GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 is the spiritual successor to Shenmue, a game that lets you simulate being a smolderingly good looking Japanese man in the eighties. It also likes to pointlessly waste your time like Shenmue. Here are its sins.

Please enjoy GAME SINS Everything Wrong With Yakuza 0!

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Paul Hensley
>implying there’s anything wrong with yakuza 0
Sin #16: There were no taxes in Japan, until Majima invented them. Come on, that's like elementary school of Yakuza.
Actually, Nishki and Kiryu enter the ramen shop around 5:45am, so the idea of it being daylight outside isn't really all that ridiculous.
"Majima has no reason to be this excited"

This sentence is a fallacy, a paradox within itself. It's like saying "Water shouldn't be wet, what's up with that stuff?"
Thorson Wong
Funnily enough, a lot of the things he sins are the reasons why you'd want to play the game. It's so carefree and unapologetically gamey, with that Japanese charm.
Dr. Deltality
Why would you add sins for each time you fight Kuze? You should be removing sins for every Kuze boss fight
Tosho _
A lot of these sins are making me sad, especially considering the second Kuze boss fight is one of the most hype in the game.
32:57 "Majima has no reason to be this excited"
Yeah, it's not like he's meeting the guy who just beat the shit out of two of the strongest guys in the entire Tojo Clan... OH WAIT!
Xanatrix Zadare
The Makoto mistaken identity thing shouldn't be sinned. Lee specifically called himself that so that he could take the heat off of Makoto.
Fernando Meza
The reason kiryu never killed anyone is because it never happened in a cutscene.
Metro 2033.
Come on. For the first time ever. You've been talking about its boob rendering psychics for years now, it's time to do it.
Just do it. :)
Nishitani is supposed to be what Majima becomes later on, so if anything he's based on future Majima.
Video should be titled "Everything I misunderstood or ignored context for in Yakuza 0".
Just gonna go through state the issues with your sins. Definitely enjoyed the criticism of the story mind you, I don't mind the different perspective, and I agree with some of your criticisms, but you did a lot of nitpicking for no real good reason.

Sin #3 You're way off base about it being a budget problem, it was solely a stylistic choice. Yakuza Kiwami came after this, had a much smaller budget and development time, and never made use of cutscenes like this. Yakuza 5 came out before this, never used the same style either. I also can't see how those cutscenes would save much "budget".

Sin #7 This is more of a criticism of your editing here, you never showed the TV being turned off, you're totally right though that it just conveniently turns on, but it expositing info isn't a problem outside of it given it's just a news broadcast.

Sin #10 & 11 So which is it? Is it a frame job from the Lieutenants or are they getting ahead of themselves with discarding Kiryu?

Sin #16 The plan with that area from all sides vying for it was presumably to build one big commercial center building there. The Empty lot was situated smack dab in the middle of it, there would have been no way to build around it without compromising on scale of the project. The Millennium Tower in later games is what ends up being built there, proving my point.

Sin #31 Why do some people do this shit lol. Just because you're a criminal it doesn't mean that you're a heartless, ruthless killer by default. If I made you run petty operations like theft or assault, but suddenly promoted you to murder instead, you would balk too, it's a tough line to cross. I don't think we should ridicule the writing of the series for putting so much weight on what murder means just because we have media that treats it so non-chalantly. The Yakuza series in particular comes back to this constantly, they treat killing as a big line to cross, one that would only be crossed by these traditionalist type of Yakuza when it's them and their loved ones lives against anothers -- One of my favorite scenes in the series being from Majima's sworn brother, Saejima, in Yakuza 4 where he breaks down crying when he cant bring himself to kill another man to simply satisfy the bloodthirst of the onlooking crowd and the deathmatch's organizer. He criticizes them for how they treat human life so callously, and goes on to detail the mental anguish he goes through day after day and night after night from the PTSD from the 18-count Ueno Seiwa hit they mention in this game's flashback. I can't help but feel that scene is also a criticism towards players like you who get angry at some of the Yakuza series' protagonist for being "pussy" and not being so eager to murder, despite you yourself being simply an observer who has never taken a life.

