIKE DARK SOULS
Dark Souls is like Demon Souls😂
help me Find the bodys
God i love 1930s cartoons this game in animation goals
Wolf Spider
Even GOW was said that it became Dark Souls, like damn people
Outside The Box Visuals
Woah! This guy is the biggest minecraft youtuber! 100m bro fist remember?
This game is so good Looking 💕💕💕
Hackermanz Boie
My friends sister is better than you
Bonnie Kiwi
OH MY GAHHH!! This game looks hard as all hell but dammnn does it look pretty!
Deacon St. John
"unedited, raw footage" video 15 mins
daniel urbano
QUE BUEN VIDEO, APRENDI MUCHO. &#[email protected]/1
Zak jackson
Is Minecraft like dark souls!and moonwalker
Victor Jesús Arnulfo Ramírez Carboney
#lol tu si sabes hacer un buen anuncio xD JAJAJAJAJ LOS AMO, creo que son los unicos anuncios que veo completamente.
Not EVEN Dark Souls is like *Dark Souls*!!!
I totally agree with you about games not being bad if they're hard.
How many Zelda games have I played: 4
How many Zelda games have I completed: 0
Loi Del Rosario Arce
It's so hard I can't even beat the 1st boss
Tone Selko
Every game is like dark souls. Pretty nailed it:-)
''i never parry in games'' just like dark souls!
Gean Smithॐ
Wait 17k comments and i cant see dem
Did he eventually review fortnite to be dark souls aswell?
Lena Oxton
You posted this on my birthday! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spencer Cox
Everything is Dark Souls!
Everything is Dark Souls..... Whatever...
Vance Biondo
😏 I'm sorry I dident notice . Thanx for the info from youtube MY TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE .
Watch This
I can't believe you can actually melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword!!!