Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice Full Playthrough (No Commentary)

This is a silent, blind, immersive playthrough of Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice for the PlayStation 4. Enjoy!
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silja lin
3:17:00 man this part broke my heart.
masterpiece of character design, Senua actor and this music.
D. Shinra
All of those runes on the lore stones say "Seek Hela's truth in mirror gods. Betray us, unmask fear."
One of the best games I've played in a very long time.
I'm just about done with alien isolation and this is next in my gamepass
🤔 what?! This happened a year ago?! When?!!
Sarah Smiles
Odins trials and the darkness beast have to be my favorite.... I’ve never felt this legitimate fear in a long time lol
2:30 watch from there
Out-freaking-standing. Thank you for this. This game deserves to be played through in its entirety with no distractions. Fantastic video.
Diary of Veronika Rose
One of the best games ever made.
this game is on my list of things to revisit when I just need to WEEP OPENLY

Damn and I thought RDR2 was beautiful but this game looks good, didn't believed when I saw it for 50 bucks.
Rene Rosado
I just finished the game.
It’s a good game... Recommended.
Good video! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🙌
I wonder how much of this is an accurate reflection of what schizophrenics go through. That sound distortion is disturbing as hell.
Thank you for the waiting lobby music :))
QGKaitlyn Powell
Lol when I saw no commentary i was like well there goes my sanity
At 5:02:00, the story of Sigurd he tells is the same Sigurd that is Aslaug's father, for those of you who follow Vikings show or Norse mythology.
Lucas Manansala
That intro man. I was like Bloodborne 2 or Dark Souls lol?
Juken The Bold
Are the fights edited out? Nevermind, found one.
Thank you for being some of the best gameplay youtubers out there.
Alejandro Cordero
I love how they made hell, reminds me of Dantes inferno
Uni Kat
I like the story and the places/graphics in this game.. but always walking around for hours to find the signs is giving me head aches..
Peter K Snow
Totally fantastic game. Its because of me watching your video. Im going to play it. Loved it.
5:12 bookmark
Adriano Grisanti
Glad i watched ending rather than play through this shit. They tried a few things hence why I bought on day one and mostly enjoy there previous games but after 1 hour was bored of this game.
This was more than a game. You feel like you've been fighting with the character and emotionally drained afterward. So deserving of the BAFTAs.
Planet X TK
Being told good and bad things constantly has to be the greatest teacher of stoicism.
Jawad Khan
6:06:08 how did you get up ? i died many times like that but you came back how??
Planet X TK
Angel Blood
The voices remind me of Mad max fury road.
Diary of Veronika Rose
One of the best games ever made.
Level Nine Drow
I didn't know you vlogged this game. Is't it sick? i watched a walkthrough of this game like it was a movie series.
Lords Follower
I haven't played this game yet. But it's just as intriguing watching this like a long movie as it would be to play it! Thank you for posting this!
Ink Hed Studios
Kinda wish they had the subtitles on
I’m very glad I skipped through this before I decided to try and play it. No way I could play this with the sound on.
Jason Lau
In the end,the head-bone broked senua take the skull of his husband,that touches me.
Sewing Neddle in a Washing Machine
is there anyone who likes to do these chilled gameplays: no runnings to the final boss just collect search stuff with no HUD after an exhausting day
Arthur B.
ending is so epic, noone can win with Death
Marcus Vinícius
great graphics!
I <3 #hell
deion prowell
Am I skimming too fast? Cause I’ve seen just her walking and barely any combat
Steven LaBarge
Thank you for shutting off subtitles.
efouaboe Essiomley
Hey great video. Tell me, how do you kick with legs ?
Esse foi feito perfeitamente pra ficar estressado
This is like the worst ASMR session that is also 7 hours long. Still a great game and concept though
What music is at 1:20:36
Stacy Scott
That's crazy that your sword glitched at the end. Too bad.
Ocean Cat
People say that this game is short for me it's massive, like 7hrs is not less for me, even if it was 4hrs, I love it so much
Daniel Ku
how did you get the plank at 2:07:52 ?
Sergio Ramirez
Sama Johnson
I give up with this game so complicated gosh
Even though you're supposed to give up and "die" at the end, I'm pretty sure every person who ever played this game tries to fight on for as long as they can anyway. As a matter of fact, how many Northmen you take out at the end of the game could be a decent e-sport! A competition to see which gamer can last the longest! BTW, LOVE how your game glitched at the end and Senua just goes straight DBZ on these dudes and uses her fists! Hilarious footage!
Is it just me, or was the video edited at 2:41:38 shortly after she opens the door? It sounds like Druth cuts out before he's able to finish what he's saying.
if only they had more budget.
John, the Revelator
Game is simply the basics of psychology: you have to take responsibility for your choices. Some things will go well in life, others will go bad, but you can't control what's outside of you, only what's inside, the way you perceive and attribute value to the outside things. For every shit sandwich life gives you, you have a hand on the making of it, and/or you get to choose how many bites you'll take.
Travis Wilkins
this game changed me as a person. quite an experience.
Nithish Nair
At 6.25.00 you got confused af
Aedyn & Gaga Hi Guys
Amazing game
Kenny Jordana
Thia game was so dope I really enjoyed thia game
Im i wrong or the next title should be called xenua 's journey to agartha, it has alot to do with it.
Leonardo Braz
probably dallas
feat. Vilhelm and Sheogorath
Evie Lee
This with the freedom of GTA/Assassin's creed/No mans sky with Sekiro style combat and a story line that involves a time machine.
Brooke A.
This game is a pure masterpiece.
peter green
Is this game only 15GB in size? I dl it on Xbox one X Gamer Pass and that's the size. Seems impossible!
Matthew Bell
So only takes 7 hrs long to beat the game?
Justin bustin
Adventure movie style
420 Monster
I should've bought this game when it went on sale for 15 or 20
Mohamed Mohamed
Hopefully will be there Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice 2 soon.
Really liked this game till I got to the bridge. 4 hours and can’t get passed. Such a shame they felt the need to make it so dam hard. Only way to see the end is thanks to this video thank you so much life saver .
2:43:23 that was so awesome
Giulio Bichiri
Fantastic game
Michael Jenner
What’s the content of this game! Like violence,nudity and the like.
It's weird. The way you predict the bosses' moves even before we've seen their different attacks tells me you've played this game before, but when it comes to the puzzles, it looks like a blind playthrough, and by somebody who is *bad* at puzzles.
InSomnia DrEvil
i just realized that im roughly through halfway...
i thought (and wanted it) to be at 90% though...
god i cant play this game anymore...
just make it end pleassssse
this game is literally sucking the life out of me, i need to take like months of hiatus before i can continue...
no idea when im supposed to finish it...
This bad shit game is waste of money and time!
goof run friend, i appreciate the silent and attempt to make this playthrough immersive
i usually don't mind some commentary in playthrough, as long they are not excessive and bad pointless comments
so this is why i appreciate this long run, because nowadays people are so brainwashed to believe that there has to be some fool talking nonstop to make the game better somehow?
NONSENSE!! trust me after watching some clips of THIS IS HOW YOU DON'T PLAY HELLBLADE and the PUTRID FOUL commentary of DSPig.. this is like a sanctuary to the mind
is just beautiful to be able to hear the game speak by itself
Andrew Clark
3. someone once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing multiple times expecting different results and therefore I find your play style fitting to the over all theme of the game. (I have subbed you to take the harshness out of this joke.)
Agronox DT
This game through the AKG K7XX headphones... is insane.
Zouheir Alnabki
at 2 hours 36 minutes after you kill that monister i think his name is valvar whatever. how could you find that door open?? for me it is closed and i have to search for this monister and everytime i come closer to him he disappeard... is it like different version of the game?
Juken The Bold
Cool medieval walking simulator. 🤷🏽‍♂️
EXXO v Feint
i noticed an annoying black box that keeps poppin up in the left corned over senua? is that from the PS4 streaming app you using or is it just the game?? cuz that need to not exist lol.
Love the game and am currently spending time playing it. I only have 1 complaint. "Senua" needs to stop being a mouth breather. She looks like her nose is 100% plugged up solid and she mouth breaths all the time.

