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I just now started this game, total newb to it in particular, and I'm lost on where to put skill points, Stealth, Athletics, Lore, ect, on this build. You mention for a moment that we should go into Survival and you say nothing else about them for the rest of the video, as far as remember.

All into survival? Spread out? Does it matter?

Gorki XXX
Should i rest after each battle or just autoattack 80% of the time?
These guides are so awesome. Thanks for doing them.
The moment I heard melee battle mage was a thingI had to go for it. And your guide is still the best.
I am 6lvl yet so I bring melee mage just in hard fight, but then I do I see a lot of blood splattered. Crit finished ftw :D
Your guides are amazing!!
Keep the good work!!
Thanks a lot!!
John Reynolds
I decided to reload PoE and Googled around for some good post-White March builds and found this video. Started a new game with a female pale elf wizard using Lhengrath's staff and she mows enemies down. I made a few tweaks to the suggested stats, went with 2-handed weapon buff for +15% dmg at level 4 instead of the accuracy boost, and will probably drop most armor once I go with hardened veil and a few other buffs by 7-8th level. Great build, I've played PoE 4x already but never with a wizard as my main character. Thanks for this video!
No love for Savage Attack or Vulnerable Attack? These do work with summoned weapons.
Josh Jones
I was wondering if you can help me, my wizard is Aloth and he has blast and penetrating blast but when he attacks enemies the blast doesn't occur? Any idea what's going on with that? >.<
@Nerd Commando Game Studios

Is it a good tank or is it just dps?
Hey! I named my fire godlike Surtur as well!
How would you go about building a Death Knight version of the battlemage? What talents and spells would fit this type of build? Would you go two handed, or sword and board?

Spirit of Decay
Two-Handed Style

Fetid Caress
Ninagauth's Killing Bolt
Death Ring
Arcane Reflection
Ryngrim's Enervating Terror

How would you build a Gunslinger Wizard?
Newindika 84
The only problem I see to the build is that having only 10 int devastates the AOE of citzal. Because every point of INT increases radius (2x AOE) it's a tradeoff of speed/aoe. Citzal is so powerful that even having only 10 dex under DAOM with 30 INT after a few pokes mobs just dissapear. Dumping CON can be risky but with infuse vital essence the buffer is enough to survive a few hits, so as a wizard you'll die anyway if focused by multiple mobs let's have the pure glass cannon of this game :) Nothing that a reviving exhortation or 2nd opportunity item can fix if things go wrong. For example, a classic Moon godlike with 3CON with a belt of bountiful healing or maybe the fulvano amulet (because healing multiplies and is not additive) and shod in faith would work. I'll give it a try :)
Thank you so much!
Whats your suggestion for a npc party with a self-made wizard?
Nikola Babic
Is it viable to trade dex for int. Have base dex(or like 12) and max int, so it can play to do some ranged dmg and cc as well?
You're still making PoE content? Amazing. I read that you're burnt out now, but still amazing. I remember looking for video guides when I first picked up the game shortly after release, and yours were the most in depth.

Since I'm basically a new player again, I'm afraid I'll have to ask the noob question: what gear should I wear for this build? More specifically, the chest armor. Naked for max dps? Plate for max defenses? What would you recommend? The rest of the equipment is more or less personal choice. ...So is armor, but I'd still like to hear if you have any particular equipment suggestions.
pretty neat i guess. My issue is how much micro this would require just to buff up battle after battle when i could just wade in and start using proactive abilities with a sword and shield barbarian. no thanks.
are u a teacher in real life?
Jonas Dalmayne
Great in-depth guide as usual! I have a question on the stat-distribution: Would going 10 DEX, max INT be a viable variation on this build? It would be more focused on team support (control, debuffs, etc) while sacrificing attack speed. Obviously less DPS. Longer duration self-buffs though. Reflex/Will would also be more evenly distributed.
Dr Shepherd
It would be nice to have a link where you summarize all chosen skills and talent in a sheet! Just to skip watching a 14min video over and over again! ;)
Does anyone know how viable this will be for Pillars of Eternity 2? Considering the changes to resolve.
Привет Нерд, это гайд еще актуален?
Hi Nerd, is this guide still relevant?
elliott hancock
Probably my favourite build you have done, will there be many more? I check everyday and your the only one who does worthwhile guides, also what would be your buff order in a tough fight? Thanks :D
ang alv
again ty for the help :) all these guides make the game never die cause so many possibilities to look into...would u ever consider doing a guide on gear and which pieces should we use durgance steal for each class cause so many stuff and durgance so limited i end up upgrading nothing from fear i might find sthing better and wont be able to upgrade...you do mention for example the sword from endless paths for barbarian or the two sabres for rogue but what should we upgrade for each class and especially armors ty