LGR - Yakuza Zero Review

Spoiler-free commentary and gameplay on the localized version of Yakuza 0 for the PlayStation 4! Join Kiryu and Majima in 1980s Japan to lay the smackdown on thugs and hire a chicken.

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"The Wrong Time" and "Biggie"
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Coolie Bwoy417
when your manager is a chicken nugget
Nihilistic Acid Dance
LGR? Covering a Yakuza game?

You spoil me *far* too much.
"going bowling without your cousin getting involved" lol
Bruce Wayne
yakuza brings people together. yakuza is for the children.
Crash Valentine
yakuza series deserves more praise.

such a unique underrated series.
Thank you for talking about it, and being so enthusiastic.

I think maybe an important note is an interest in Japanese culture as you mentioned. You touched on it in the beginning, the virtual tourism aspect.

This being my first Yakuza game, I was taken aback by how realistic it is. I can go to specific places I have been in Tokyo (in the past five years) and recognize it. I mainly lived in the Kansai area, but I traveled to Tokyo and stayed in Kabukichou (Kamurocho in the game) for a week. Being able to go around the area and recognize specific spots was amazing. The place I stayed was right next to the in-game batting center. That still exists today, in real life. And the Sega Center is still there. It was amazing to see this level of accuracy of Japan that I didn't know existed in gaming.

Being mainly Kansai-based, I do have to admit I feel like Osaka's representation felt much more shallow. The focus was clearly on Kiryu's area of Tokyo. You could probably realize yourself after playing for a while that Majima's area is much smaller. I found myself rarely ever wanting or needing to take a taxi in Sotenbori (real life= Dotonbori) anywhere because everything was a short jog away. I think this is partly due to a Tokyo-centric mentality of Japan and that it's what the developers were most familiar with, and that they wanted to emphasize Tokyo and Kiryu as the true main character.

They seemed to counteract this in a strange way by making Majima Goro's gameplay sections more interesting (again as a first time player of the series). Kiryu's styles are all basically the same, but they vary in tempo: you have the quick and evasive pink, the slow but massively destructive yellow, and the balanced but versatile blue. None of them particularly stand out except for yellow (beast) in its ability to pick up large objects nearby to attack enemies. Majima's styles on the other hand feel much more exciting to explore: pink is a break-dancing style reminiscent of capoeira that is super over the top, yellow defaults Majima to having a baseball bat in hand, and his blue (thug) style revolves around cheap but efficient tricks to win the day.

I'm doing my own review eventually, but I'm still working on completing the game. I just wanted to give viewers a bit of a deeper view and thank you for providing coverage of (even though it is critically doing well) an underwhelmingly-received title.
Best game I've played on PS4, it's so satisfying!
Melhod Riperton
its Riki Takeuchi 2:42
Yakuza is such a great series.
Life is too short for somedays. I would love to see a video tour of Japan from LGR. I say go for it!
Nipun Jayatunga
WOW never thought you would review this. AWESOME!
Ole Gerko
You find Yakuza fans in a strangest places. Japanese games in general seems to be amazing in 2017. Yakuza 0, Nioh, Nier: Automata (already confirmed to be great by people playing japanese release), Persona 5 (same). Gravity Rush 2 is not amazing but sill very charming and unique.
Anthony Andy Hau
I can't believe that they actually put the big crab restaurant. That place is known for their awesome crabs.
I've started collecting clips of video where LGR says things that have a slightly innuendo tone to them. When I get enough I think I'm going to cut them all together and have him say something hilariously perverse and outrageous.

