Yakuza Zero Review

Wildly inconsistent but a great experience, Yakuza Zero is a fascinating adventure. Here is GameSpot's Yakuza Zero review.

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347 комментариев
Gunga Dunga
You complain about women being treated like objects in a YAKUZA game. Real Yakuza engages in human trafficking and prostitution. The story and portrayal is relatively on point, isnt that their aim here?
I've always been aware of the Yakuza games but never actually played one. Sounds like this is a good place to start, though.
Rating: GOTY

You're welcome.
Novem the Reasonable Gamer
Why are none of these comments about the game :/
Most Underrated Franchise Ever.
Pedro R S Lopes
Compare these faces to Mass Effect Andromeda faces and tell Yakuza 0 got bad graphics
"Women are there to be manipulated". What about the men who are there to get their heads smashed in?
always find it funny how they can shit on yakuza for repetitive combat and completely ignore the fact that combat in games like witcher 3 and skyrim sucks. Truth is Yakuza combat is 100x more enjoyable than either of those games.
Over The East
That shame moment when you know the name of the JAV actress that is shown in the video mini game scene in this review.................
Thank goodness audio speech is in Japanese. It's the best way to play a Yakuza game!!!
Comments section is cancer lol.
Marky 360
The graphics in this game are incredible the faces look just wow O_O
What the actual fuck do you mean by "seriously outdated models and textures"?
You literally said the textures go too far because they look too good.
The game looks fantastic, and the combat is overwhelmingly satisfying.
I really don't understand where that's coming from.
Diurno MX
bla bla bla this feels dated bla bla bla, yet we hype up the NES Mini when it comes out for clickbait... smh
Alex Middleton
this game series has always been phenomenal I don't care about graphics. I care about story and how fun the game is
Dark Lord Kyrociss
Last time I came this early my wife left me.
Brilliant game. So many people have missed out on the Yakuza series, probably giving it a miss because they don't fancy reading subtitles or think the visuals are dated. But it's such a great series, each entry being as good as the last.
Maybe we'd get these games in the West sooner if more people picked them up and gave them a try.
another awesome game... PS destroys every other console with one simple word: Games
Gandalf the Grey
It's time to put a stop to console wars. It's time to listen to other's opinions on games. It's time to come together and accept each other for sharing a common interest.
But that does not mean we have to split ourselves apart just because a certain game isn't what it used to be, or because someone enjoys a game that is a competitor of your favorite game in a certain genre.
Gamers as a whole need to stick together. Competition is good, but do we need to hate each other?
So what, someone plays on an Xbox One? So what, someone plays on a Nintendo 3DS? So what, someone plays on a Playstation 4? They're still sharing an interest with you. Video games.
So why can't we respect each other in this generation? PS4, Xbox One, even PC or handhelds. They're all good in their own ways. One may look better. Another may have franchises you know and love. The other may have features that you can use for more than just gaming.
But really, is any one console better than the other? Is any game truly better than another?
Maybe you just want to spread your love for a certain game or console. If so, then why do it in such a harsh manner? Be kind and tell someone the details. Don't tell them that your way is the only way to go. Try to acknowledge that they enjoy what they play for a reason, just as you enjoy what you play for your own reasons. Ease them into the things you like and you may change someone's opinion, but being rude isn't getting anyone anywhere and it's only tearing us apart.
Brandon T.
we need yakuza ishin. lets band together and wake sega up!
Couldnt even finish the video. Too much graphics whoring.
So this is the game to start my Yakuza experience? Well, as a prequel it makes sense. And I don't mind the combat at all. So I hope to have a blast!
Kurt Germer
I'm not sure the reviewer understood that Yakuza 0 is essentially a PS3 game in 1080p 60FPS. Yakuza 6 is the first original PS4 game.
IGN's review was better
Umm why is everyone talking about the console war and NOT the game???
It _is_ a PS3 game though
Bobby Edwards
Yeah it's crazy how I recognize some of these faces from actual yakuza movies
Marco Funke
I'm wondering why everyone says, the fighting seems dated.
I started with the 5th game and can't get enough, and in 5 hours I'll buy "Yakuza 0".
It's one of the most impactfull (is this a word?) fighting-mechanics that I know, where you feel every punch.
Also, the finishers are satisfying and you perform different finishers based on the situation and position.

