Yakuza 0 - Long Battles: 1 - Dojima Family (LEGEND)

The fateful fight that kicks the events of what Kiryu and Majima are to face in this masterpiece of a game.. in English! Enjoy!
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Kartik Ayysola
"Local Japanese man attempts to quit job"

*music starts*
3:42 "Welcome to the Dojima Family, how tough are ya?"
"How tough am I? HOW TOUGH AM I?"
so satisfying to see someone playing this game and actually doing it justice by looking like a badass and not just spamming the same heat action over and over again
Adam Pengra
Well, points to Yoneda for persistence.
Thanh Hảo Lê
everybody want to be kazuma, I just want to be yoneda instead, take an insane amount of damage but keep standing up
*Yoneda keeps coming back*
Kiryu: Oh my god. He is like some sort of...non...giving up...Yakuza guy
Whining Ylthin
That nail Heat Action is so brutal my stomach revolts. Jesus.
Bullet-Tooth Tony
I think Japanese sounds much cooler then Chinese
Dennis B
when i played it, the part in the bathroom i tried kicking yoneda out the window with the dropkick it didnt work. found out seconds later it actually happens xD i lol'ed
Renegade Vile
Given that Yoneda is Kuze's right-hand man, it kinda makes sense that he keeps getting back up.
Kyriolexical Dino
seems they did an amazing job at the localization. the little drawings in the style names are also nice, not even the Japanese version has them.
Austin Beattie
Was anyone else stunned when Yoneda shows up to torture Tashibana? Pretty sure they did that one purpose to get everyone to think, "Wait, you're still alive?"
Damn!! Even the scenes that happen during the fights have subtitles!!!
Renegade Vile
There's an emergency intruder in the building and immediately, 5 guys on the same floor go to the bathroom.
Goro Harumichi98
Yondea... to think he survived that fall😂
fohstick a
this game is so badass
Johann Gaius isiNwinga Zulu Ahuitcoyotzin Hirohito
SPOILER AERT 8:02 After getting his face smashed into a urinal and kicked out of a building then falling a few stories into the ground, Kuze kills him that way?
Yoneda is like one of them villains from a bond movie who repeatedly gets in the way of 007 even though you seriously thought he couldn't recover the other time.
The track "tusk" just made this whole sequence so much better. One of the best long fight soundtracks ever made.
Harry Guidotti
3:40 Kazuma? What are you doing with those na-
*Kazuma jams a fistful of nails into a guy's face*
Hey hey, he actually opened a door without throwing yoneds through it back there!
Edward Gil
I remember when I first played this level and just feeling *all* the hype.
I don't think many games make me feel as badass as Yakuza does.
And I was actually very happy to see Yoneda constantly coming after you. During the cutscene when Kiryu just punches him out like a bitch, I was like "is that it? really?" but little did I know that he'd make for a pretty entertaining miniboss to get you ready for the real nemesis of the game.
Drakulas Kuroyami
And not a single person was killed.
Katarina Amaxas
It saddens me greatly that I can't find anyone on Youtube that plays as well as you do and has a full walkthrough of the english version of this game...
5:02 when a chair has a better chance of stopping Kiryu than an army of yakuza
god jajg
This video is a solid proof of how much actual depth this game's combat really has. And it only demonstrates 2 of the 8 styles in the game. Great vid man!
Dutch Plan Der Linde
Bought this game in the ps sale a few days back, never played a yakuza game but once i reached this part in the game i thought it was crazy but badass lol great intro for me to the yakuza games, and i get to go ultra instinct too which is awesome
Iksiss Ik'ssar
Yoneda is like Duncan MacLeod, a Higlander.. But instead of cutting his head, you have to kick him out trough a window.
i forgot my damn name
Godfather 2 is just a diet Yakuza series
Change my mind
Billianto Bagus
Please someone make a The Raid fight video with this song
Exige Gts Lite
100k views, congrats leon😊
This is the first video I saw of this game, it a few days before Christams, around December 21st. I was like "Eh, looks alright." Then, I bought it mid January, and it was one of the best purchases ever made by me.
11:50 the moment I fell harder for the Yakuza franchise than Yoneda did the ground.
Daniel Azhar
11:50 nice move kiryu i'm laugh at this scene
Mr nice guy
yakuza 0 > yakuza 6
Nurul Abdin
devilleon7: Nicely done bro lol that chair got in yr way :)
Sab Alexander
8:33 Kiryu never killed anyone.
Yoneda....just stay down man
This is my username
Yoneda really learned a lot with Kuze lol
maik buh
The best yakuza ever, the most hype story, battle and music
I love the begining of this sequence, one man vs several men, and kiryu just kick their ass !
Sebastian Castellanos
Kiryu is one of my favorite video game protagonists. this is just simply BADASS
Bobby X Steev BEATS
9:13.... man the music goes so well with the energy
Atef Ben Othman
guys I'm looking for the lofi track with the snares at 2:00 can anyone help?
They’ll fire me or worse if I attack them...waaaait, they can’t fire me if I quit first!

