Let's Play Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Leave No Witnesses

Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period.

Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden forest camps. Set traps, poison your opponents or completely avoid enemy contact.

The group is composed of very different personalities. Working together as a team seems impossible at first. Yet over the course of many missions, trust is won and friendships are made. The characters develop their own dynamic and each member will have to face their own personal demons.

One of the leaders of this team is Hayato, an agile ninja, who clears the way through his enemies silently, with his sword and shuriken. Samurai Mugen prefers a more powerful approach and can defeat more fiends at one time, but thus also forfeiting flexibility. Aiko is a master of camouflage when she distracts enemies disguised as a Geisha. And the street child Yuki places traps and decoys enemies towards their deadly fate. The mysterious marksman Takuma however, relies on his sniper rifle and takes care of the enemies from a distance.

The player has to carefully evaluate his options in order to master the challenging missions: how will the characters behave as a team? Which one is best equipped for each task? How can they best master the given missions? Come up with your own ingenious tactics to vanquish enemies and complete missions.

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This reminds me of Commandos.
I miss Commandos. whenever I see a similar type of game, I play it.
Jyoung Lee
its frustrating watching this guy play....
This is the spiritual successor of Commandos games.
As a huge commandos im hyped for this type of game.
PC Gaming TV
like comandos behind enemy line CLASSIC
samdee timboko
This game remind me the 90s game "Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive,"
reminds me of the commandos times , 10-15 years ago. nostalgia is real
This game actually reminds me of a game I played a long time ago called Commandos and Commandos 2 you play a group of soldiers in World War 2 I believe. I loved those games this game looks great also. Can't wait to see more of them.
It takes more skill to get through a game not killing anything than killing everything.
Wow, you really do go out of your way to murder EVERYONE. Btw. you should actually read what the tutorials say. It told you that you can press enter to execute saved actions and you immediatly ask "Well, how do I execute those actions now?"
Between Tenchu and Commando games =D Niiice !
This is MOST exciting, this is a combination between shogun 2 (sorta) for samurai/ninja aspect and Commandos (for those who know the series) OMG this is amazing.
Brings back the memories of Commandos series, and desperado!!! I cant wait to buy it on Steam!
Frycek Picek
19:20 when you got spotted you could kill the group on the right with samurai sword wind and hayato the single guy on the left, you know that? :)
Switch to japanese voiceover, its a completely different experience.
Lovely.... Commandos for the current gen.I am in.
Tan Hoang Dung Nguyen
this reminds me Commondos so much
This is easily one of the best games i played in 2016, top 5 for sure
Looks good, thanks for sharing. btw the voice of the ninja seems familiar to Juggernaut from Dota, I think
Mario Wagner
i like games like Commandos and Deperados ^^
Shai Partuk
Finished this game today, awesome game. the last map with all the badges is insane..
Styx Zero
This reminds me of that old robin hood game I played as a kid good times.
I like this game plz continue it when you get back
It's like Commandos. Back in the 90s'
Not sure if it was mentioned, but I assume the non lethal approach could be used to taking out civilians who wont move?
Sonia Blanche
this is literally commandos but weeaboo edition
remind me of Commandos.
these guys are making Desperado III, commandos coming back!
Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!
It's actually just published by Daedalic. The studio behind it is Mimimi productions. So did they send you a copy or not? The demo is availible to everyone, they would not really have send you a copy if thats what you are playing.
Willy Severus
has anyone told you ur voice sounds exactly like fightingcowboy dude? hhaha :D
Patrick Ho
The best of this game is they have Japanese dialogue!!!!!!!!
Have you ever heard of Commandos? It is actually quite the same but settled in WW2. It used the same gameplay like Shadow Tatics
German Leus
Just finished the game! This was fucking amazing I have even passed a few days of my job. This is more assassins creed game than any of the series. Love this game. Gonna make a few more runs to get more badges!
the freaking loading screen though
Jim Cherry
wander a true assassin only kills his target ;}
A. Kuswadi
I just finished the game. I want the badges, so i re-play the game.
In the 1st mission...