Thank you for saying "quickie." It'll be a fine addition to the collection.
I think a strong bit of 80s-ness in Y0 is Kiryu's story as a whole: Real estate. The Japanese real estate bubble was going strong in December 1988 (The time in which the game takes place) and wouldn't burst for another two years. Real estate was worth a fortune, and such, collecting and selling real estate (Such as the block that contained The Empty Lot) would be an amazing influx of money for anyone involved. Although the story probably could just as well have taken place in 2017, the story is a perfect fit for Japan's economy at the time.
This series is one of the best! Been a huge fan since yakuza 3 and played all of them, even the Japan exclusive spinoffs
For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.
wish more console games did this, instead of having it 30fps with motion blur , ambient occlusion, dof all that post process stuff. Just have a nice clean look with 60fps
Chad The Gaming Dad
Never played Yakuza before.. tried this.. now I own all but the PS2 games. A new favorite franchise.. so cool, fun, and strange. I can't stop playing Yakuza!!
M Sab
Yakuza 3-4-5 PS4 remaster is wanted
Black & White series. You really have to do a review
240snusit Snusaren
I visited Tokyo last autumn. During my first night I went by myself to Kabukicho and it felt like I was in the game. The layout isn't the same, but the mood and atmosphere is something they managed to capture spot on. I went bar-hopping, played at the batting center, tried Pachinko (it was louder than any metal concert I've been to) and sang karaoke at a bar where I became friends with the owner; we drank 'til 7 in the morning whilst playing Mario Kart with shots and then we went to Don Quijote and bought sex toys. After that night and the good times I had the Yakuza games became even more special to me.
3:20 i need this game just so I can hear Kiryu singing "Wow! Breakin' the law! Breakin' the world! (bureakin' za warudo!)"
Umut Baykuş
On the topic about cities are being same they are same because Kamurocho is almost a replica of the Kabukicho in Japan.Some shops in game exist in game places such as Don Quijote.
Rj Simas
I miss playing Yakuza. I think I have a good reason now to buy a ps4.
I could never understand why they released the silly zombie game in the west, but NOT the one that's set in ancient Japan. I hope Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami (PS4 remake of Yakuza 1 with added content) will be the start of a whole series of remakes.
i'm just buying the steam PC version it's on sale for $17.99.
>LGR quickie
>8 mins
you got some stamina
omg...an american pronouncing "yakuza" this way! Yes!!
gavi chavis
My first yakuza now i love the series
Jakob Holgersson
Wow, I always knew that these games were similar to Shenmue.
But this is ridiculous! Can you unlock a Ryo Hazuki outfit?
Bea Argyle
LGR, I don't know where you came from, but you've made weekends so much more entertaining.
i'm so happy you covered this!!! i hope that it gets more recognition because i've been obsessed with this series for over 10 years now haha
I love Yakuza, it's a fun series. I wish it was out on PC but at least you can play the Ps2 ones on an emulator.
LGR will you ever review Transport Tycoon (Original and Deluxe), and Sims Castaway Stories?
Cedric Delany
Dude, seriously - I could listen to you narrate a shampoo bottle. The Gordon freeman of old school game reviews, keep up the good work pal!
Retro Power Up
Never played a single game in the series but I've heard great things about it. I need to definitely check it out, it looks like this might be a decent starting point as you said.
Edward Lee
This was my first Yakuza.. Now I'm playing Kiwami because I'm hooked!
which are your favourite yakuza games?

i liked zero, and 2 alot, haven't played the others, playing 3 at the moment
" , go bowling without your cousin involved, "
Aaaaaand sold me on it.
kapten Eggy
LGR reviewing yakuza series, heck yeah, i really like this channel more and more.
Zurgo Pussysmasher
>8 minutes

God, I love LGR
Never Become Known
I'd always pronounced Yakuza, "Yakoo-Zah". Have I been wrong this whole time?
M. Wells
Yakuza might get more of a fanbase and more people might know about it and appreciate it if they didn't play the console exclusivity game. Looks good, but I'll never play it because it's just not worth it for me to buy a PS4 in order to do so.
Lincoln Thurber
Easily my favorite game of 2017 too...so far.
Thanks to your review, now I understand why Yakuza series wasn't appealing to me despite all the raves. Yeah, I lived there.
Played a Yakuza game for ps2 I think. It was pretty cool. But I sold it on ebay. Didn't really pull me in and get me playing very well.
Haha, "Go bowling without your cousin being involved" Lmao
You're That Ninja
Lol what a coincidence, XD I just started the last main mission of yakuza 0 and that's when you uploaded this review.
Yakuza makes me wish for a full-scale Tokyo simulator oh so very much.
I'll make an offer... In Cash!! In Cashhh!!!! IN CAAASSSHHHHH!!!!
Also, I thought Japan a very clean place... were they filthy in the 80s?
lp seem
I LOVE your Battletech/Mechwarrior shelve. :)
Wesley C
I only played 1st Yakuza for PS2
I only have a PS3 Super Slim.
Where should I start?
Muhammad Wyndham Haryata Permana
Chicken is symbol of newbie, wit, or suck (when doing stuff) So... Maybe clint not so good at the bowling?? 😂😂

