Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I - Zahua the Monk

Listen to Eric Fenstermaker (Lead Writer) talk a little bit about Zahua, one of the newest companions in Pillars of Eternity: The White March.
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The RPG Chick
"...they engage in anti-social practices." Just then, he makes an opponent explode into chunks. Perfect timing. XD
After this week I'll have 2 weeks vacation. Finally time to play the third act and then this. :)
Less than a week to go. :)
Psychedelic Warrior Monk - sound like myself - i like that! Without that S/M trips offcoz ^^
Great desing, buy he will not qualify for my first "dream team" run :)
Paul Atreides
A friend for my Aumaua monk main!
I love me some Aztec warriors!

I'm also detecting a lot of Buddhists themes here especially the Sunyata, with Zahua trying to disconnect himself from his earthly qualities to achieve a form where nothing is taken and nothing is gained, everything is just as is. I thought it might of trailed off with the self mutilation but then I started thinking he use's the self mutilation as you have stated to get rid of one of the more persistent earthly qualities to a person vanity.

Either way I am extremely looking forward to finding out about this character, keep up the great work!
the monk animations are horrible. eric cmon man.
Alexandr Newman
Sounds like Monks of Ilmater - The Forgotten Realms. What is the difference? Are there?
Maestro Gradius
interesting. in poe i had to put armor on my monk because otherwise he got killed too easily
It's coming out in less than a week but it's not even on the Steam store yet?
Chris Munro
I hope emo hair is an option because he cuts himself.
Jake Rose
When does it come out ?
I'd rather obsidian make a new fallout game than work on this
León Arcano
Huh, this was very different from the "New companion DLC powers Pre Order Now!" Video. I really like the approach of actually giving insight into the character's origin and traits, but, I do think that you should up the sound a little bit more and add some bullet points about the concepts presented in the video. But still, great work!
Deus Vult
"white" . uh oh. the easily offended tumblr SJW  crowd wont be happy to hear about that title. the "transphobic joke" outrage was just the beginning xD