Yakuza 0 - PC Launch Trailer

The PC version of Yakuza 0 is now available! See where the epic action packed story of Kazuma Kiryu begins!

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23 комментариев
Jay V Man
Masterpiece is so right for this game. I have played almost every game in the series and while they are all fantastic yakuza 0 with its 2 characters, 8 combat styles and 2 insanely well crafted stories both combining together to make on strong foundation along with an insane level of mini games and extra content. Yakuza 0 has the strongest characters and best music...Just like it takes everything amazing about the other games and just doubles it. So amazing.
Kuze's voiceactor is so badass
Game of the year
the Starrunner
0:19 moment when someone walks in the room
Makes me want to buy it again
Ghost tea
Finally , im going to do the whole mini game Endless ly
What's the name of the second song, during the club part?
Someone tell me what song plays after 0:52
Rashid Dubai
The game that replaced shenmue
Amazing Game
Gaurav Kumar
Sega makes some weird-ass games!!
Husnain Naeem
Tetsu Hatano
Lady Tsuki
I was able to finish this game a couple weeks or so ago and am now crafting a full review for it. I will say that I am glad Yakuza is finally making its way to PC. I hope this will get an example for companies that released previously-exclusive console games.
I honestly have no real issue with timed exclusives. I don't fully like exclusives in general but timed exclusives seem to be a compromise, at least. So yeah, if companies want to make console exclusives, I hope they follow the trend and make them more timed exclusives and eventually port them to PC. Yeah, Yakuza took a while. However, since 0 came to PC and Kiwami is on the way, I'm assuming that Kiwami 2 (which has been released in Japan), as well as HD remasters of 3-4 (which I heard are coming pretty soon) eventually make their way to PC as well. Granted, I play them with a controller anyway, as the game does seem made for that (they even have a thing at the very beginning saying "Real Yakuza use a gamepad" lol), but the PC still offers graphics and things that consoles don't.
So yeah, hopefully the trend continues and Sega continues porting games to the PC. This was even an amazing price for the game, which I can fully support. If companies treat their customers well, they'll get more support. Even if the game isn't "full price", I think it will make more money overall as people who normally wouldn't buy the game will now that the price is really fair. So yeah, while I'm not a huge Sega fan, I applaud them for this!
I hope, one day, they'll port this series to xbox.
japanese saints row, I like it