#sorry bad English
Matty Jurado
Quickies and Longies, I love ALL of your videos!
I'm loving Yakuza 0 and I plan on getting Kiwami (The remake of Yakuza 1) sometime this year.
Seeing your background. A Mech Warrior series retrospective would be cool :)
C. A.
Random, but I really love the fact that these videos have captions
"Kiryu-Chan!" I was waiting the whole game for Maijima to say that.
I like how this game takes life and death very seriously, unlike GTA style games where you kill thousands people in a modern city then you run free in few minutes or seconds.
TheLonelyLion - Let's Play!
TOTALLY have to get it! Always interested in the Yakuza series, though I never got to play 'em~
Love japan, love games, so both in one is awesome as hell <3
Dunkey and LGR do a Yakuza Zero review almost back to back? Must be good...
Zelda botw is going to steamroll that game out of your top game of 2017 :P
When I went to kabukicho in Japan I could kind of find my way around due to the many hours of travelling in it by proxy of Kamurocho in the Yakuza series, its video game facsimile.
If you wanna start playing the Yakuza series, which game should be first? 1 or 0?
Colin G
Your videos get better with everyone, love watching the progression from your first sims 3 review till now
David Pincott
didyouknowgaming's region locked series talked about a japan only PS3 yakuza game set in ancient japan!
I haven't played or seen much of the games, but I live in Osaka and I recognized Dotonburi/Shinsaibashi immediately.
mmmm that big box copy of Blood in the background

so beautiful
hehe, bowling without your cousin. I see what you did there :D
Nice video mate, hopefully the series will appear on PC in the future too. Also the series has had great localization since at least Yakuza 2.
Chris White
I did however like the story to the end. It got me more intrigued and I was totally engulfed into the world..
Yakuza is pretty great, pity it's kind of a samey series. Once you played one, you've played them all.
D Bammstein
Hey man, I don't know if there's a particular way you take suggestions but could you please consider a review of 'Giants: Citizen Kabuto' for PC?
4:25 "ILL BUY THE MONEY" -Kazuna Kiryu 1980
They did pretty well with the graphics considering it started as a ps3 game, or so I'm told.
Noel Goetowski
My favorite Yakuza game is Takeshi no Chōsenjō.
Ethan Bradberry
I started watching you for your sim reviews but goddamn your voice is so therapudic not to mention your reviews are excellent af
Funnily enough, you can stream direct to YouTube at 1080p 60fps with the PS4 Pro.
This is coming on Steam. I am looking forward to it.
Andrés Melt
Yakuza 0 and Kiwami are PS3 games ported to the PS4. Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 are real PS4 games.
Nick S
LGR Foods idea: maybe make a meal with a video game theme? You got hungry playing this game so maybe a meal that is reprehensive of the game?
Dion D
Nice review!
I'd love to see you doing a review of Jagged Alliance 2 (1.13) and Normality!
Squelch Otron
You should play the older games, LGR. They're all great.
It's more of a Mega Man Legends "open world" than a GTA open world, then. I can dig it.
Sims fan should try playing this game, specially if you like to look at beautiful things. because yakuza zero is a beautiful game.
Too high resolution, can't see pixels, it hurts my eyes ;)
Jim Johnston
is this like a spiritual continuation of shemnue
Wesley C
Have you been to go Little Tokyo in at LA, California?
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
The second you murdered a man with a bicycle in cold blood was the second I knew I had to buy this game.
Nice video

please fix that Duke nukes 3 D box lol
This is my first foray into the Yakuza series and am digging it so far!
always got time for a lgr quickie
Favorite of 2017 so far? Clint..have you not played Resident Evil 7 yet?
Visor Prime
I wish the series wasn't Sony exclusive. For some reason Yakuza 1+2 remained japan exclusive even though it was on WiiU.
Damn, I really need a PS4. I'm missing all these great games
Rev JR
Seems to be a video glitch around 4:30-4:45 Just a head's up.
Bobby Steurer
I loved this review, Clint. I've not played any prior Yakuza games, but really want to try this one out now.
Josh L
This released on steam yesterday, it is no longer a ps4 exclusive