Piotr Maksymiuk
Yoneda's lines are changed when fighting? I mean the scenes where he attacks Kiryu from behind - in the original he would scream something like "zarea!" but it's just "Haa!" and it sounds like he has less sounds overall.
Orchestra Gamer
God I love this sequence! <3
he's not beating the S#$t out of out them. He is beating the Yen of out of them
Abdul muttalib Ahmad
t0m0rr0w big-0 gaming cafe @ 11 in the mornin"
clover harvest
Abdul muttalib Ahmad
4296 jsic 50 ie prime minister lee kuan yew people is action party
Danish DK
This guy is pro
Alwafi Auzan Anggara Hulu
11:42 he feel the other people piss from the bottom of his heart
fra lu
I love this game.
Game Master
0:29 It was at this moment, Kuze knew he ****** up.
So hard ! I can.t beat this big guys with chair
Daniel Lus
8:33 don't know why I laughed so much at this HAHAHAHAHA lol just toss him out like garbage I guess why not
I need to know the music in this
TomRuss AresK
I bought it randomly on summersale im Yakuza(corp.) fan so i just imagine how great could be have a game with them bough it randomly didnt like it at all but this mission change everything ♥ now i onw 0/1/2/6 and looking foward for future games love Yakuza Series ♥
Freedom costs Tax
Bruh, what’s the name of this music? This is straight fire
Does anyone know the name of that awesome music playing?
いかがでしたか? 北米(英文?)版でやってみた気分は
Kazuma Kiryu.
wa mi
Kiryu doesnt kill ppl... cues 11:52
I was expecting to have the styles name kept like brawler as thug in Japanese
or brute as destroyer but that off the picture I hope you show us the side quest and the mini games if you know what I mean

but I'm not sure if I should go for default ps4 or the pro
walter soprano
this game is perfect
Eileen Milligan
4:33 I love how the object Kiryu is carrying is called "Legal Books", not "Text Book" or "Big Book". What exactly counts as an "Illegal Book" in the Yakuza universe?
Ace Poker
sega had just translated wrongly man
kiryu's standard fight style should be thug and majima's should be brawler cuz they were just called in japanese
Michael Ruiz
very nice :)
LarsJunFan Oleg Troitskii
Now i really wonder, Yoneda died after Kiryu kicked out him from the window? I know that Kiryu in the past (Yakuza 0) was really rageful fighter than in future. But still.
Goro Harumichi98
Kinoshita Yuuko
Looks legendary is a pain in the ass.
You'd actually think Kuze's right hand man, who Kiryu drop kicked through the open window would've died in that fall
Seriously what is the song that play in this
Rayyan Ali
It's a shame that the game doesn't let you replay these epic long battles without having to start new game plus.
I miss Kiryu in a black suit. He looks great in white but black's cooler
Mike Henny
Those poor guys in the bathroom didn't know what to do right away. And Yoneda stop coming back, this isn't funny anymore
seriously... are there no setting to turn of all the cash flapping around? it looks ridiculous.
i heard YZ is the best in the serie but i refuse if it looks like.... this