Sin #38 It would be weird if they didn't show Saejima's scene considering he's a large part of Majima's motivation to get back into the Yakuza, though I guess if they were going to show Saejima they should have done a little bit more than keep vaguely hinting towards that motivation throughout his half of the story.

Sin #41 At first I was kind of in agreement with you, but thinking about it a little more it makes perfect sense. Why would Lee use his real name for his shady side business when he is a straight-laced chiropractor? The Yakuza who show up to kill Makimura also state to Lee something to the effect "You can't keep getting away with that little trick" when Lee tried to say he was Makoto Makimura, so chances are hes been purposefully using himself as a red herring.

Sin #43 He's ready to kill, no one said he was a pure hero, especially not with the shit the guy pulls in later games. He didn't kill her not because her being blind made him feel worse about it, but rather because she's blind, she doesn't know he's clearly there to kill someone.

Sin #55 If you're not playing Yakuza at least partly for the side content, then you're not playing Yakuza. Fair enough if you just want a long story, but that's just not what this game is about. Nevermind that the real estate part there also sets up the next part of the story with Awano.

Sin #63 You ever lifted a manhole with your bare hands? Whilst on a ladder?

Sin #67 That's what makes it good though! This game builds the bond between Nishiki and Kiryu FAR better than Yakuza 1 could in its first 20 minutes before Kiryu gets sent to jail. And for someone starting with Yakuza 0 they wouldn't know how it ends. Feels weird to have a sin for the perspective of someone playing the other games when there are other sins in this video that are explained by the other games.

Sin #83 I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line Sagawa got the notice that Makoto was a girl too, the guys who came for her were Omi, he's a high ranking member of the Omi.

Sin #91 Comedy my dude.

Sin #103 I didn't... Nor did like, any of the people I also saw play this game until they started making it increasingly obvious 2 chapters before the final reveal.

Sin #105 I think the logic moreso here is have Majima sniff the guy out since he's more competent at this shit which at least gets Makoto out of enemy hands.

Sin #107 The point he was making in that very same scene is that they *don't* come back, no one is surviving an entire year of fighting. Even more, he doesn't give a damn about their well-being or justice, he's just entertaining himself with the fuck-you money he gets from his shady dealings with the Yakuza. Again, literally explicitly explained in that scene.

Sin #110 I'm not gonna defend this series' constant use of casually deciding who dies and who doesn't on a whim, but you don't even know if Billiken survives, he's not important enough to the plot past that point for it to be reported.

Sin #124 & 125 and whichever ones you reference gameplay in - The gameplay scenes are always unrelated and over-the-top, why aren't you references the hundreds of heat actions that should literally kill most of the people Kiryu comes across? Hell, in a normal world even his regular punches should have at least a 10% casualty rate, even in Boxing and MMA people die from that shit.

Sin #130 Man they explained this explicitly. Oda genuinely liked Tachibana, why the fuck would he sell out Tachibana when all he wants dead is Makoto? Also, he's only been leaking information to Shibusawa, not Awano or Kuze, the Yakuza as explained and showed multiple times through this game, are not one cohesive hivemind.

Sin #144 Definitely agree with how dumb that whole "twist" is lmao.

Sin #166 Legitimate complaint if you haven't played the other games, but another point for Sin #67 being an illegitimate one.

