Let's Play ABZU! A beautiful game that had me in pure awe. Here is my let's play of the full game. Use it as a walkthrough or just sit back and appreciate the stunning world with me!

In ABZU you play as a diver exploring the vast sea. There are puzzles, danger, and even educational elements as you enter the deep. This isn't a review, but I'll say it's one of my favourite indie games and is such a relaxing experience.


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Outro Music:
Stardew Valley OST - Sams Band (Electronic)


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Marijke van Kempen
In Sumerian/Babylonian culture, Abzû refers to the primeval sea between the Earth and the underworld and is the god of freshwaters. In the credits, it's stated that the texts are from the first tablet Enûma Eliš, the Babylonian creation mythos. Here, the births of gods are described as well as the earth itself. The husband of Abzû is Tiamat, who is the godess of oceanic waters.

What I gather from this game is that maybe you are Abzû and that the great white shark is Tiamat (which explains why you both seem to be revered in the temples). This might explain how you are able to create ocean life yourself and that as well coming across sea animals that have been extinct, since you are the creator of all life. Also, the marriage between the two gods appears to have created a balance between the two different waters and may have resulted in the waters we know today. This balace might be created at the end of the game where you both destroy the triangle structures.

I dunno, it's just a theory and I don't know what the water in the water (if you know what I mean) is about, what the massive triangle structures are (maybe chaos?) or what the little cameras(?) at the start of the game symbolize.
I absolutely adore games like this :,) There's no dialogue, and yet there's so much substance? I don't know how they do it!
Laura Martin-Falla
Well here's one vote for Anima to play Journey! :)
lewk s
this game in VR would be great
I definitely didn't spend the entire time thinking how disgusting this would be if it was set in British waters
6 Minutes in and I am just so overwhelmed. This game is visually stunning. Everything is just breathtakingly gorgeous A+ 10/10 to the game devs I want to cry just taking in each scene.
Breathtaking. Visual high for sure. The entire journey was a trip I think that 15 dollars was well worth the price of admission just for the experience for sure!
Bri W
'heeeellloooo ladies, gentlemen and beyond, how are you guys doing today?' i dont think ive ever thanked you for this but thank you for the best opening line ever. seriously
Gui Porto
This game is a beautiful ode to the oceans and to nature. The part with the blue whales is just breathtaking.
I love Anima's attention span.
"I feel like- hey whats that??"
Julia Crawford
Ecosystems and underwaterscapes seen in Abzu do indeed exist although they are a bit stylized. However due to overfishing, pollution and climate change, these areas are disappearing fast and we will likely have uninhabitable oceans by 2048 if we don't take immediate action.
Abzulutely good looking game.
Im not prepared for a 2 hour video. The kettle is not boiled, biscuits are still in the cupboard and i need to pee. How could you do this to me, I thought we were friends.

The ocean is beautiful, but I don't like it. Large bodies of water scare me because of all the stuff that swim in it and i'm not a good swimmer. I remember I used to play a game so much when I was young but I would never complete it because there was a bit where you had to go swimming to progress to the next checkpoint, but I was always afraid to do it lol.

The best Disney movie is Big Hero 6. Nothing is sadder than the scene when Baemax plays the Tadashi recordings to Hero. That scene kills me every time
Autumn Girgin
This game is super relaxing. I was getting hella sleepy while watching this.
Fire Song
You would love the game Journey. It is very similar to this.

The only negative aspect of playing it this late would be that there might not be many people to interact with since it is multiplayer. You don't need other people to finish the game, but it is interesting to see other people in the game.
I love those little comments such as, "You'll have to forgive me. I have a habit of sticking my head into bushes." And "I would love to live here, but I'd probably drown." What makes it funnier is that sometimes she acts like what she said was totally normal. 😂😂😂 you are hilarious, Anima. You are definitely one of my favorite youtubers.
Isabel Margot
OMG this is nearly two hours?? YAAAAAS 😄😄😃
Angel Thomas
City of Atlantis Maybe? C:

hahaha I was saying "BAAAAAAAAAAAAH" at the coral trout with you hahahaha xD this is so lovely i love it.
I love the Night and the MOON, girl I am in love with the moon, every time I see the moon I get really peaceful and just calm and feel everything will be okay.
Melody Pond
second time I've watched an abzu playthrough at 3 am. yaaaaaay
Cara Hotaling
there's something really nice about watching you have a nice & fun time without all the distressing spooks.. this game reminds me so much of that old Endless Ocean game they had for wii
Mel Borg
This game is breathtaking!! Simply amazing!
Also it's so cool you have a crescent moon tattoo! I have a star tattoo which I got a while back now and I got it coz of the same reason as you (and I'm into Astrology and stuff)
Clara Schildy
I think you'd really enjoy playing Journey~ ^^
That was such a beautiful experience! Thank you for playing this game.
MANTA RAY'S AHHHHHHHHHHHHH one of my fave under water/sea critters so BEAUTIFUL
I'd love to see ye play Journey as well ;v; one of my favourite games <3
Irene Red
This is my third time watching this. It's so relaxing, and ugh. I just enjoy it so much!
Stella Clough
This was so relaxing. I cried so much though because it reminded me of the Great barrier reef though.
Alice Giandjian
anima, you beautiful human being. i watch your channel grow slowly everyday and im so excited to watch you get your silver play button. :)

i hope i can reach where you are right now someday. :)
I LOVE the ocean I am so excited to watch this!!!,
Check out Journey, it's the same art director and composer and a similar kind of feels experience :) Very nice LP, thanks for letting me watch!
Cyrus Says
Anima! What a gorgeous game and a brilliant playthrough! I can't wait to play this myself!
immie violet
imagine how amazing it would be to play this in VR!!!! especially when you're riding on the animals. this game is so beautiful and relaxing (well, not if the shark can help it) anyway, thank you for posting such a long video for us all. it was so cute to see how excited you got about everything. I'm so ready to buckle down and watch this whole thing :))
Lucas Freire
you lost the finding nemo easter egg at 46:35 "/
Rolling Herd
I want someone to play this in an Imax theatre
Void Overdose
the music and the way it looks reminds me of journey.
this was truly magical, the music is soooo gorgeous too! It felt kind of emotional experiencing it with Anima for the first time she enjoyed it so much and ahhh i loved it :)
This game is soooo nice and relaxing to watch, I really enjoyed this Let's Play! ♥
From what I've researched, they also have another game called Flower, as well as Journey.
I'd love to see you play them as well!
I found myself like whisper yelling "aNIMA TOUCH THE FISH" throughout the whole video.
Personally got so excited by every whale
Patrick Maldonado
I went snorkeling last month for the first time and it felt magical (a bit scary the googles i had magnified x4 so i felt like the coral was right in my face) ugh beautiful game, i love the ocean, it feels like home.
Kat Montanez
I recommend Journey to you! It's such a beautiful game along with this one!
Maren Sechting
I am a biology student. I just got everything I learned visualised!
Resolution Blaze
20:30 - 20:36 are some of the sexiest sounds I've heard all day.
Mikaela Howard
I had goose bumps 90% of this play through! So inspiring😍
Conor MyFace
this is so lovely to watch! it calms me!!
On top of it's sheer beauty I love how Abzu can give anyone mo,nets of pure and uncomplicated joy in appreciation for something this amazing.
nice! I already played through ABZÛ a few times and collected all the trophies etc. also bought the soundtrack by Austin Wintory on bandcamp - nice to see you play it too Anima <3
Nora ph0t0graphy_zero
I think in the future we live with fish in the water 😁😁😁😁
this made my day, holy shit. i was in a bad mood and watching you play this gorgeous game made it all better. honestly i think it's all up for interpretation but it's all about technology vs nature and the ways they can come to harmony. what an amazing game.
Akua SeaOtter
Anima, I want to thank you for you're amazing videos. Whenever I have a hard day, I watch them and I feel so much better..This one the most cause my BF just broke up with me last night. It was so amazing and beautiful...The ocean always calms me too

Thank you so much again <333
nepnops :3c
oh god this was a trip and is truly captivating and beautiful! i need it :oo
Will Rabbit
I really love the ocean so this is awesome
the nightvalian
If you loved this, I'd recommend checking out Journey! :) Many of the people who worked on Abzû also worked on that, and it resembles it in all the right ways.
I was on board how the game was progressing.
Then I got emotionally attached to a friggin shark.
Now it's a GOTY contender for me.
Daniel Hill
"My best bet is to go in from the top"
Anima 2K16
Volox TV
just beginning to watch and pretty excited! :3
Thanks for the upload Anima
Linnea Pylkkänen
i'm absolutely terrified of deep water and such but this game makes it okay!! it's so beautiful and relaxing, i forgot to be scared
Laurence Acidstorm
I cry of it being beautiful and Sadness... SHARKY NOOO, but I was happy he's alive still c;
There is such a thing as seaweed (kelp) forests in the oceans! They are really cool. Try google image searching them :)
Yaaaas please play Journey! And give as the gampleay of it!
I just played this game today and I literally cried it was way too pretty.
Daniel Logan (dejct)
Holy shit man this game looks so good! Definitely going to play this! Looks like the perfect game to zone out to after a long day.
this game looks so stunningly beautiful, oh my! what an experience. and it's actually exactly what i would look for in a game if i played games often; a beautiful environment and plenty of opportunities to explore, a chill atmosphere, and no fighting.
I literally watched this, unboxed and plugged in my PS4 and bought this game immediately.