IT'S THE "ALT" BUTTON. You should try it sometimes LOL, cause i missed it zzzz
this game looks great! damn, I wish they would make a new Commandos game like this :)
El Cubo del Narco
I´m so happy to see that Commandos´s legacy keeps on growing. Also surprised to see so many Commandos fans outside of Spain
Jason J
for goodness sake, learn the tutorial first....
I think this guy is playing strategy for the first time
KiNA Suki
Commando games, but with ninjas!
nate berna
You sound so much like the streamer A_Seagull it's uncanny.
Omg nostalgia, Japanese ver. of Commandos and Robin Hood dang gotta get this one!!
Andrew Liebler
This game is sick
was thinking game too ex and tried the demo. bought it straight after mission 1 lol 11/10 game. btw play with japanese voice it'll give you a better experience
Sanish Suwal
This game owes a lot of gameplay elements from Desparados
Who else loves this game to bits?
Paul Sih
anyone has the problem where your character becomes lagging when spotted by enemy?
Jeff Owen
Very reminiscent to Commandos 1 & 2 and Desperados. Loving it!
Karl Franz
+Wanderbots the non lethal is meant to be used against civilians
Try Hard
Is it normal to take 2hrs + to finish 1 mission on my first play-through? Really noob at this game lol
It's just like the game Commando .
When I saw the title I thought it said shadow tactics blades of the shotgun
TENCHU tactics haha
Commandos and desperadoes oh those good times.
Lucian Roban
5 minutes in and you winge about everything .. wth
A. Kuswadi
Great game! there'll be a sequel for this i think...i hope :)
Su Nguyen
Of all the members, they forget to mention one crucial member. It's whoever helps you see the whole map so clearly.
Aris Sp
imagine a cRPG in baldurs gate vain with this engine and art style.take my money
Yopi saja
like commandos game
Cihan Gürbeden
I bought the full game since I'm into stealth. I'm in the fourth mission right now, and I seriously consider this my game of the year. And I playerd all the blockbusters incl. Uncharted 4, Inside, etc.

If you are into stealth and tactics BUY THIS GAME! Also note that you can play this with the controller. It's much more fun.
haven't seen a game like that in a long while.
Just tried the demo today, and it was fantastic, really brought back that Commandos feeling I've been missing for a long time now.

I think the non-lethal option is only really used for challenges or perhaps for certain mission objectives, so kill away if you need to.
one of the best games from last year *.* finished it in 2 days played it straight through <3
I never use the A,S,D,W keys or any of them near it. I always use the arrows or the controller. For me, its easier as i've used them since i was very young.
Super strong legend of Sherwood vibe. Which was an awesome game. Totally digging this.
i was interested to watch more from you but the fact you keep complaining in the first 5 mins i can't continue anymore..
Richard Clark
This is a damn good game. I heard they are remaking commandos
Illyasviel von Einzbern
Mc 1
reminds me of commandos
k moods
say OK a few more times... OK... that's OK... OK.

I guess it's time to search for Commandos 3 distenation Berin CDs . :D it's amazing how an over 10 years old game can make this one looks like a piece of garbage.
Joe Elyahchouchi
Thank you for this demo showoff, but you are a really really terrible player :P
Highlighted ring around characters ruins it for me
Hossein Mahdavi
Commandos version game. and as I noticed u r nt a gamer!! in dota2 we call ppl in ur style noobs!!
I love the game. You can play the demo for free on Steam.
Criss Popovski
Robin Hood: The legend of Sherwood asian version
I like your gameplay and you really left noone alive
Yassir Hidar
got that game for free, XD
Ariitu MARO
hihi... i still have the original Commandos PC CD game
Daniel G
Commandos ftw!
yassin cch
reminds me of desperado
Sigmar Unberogen
For someone who seems fond of stealth games, you seem more fond of unnecessarily removing as many enemies as you can off the map. Sometimes it is necessary, other times...Your putting yourself through more work than you actually need to by pursuing things that do not deter your main objective.
Played it actually before watching this... and really do like the fact that there are multiple solutions for situations. Commandos sometimes felt too much like follow the red path... killing #1, #2, #3 and so on.

But hell... is Wanderbots kinda slow... not gamewise, but understanding. Dude's isn't even checking that Mugen could carry two guys or you do not need to save all 60s... also I felt like ALT was the better option for changing the view (if you even plan to do so unlike this streamer). From my memory autosaving in Commandos took the same amount of time.

Still the dude got me entertained and a really nice voice. Ready to see part 2.
Nafrareza Aji Nindyamukti
your video is good, you explain it very well, but you play poorly. sorry to say that. your in-game confusion annoy me lol
Mr Taff
looks like Commandos:)
gornes simracing
I've tried the demo hoping to be having the kind of experience I once had with Desperados or Commandos, but this is disappointingly simplified compared to those and doesn't even come close when it comes to the planning/tactics aspect...
soon or later, there will always be some speedrun video that make the whole game extremely easy...
I'm honestly reminded of an old game called robin hood(yes that robin) dam I wish it was still compatible with modern computers
Dixie Normous
Thought this said "blades of shotgun"
Vhan Chua
The game volume is too low. I can barely hear anything.
The Shacks
Q and E to rotate too awkward....soz mate you lost me there as a credible source for PC gaming hahahha.
But yeah looks good, Commandos/Robin Hood style, nostalgic hype.
re han
The 360 degree camera view could be disorienting sometimes....yet its a constant torn even though the solution is there already.
you sound like CGP Grey
ludmila song
Desperados Japan
Somebody help! I downloaded this to my computer but it wont load anything, just a black screen.
minh trần
This reminds me of Robin hood game play.
L&K Xino
i loved this game cuz it is similar to commandos series .... i really loved it