Let's Play Pillars Of Eternity The White March - Part 2 - Odd Strategy For Disarming!

We return to caravan to find nearly everyone slaughtered. We save the last of our people standing and defeat the baddies. Our enemy's dying breath summons a "Buick"(Yes I know it's a biawic with accents and such) or big bad storm of DOOM to try and reap our souls. We take cover inside a cave and apparently, we're not alone. Which is fine until Heodan decides he wants to disarm a trap by walking on it. DOH!

It's time for round 2 when it comes to Pillars Of Eternity! My first Let's Play got lost in the shuffle and despite always planning to return to it, I decided to just start fresh. This time, I have all the DLC and I'll be pushing to finish before the release of Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire! No idea if I can manage it, but look for a flood of Pillars Of Eternity coming your way!

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5 комментариев
James Thrice
I usually set the game to auto pause when I spot a trap as a precaution.
Man, I should really finish up this game before the next one is out! Great game and play through, Bumpy!
Brian Ogilby
Always interesting to see a PC playthrough of POE as a Playstation player who plays the PS4 version of this great game. Great job in any case. You made great dialogue choices. Thanks for reading the text. Cant wait till POE 2.
James Thrice
8:23 The wind physics picked up one of the gibs and sent it flying across the screen. lol