Just an observation.
Great ASMR experience
This is better than god of war
The plague was all your fault because you wouldn't let me have cats. Cats would have killed all the rats and no one would have gotten sick. Your fault, your fault, your fault, not mine. It was all your fault because you wouldn't let me have cats. I am free of your judgement and especially all those dudes with scungilli on their heads!
Marcelo TEQ
Mistrz grania na najniższym poziomie trudności haha. Noob
expectation:the rot reaches her head and then you lose all your data
reality:you can die as many as you want without data loss/rot reached head
Derrick Small
the game made me cry only BECAUSE OF SO MANY PUZZLES
Jose’s Gaming Channel
While I like the game overall, I hate the "Find Waldo" portions of the game. It is stupid and annoying and should have been removed.
Considered buying this based on excelent reviews and very nice trailer on Steam.
Good thing I decided to look up gameplay footage.
Honestly dont understand how people say this changed their life or view of reality. If this is how someone actually experiences their reality, I guess something is really broken in them.
I like the way the game speaks with itself and the player, I like the sound design and the graphics; but that's about it.
I'm not the type to enjoy shoot-em-ups or fast paced arcade games; but this bored me to tears to watch; kept skipping forward every 5 min, hoping something will happen ... to no avail.
Thanks again for convincing me not to buy it.
Edel uddin
Dillion must have some awesome restraining orders against her
Andrew Clark
4. If only I could melt and elf this game would be easier (see "futhark" for obscure reference (5:51:51))
Andrew Clark
1. thanks for streaming this, you just saved me and a bunch of other people from buying the game
Sam xxx
Just skiped every 30 minutes and only saw how she is walking all the time, game looks beautiful, but if 90% of gameplay is all about walking...👎👎👎
Andrew Clark
2. you just robbed the developers of money by fulfilling point 1.
Moshuh Nanren
This game looks like complete garbage
Jeez those voices are just annoying...they are trying too hard its too much. "she she she she she she she she she she" ggrrr!
Antoine Minjoz
Am I the only one to notice that she fights without her sword in the last battle ?
Say ten Semura
What's with all this walking? It'd make a lot more sense if this game was about a hooker walking through Manhattan!