Thank you <3 >w< I adore this game <3

And yeah dark zone fish are actually terrifying, they all have fangs T__T this whole level scared the crap out of me xD
Paige R. Hackett
This was so weird, you randomly sneezed in the game at the same time as I sneezed in real life. Just one sneeze out of nowhere! So weird lmao.
Anima, you just make my day better with all of your videos. You're amazing! 😄
The art reminds me of Monument Valley (which I still think you should play, even if it doesn't end up on YouTube.)

Hitching a ride on sea royalty? I'm sold.


Apparently humans have only explored something like 1% of the ocean as a whole, so yeah, Cthulu is probably real and just waiting to be found.

Nooooo friend D:

Yeah, we are definitely getting prehistoric things that just haven't been proven extinct in this game. I love it.

You are right, that is primarily violin :) (I think I'm hearing some viola in there too somewhere, as well as a cello part, but the primary component of the primary melody is violin.)


I approve of this game.
Toxas Gillness
This was so visually exciting and amazingly beautiful! This was definitely made by the people who made Journey. :) but I don't think it would've been as great without your commentary! :D keep up the awesome let's plays Anima my friend! =^___^=
Conor MyFace
love your videos, always pleasant!
Yes! Thank you for playing this game!
Vivi Monique
What a great game! I would definetely want to play it! Great video Anima!
theo k
this game is so inspiring, thanks for playing it!
omg this game is so good i cant !!
Wind Waves
bless you xD
1:17:08 BIRDS XD
Narin Ashyan
Thank you SOOO much for playing this! Had so much fun watching you play, you definitely got a new subscriber <3
this video and event [0] are my safe places. its weirdly comforting, and i remember i saw this video when i was first going through my therapy for my right leg. now im enduring my left leg recovery and i wanna say i hope youre doing well and kickin ass at your job or just in life. thx for this content that kept from being a sad sack
Niamh Smalley
This game has so many cute fish :3
Wow that was incredible. I'm so happy that you posted it in one part and even happier to see you play and post such a beautiful and peaceful game. I was starting to miss the thoughtful videos because I felt like it was Schween and other funny videos all the time. I really really enjoy the ones that are relaxing and less jokey. You have a great way of explaining the serenity and I love sharing in that experience.
hope you are playing Journey soon <3 if you do, make sure to play it online
i rode the whales and did it a jump. it was gorgeous!
Ryan Cole
1:18:37 odd-looking whale skull...
caleb gamer1880
I'm watching this at 5:09 its dark and i have 4% left
yup im getting this when i get my ps4
Kirsty Depledge
Other than the AMAZING art in this game, my favourite thing is the fact it presents the great white as a calm and positive creature! Sharks need all the love they can get tbh :)
Thanks for staying up to play through it all Anima, I really enjoyed watching along !
This game looks beautiful

Fucking love squids oh my god.


Getting some kind of Atlantis vibe from this

This was great <3
Me: GO DOWN, GO DOWN you're going to miss the basking shark and the whale!!!!
Me: You didn't even go down. :(
And now I really want to play this game.
gay pterodactyl
Omg this is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. I'm gonna have to watch it in parts because I literally don't have time for this entire masterpiece but I won't be able to focus for the rest of the day until I finish watching it. I know your commentary is going to make this game 500x better as well. Hope you're having an amoozing day and thank you so much for uploading this!!! :):)
C&M Punk
A whole playthru in one video?! what have we done to deserve such greatness?
man this game is a stunner, kinda makes me wanna go diving myself someday hahaha. thanks for playing this! definitely something that i wouldn't have come across myself, so i'm really glad i got to see something so magnificent :]

i think the shark bits and the big whale dive were my favourite parts. i love that shark, they're the best ever dude
Kathryn Foster
I'm not gonna lie I actually cried at the ending
Alexander Archer
This looks so cool x3
keontae guy
anima you have a ps4 and xbox one im so jealous
Jayna Hill
Your happy squeals give me life
This is so beautiful! It reminds me of the game Journey but it's not made by the same creators or is it?
King Kermit
i needed this therapy. it was soooo beautifulllll. even if it was made last year, it still puts me to sleep
Taylor Trash
holy hell its wonderful