Between the Free-Flow-Fighting (that's too simple) and the fighting in "Devil May Cry" (where I need 6 more fingers to perform cool combos), it feels fantastic.
Not too simple, not too complicated and extremely satisfying.
I had no clue about how to make the battle-system more modern and still fun to play.
Moloko Mongalo
They use women like objects? Now I HAVE to play it...
idk why everyone is talking about the Switch but i will say this. The pro controller price is stupid
can anyone name a game that doesn't have repetition? it is such a lazy and poorly though out complaint
On the other side of the country? Osaka and Tokyo aren't that far apart...
Might be a step up from the previous game. That one (4) was just 'talk here, fight thugs there and listen to random gangster conversations'.
8/10 ;) thank me later
Disliked for that moralist crap near the end, COMPLETELY irrelevant to the review, go open a personal blog instead if you want to virtue signal. Otherwise good review
cult status

pick one
Niel Ivarez
Bemusement. Word of the day learnt. Thank you.
First yakuza game I played and it is amazing
I love this series

still waiting for ishin and 6
why r people praising their favorite console like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and hating every other console like it's satan. your favorite console company ain't paying you so why u talking like u advertising it, they r just a company that wants your money and will try to do everything to get it. people need to accept that not everyone will like what u like it. so quit roasting each other and just enjoy what u like playing with whether it be an xbox or a ps4.
is it sad that i know the actress in the video shown lol
They should have added the sleeping dogs fighting and the yakuza story it would have been perfect and would really be a game to sell and fast with the right marketing and branding.
after actually looking into yakuza 0 a few days ago i decided to play yakuza 1 on an emulator (sorry).and now i see why everyone loves it
Patrick Lewis
Does this game even run @ 60fps?
This game is badass.. I hope this sells well in the west so we get more yakuza games here
Love the Yakuza franchise so much. Bought the physical and digital version of this game. Can't wait to play it! These 2 days left are a torture for me.
What is the name of the background music please(i'm brazilian)
Meme Lord
I've never played a Yakuza game before and I've only recently heard of it. Is it a better version of sleeping dogs essentially?
I've never been bored of a game while watching the review before..until now
with each yakuza game the amount of minigames increase 3x more than the previous title lol!
I think I'll finally give Japanese GTA a go
Lucas O
Bought it last weekend, the game is AMAZING. Trust me, get it. I was skeptical at first, but it's one of my favorite games now.

I don't understand where all the hate is coming from.
This game comes out on Tuesday. That's 2 days from now.
But there's NOTHING to be found about it on PSN.

Will the game not get a digital release???

If someone can explain to me why there's no mention of such a big game on PSN, I'll
let you have your way with my private geisha army.
meep moop 2
*comment explaining how my opinion means more than everyone else's*
aditya ch
Because I didn't see this comment!! 8.0
also imma be real here ..the mini games make me buy these games lul
Hattem aladham
Gamestop score : 8
Why isn't there English speaking!
Beautiful game.
Nigel Eustace
I don't understand the "repetitive combat" statements.... I disagree.
Johnny Bravo
Man I wish they would update the combat and graphics
Raja's VLOGS
Every ps4 games will never go down.
Johnny Valdez
is it in English
I wanna try this but the combat looks way to over the top.
TBH loved the combat, I was playing on hard, so it made all the more enjoyable(infuriating) to get past some levels and bosses, if you don't want a repetitive combat in this game, I would recommend it playing on hard. I found the heat moves especially satisfying to do on bosses.