Sin #169 Again, it ain't about what people think, it's a dark line to cross like they say. Petty theft and battery are ten worlds removed from **murder**. Just because someone's a criminal, it doesn't make them psychopathic.
Chef King
Oh my god dartigan!!!
She knows, she knows that lee was a gangster, and she let him use her name in the hope they find the guy who kidnapped her, so many wrong sins in this one, kinda disappointed.
And I don’t want this to be a rant, so I’ll stop here, but you misunderstood and missed so many plot points here, so many.
Phoof !
this video better be 33:20 mins of the narrator saying nothing
The empty lot was not important as a single piece of land. It was the entire area that was needed as the intent was to level it to build Millennium Tower. You can't build a skyscraper with a hole in the middle. The fighting happened because of that plan stupidly being announced and the other clans knowing that whoever ended up actually building the tower, would control the city.
Weeell. There are a lot of gender neutral terms in Japanese. It could be they had been using those instead of him/her, he/she and it doesn’t translate well into English. It’s a common story telling gimmick that comes around once in a while when they want to toss in gender based plot twists.
This is probably the first sins video for the Yakuza franchise
Yakuza 0 sins = none
Metro 2033 simply because I want to see whether you'll sin or unsin one of your own memes.
Majima isn’t a hero, he’s just the protagonist you happen to be viewing the story through at the moment
I think the contrived plan for Majima to not actually kill Makoto Makimura makes a little bit sense. You see, if his job was to protect her, it would just be that: a job. It'd be in his best interest to keep her safe. But, by ordering him to kill her and him refusing, he risks his life by protecting her, which is on a whole different level than just doing what he was told to.
Kasper Dome
Very reaching. These types of video calling out cliches is a cliche itself.
Negitoro Is Best Ship
This is a pretty bad video. Coming from a years long fan.
David Lerh
The game that got me into the series !
SmellyCow 102
By the way DNA evidence has been used as early as 1986 to convict in crimes, so that's one of the probably very many things you got wrong
H Nguyen
Did you even play the game?
Lee use the name of Makimura Makoto to sniff out the guy with a bat tatoo(Oda) . Lee help all the girl when they are in trouble and ask them to help finding Oda. When Shimano want to make ally with Omi, he ask Sagawa to kill the guy name Makimura Makoto(the owner of the Emply lot). Sagawa then made some research and found out that the guy name Makimura Makoto is now recruiting girl. So he send Majima in.

If you do this for parody i can understand but pls make some research, because Japanese's game plot are really complicated
Haruhi Akizuki
#57 Tachibana was hiding in Little Asia which Kiryu wasn't allowed in yet.
derek larsen
I'm surprised you didn't mention how even though majima not a killer in this game, he still performs moves in combat like snapping necks, and slicing down three guys in a row with his signature weapon, he even sadistically enjoys it too.
Yo... *_KIRYU-CHAN :D_*
Reiji Arisu
Sin #20 is invalid : The game tells you that Makoto ran away from home when she was young. That's why the police doesn't know her whereabouts. Also changed her name too.
Oh yeah, let's criticize what is basically a fantasy game, for being too unrealistic!
"Everything I as an Idiot didn't get, and want to Gripe about Yakuza 0."
Matteo Berengan
Next hast to be Metro 2033!!
James Bond-san
He hasn't buried the watch for Makoto to find. He buried it to forget her, as seen in the previous cutscene. The one with "bittersweet ending" as you call it
Oh we know..... *We all know......*
Its almost as though you didnt play the game. They say or explain most of the reasons for these sins in the dialogue
Cow Thighs
Everything wrong with yakuza 0: nothin. This game is actually a masterpiece.
The Stig
Do Metro 2033. It's time for it.
Haruhi Akizuki
In response to #38, I think they did that so that Majima would pursue Lee thinking that was Makoto, but then when he finds out that Makoto is an innocent girl, he'll suddenly have second thoughts about killing her. I think it's a safe assumption considering Shimano later reveals that he never really wanted Makoto dead.
Alex's Walkthroughs
Let's sin Metro 2033
Sir Galahad
*#Dartigan** Everything Wrong With Resident Evil Origins Collection!*
Luckily I finished Yakuza 0 before Dartigan. Now do Bayonetta 2.
Roberto Bastian
Everythong great about yakuza 0
Caleb Calhoun
6:54 Bruce lee was real. Minus one
My Name
This game is 80% cutscenes... this video must've been hell to make
Oh do Bayonetta 2 you know you want to.
Do Metal Gear Solid 4 & Bioshock Infinite!
"I'm starting to think the translation took some liberties."
Don't you mean sin removal?
Straight Translations aren't necessarily a good thing.
@Dartigan Can you do Ninja Blade?
4:39 Shibusawa told Dojima everything kuze said , that's why he Knows everything (Shibusawa even said it after)
Nice Livestream Dart, again thanks for that great time!
The Renegade Gamer
Great video now go play bayonetta 2
sir pebbles
Lmao. I guess if you really try hard enough, you could have something wrong with everything.
Agaming channel
Metro 2033 next.
I don't think you understand how yakuza works...
Colin Velius
Metro 2033 please. That way... we can work our way into the mythical boob-rendering physics of Metro: Last Light, hahahaha!
Holy Cannoli
Metro 2033 definitely, especially with how much you talk about boob rendering
Paweł Marciniak
Nice bro [;
Daniel Whiting
I like your description. As much I enjoy Shenmue, I would enjoy you taking the piss out of it.