Note this was my first game in the series, and it was still fun playing on hard
completed it today and i honestly had a blast. one of the best video game plots in a while and the gameplay doesnt get boring at any point. but that was just for me tho
Trigger Happy
regarding graphics and combat, its true to the series and art style. It still stays faithfull to all the fans with minimal changes, which is a good thing. You need to play the whole series to understand why they didnt do a total rehaul of the game. Ive been a fan from the start of the series and this new release is what i expected. If the combat was like arkham knight then it wouldn't be a Yakuza game and a big sellout to the series. Yakuza is much like shenmue there's so much that you can change about the game with out losing its charm and uniqueness that has made it a classic.
Why no enlish dub
I think i will try this game out next week.. Why not? nothing out till march anyway.
Saor Éire
Sleeping Dogs is better!
Devils Isle Gaming
Came for a game review.. stayed for the comments.
Aria kiss
good review and fair score ty gs
Rajid Hussain
*Pauses review to show spoiler*
Frost B
The combat is dated?!
Manuel Bustmante
I hope they make a collection combo deal for when they all get remastered, if you're confused I'm talking for example let's say the Nathan Drake collection is a perfect example here
Ramon Schilder
im Heading to my local game store right now i love this game loved it on the PS3 and now that i have a PS4 i want this
So basically as all critically acclaimed Japanese games, its a flawed masterpiece.
Radioactive Snake
Nathan Resick
This game is a clunky port with terrible controls. It looks old and plays badly. Was very unimpressed and I pre-ordered this game expecting it to be amazing.
shane blue sky
My only gripe. How can we change all that cash flowing out of your enemies with blood or nothing?
Aneki !
Sankofa NYC
Gotta wait for this to go on sale... it seems like only the story could save this... cause this shit looks like an advanced Final Fight/Streets of Rage button masher... Hopefully the sidequests and story is amazing... otherwise I'm not at all interested
Juliawan Wijaya
nice gaming I am like this :D
Courier Seven
Are we going to complain about the women when Kiryu's been actually shown naked in the game, and the characters take off their shirts all the time to show their ripped, tattooed bodies in every game?
fazly rabby prince
sleeping dogs like i thought
I can't wait for Y1-Y5 PS4 port., And also Yakuza 6
This shit sold out everywhere here in the UK!!! Luckily my copy is coming tomorrow!
I prefer these kind of graphics over those of Assasins creed, The last of us, The witcher... I grew up with arcade games that pop color and this is that but better!
Miko Baker
Abel Villa
This is the kind of game I will watch someone play but I myself will never play it.
Mr. Sensible
Japanese narratives are needlessly drawn out. There's a ton of great films and games, but also a ton that could be so much better with some editing and less convolution. The Japanese need to tone down the exposition. Even though the Yakuza games are all great, they could cut back the cut scenes by 40% and it would actually improve the experience so much.
Ozzie Archangel
Gotta love the heavy story telling, thanks to the devs its about time a ps4 game had a good enough story and decent amount of story, Ive missed it this gen so badly. Thanks Konami for blowing it with mgs5 that game wouldve been soooooo much better with traditional story telling but at least these guys did a good job. There really is a lack of games this gen with enough story focus that isnt dull and average at best
As a Shenmue fan I wanna try Yakuza but the combat just looks way too over the top and repetitive .
Phantom thief
noodles bluddd
Is yakuza zero avallible for Xbox one
Ned Flanders
I feel sorry for the Sony Slaves because Godbox Done is clearly superior in every way to the Devilstation 3,5. More exclusives, backwards compatibility, EA access, better controller, Native 4k and 60fps, PC-Xbox cross platform for Microsoft games and better monthly games. This just confirms that Godbox Scorpio is for godly people like the Xbox people while the pathetic Devilstation 3,5 is for weak minions of the devil.
Bloomfield Plymouth
A beat’em up with cool story, humorous side missions, RPG style upgrading, QTE timed gameplay with fun combos. I’m glad I finally picked this up. Some of the humor is cringeworthy and the soft exotic video parlor visits are over the top. This is definitely a mature rated game filled with adult humor.