I really like the Yakuza games, but I've always had the suspicion that the plots are incredibly contrived. It doesn't really bother me. The storytelling and performance of the VAs are always great and super entaining. And there is also the preponderance of lulzy sidequests.
Bayonetta 2 Please m(_ _)m
Don't give up, you can do it Bayonetta 2 \(OwO)/
Nobody would say this game has an airtight plot, but come on, half of these "sins" are explained in game and you just ignored that to fatten the list up.
Sam 1k
Yakuza 0 is still goat 🐐🐐
Ellis Rankin
"Something Oda would be far more likely to know." And also something he'd be far less likely to tell, given his loyalty to Tachibana.
I’ve been subbed since 81k
Kyle Doan
you could to a poll in the top right corner of the screen (not sure how it works but you could check the results after a day or 2 or something)
The gui in Lao Gui is pronounced as, goo-way, not goo-why.
Reiji Arisu
Yakuza Kiwami is coming Feb 19. Counting on you.

#164 I haven't played 0, but fromall the other games...I would take a bullet for Majima too...that man is awesome!
As a yakuza fan, i've long been waiting for this!
Metro 2033 next!!! Or maybe Yakuza Kiwami has that happened yet haha
J Dubs C
Oh man, even though I watched pretty much the entire playthrough this was still a good one.
I'm glad u tackled Yakuza 0!
Yakuza 5 cinema sins. Defeating a bear by punching it in the face.
Where's everything wrong with kiwami or kiwami 2?
Sandra Forbes
I have been waiting for this for so long I love Yakuza!
"Hey. 33:10."
Colin Velius
The Exposition News Network is definitely in Crysis 2. It's the first thing you see in the game, more or less.
Okay. This is now the sixth time I’ve seen Bayonetta 2 up for vote, only for you to play the other one. So, no. Metro 2033.
The yakuza started out like the Italian mafia, as a protection organization for civilians, that's why there's so much red tape
Niko Spire
Ummm, Majima didn't notice the pile of money because of his eye patch.
ComicWriter 2020
25:14 if you sinned kiwami would you sin majima everywhere for the same thing?
Alex Campbell
Can’t wait for you to do all of them.😍😍😍😍
Crimson Tale
You should try Bayo 2 next, you’ve been wanting to play it for so long anyway and I love the game.
Allen Zhang
Have you considered MGS:TPP for this series?
ZZ Lai
Feels like this video is so much worse than the others with the amount of misinformation and missed context.
Manek Iridius
"I must prove that I would never kill a man with a gun."
usman ahmed
This video took you a lot of time to make. Usually it takes you 2 weeks. but this one took you 3 weeks.
Sleeping Forest
Thank you I was about to go crazy how could you not make a free real estate joke at the end since this entire game is about real estate LMAO.
Wait why is Lao Gui's face different in that last poster with the final sin counter ?
Jack Ball
these games are like bad soap opras.
i still love them.
PessiOpt 9
Just imagine Thatanimesnob review this game...
Nice, didn't expect you to do a Yakuza themed video
Gareth Dowling
Love that game. The hostess club mini game was brilliant lol
I was wondering if that Tim & Eric joke would be squeezed in...
Mr. Roboto
Metro 2033.
Kaz Kinnikuman
Everything I misinterpreted because I'm a noob.
Destiny Bazan
Correction: everything wrong with Yakuza 0- nothing.