ABZU - Before You Buy

ABZÛ (PC, PS4) is an aquatic adventure from some of the minds behind Journey. Is this indie deep-dive worth it? Let's talk about it!
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NightOwl Podcast Project
It's games like this one that bring up the argument: Can video games be considered art? Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
Austin Wintory
Really REALLY appreciate the extent to which you discussed the music in here, and of course the deeply flattering manner in which you do. Many many thanks :D
haha yeah man
-hey you wanna hear a joke?
Agent Frost
why you're the only human, seems a bit *fishy* if you ask me
Jeremy Garcia
You couldn't use the characters face on the thumbnail ? Lol
Da Kalisni
This game would be great to play while high.
Rob Nickerson
I love Indy games. Its always fun to take nice little creative breaks from AAA gaming all the time
wow look at that fish ai
Jeremy Thelen
It's like going to an art museum, or art in general: everyone will have a different opinion,
and the experience is usually short.
Ronin Callahan
Doesn't seem like my type of game, but I can see the appeal
Riding on atreyu? really, the boy?, oh you meant FALKOR the dog headed dragon.
Caelen OW
This game reminds me so much of Endless Ocean
riding on Atreyu?!? what version of Neverending Story did you see?
Chad Connelly
so it's a swimming wallpaper game? gonna buy it!
Hen 122
can you do a "we happy few" before you buy, before i buy it
...."riding on Atreyu"...you mean Falkor right? The Luck Dragon? I hope you didn't mean "riding a 10 year old boy" 'cause that would be....yeah ;p
Boombastic Bubber Ducky
I've been looking for a game like this but with more deep sea elements and scary beasts, a game like that would be terrifyingly amazing!
Trigger Happy
before you play, set your controls to normal as default is inverted, i only found out mid game i could do it. Once i changed them i had a rough time navigating cause i got so used to inverted and was swiming all over the place lol.
Krall Space
4:07 You don't ride on Atreyu in The Never Ending Story! I think you're referring to the Luck Dragon =) Unless you're talking about an undergeround adult version or something :O
Jordan Pool
Haha" feels like The Neverending Story when you're riding on Atreyu." Atreyu was a 12 year old kid in that movie...you are thinking of Falcor. There was no riding of children in Neverending Story.
Who else here, after seeing the PS Plus lineup for May 2017?
4:12 when I hear "as someone who never really cared about the ocean" my face cannot help but do a "yikes" of disappointment 🙄
ABZUlutely amazing
"That Never Ending Story moment when you're riding on Atreyu"
Yikes! That sounds illegal.
Nicolas Rolke
Abzu is perfect for gaming on a projector.
"riding on atreyu" haha yeah i remember the child porn
This is a game I play through every time I rage in a game, it's so calm and peaceful
Thomas Jurek
When you're riding on "Atreyu?"
I think you mean Falcor...
I'm Rique
"it's an easy platinum" there is no platinum lmao 😭😂, it's an amazing game tho 10/10
Rhig Ganomie
Couldn't recommend this game more, had a moment of pure joy when I realized I could control a fish I was riding on

Controlling a whale as it chows on a school of fish is something I never knew I wanted out of a game
Hey Jake did you get a feeling of flower when you played it? I sure did
looks pretty. Great casual game. Bought it for my wife for Christmas
Nerdist TheCat
Just finished this game myself. You're right: I immediately wanted to play it again when I finished it.
Roberto Prince
"dodoo" LOL, I love your cannel
0:40 "I've been so lonely girl, I've been so sad and down
Couldn't understand why haters joked around
I wanted to be free with other creatures like me
And now I got my wish, cause i know that I'm a gay fish " :Kanye West.
Keats Goodwin
"The Neverending Story when you're riding on Atreu"... I think we watched different movies growing up. XD
Watching this video while the Abby credits scroll on my TV screen. Awesome game. Really blissful. The kind of game where you don’t need to worry about plot or putting much effort into puzzles.
Jason Stenka
Got it for free by having PS+ and it is amazing! I was contemplating even getting it for free, but it turns out it is amazing!
Just got the soundtrack~

Highly recommended for Zelda fans, and fans of Harp and choir music.
Michael Weston
This was an amazing game. I’ve never been able to explore the ocean from top to bottom in quite such a way. I was able to experience the world thought the eyes of a sea creature such as sea currents and the loneliness of the abyss. 10/10 shortgame 1000g score given too!
Amer Al-Hiyasat
"I guess maybe is female"
Did you just assume their gender?
I am genuinely stunned that no one has realised this game is hugely influenced by Ecco the Dolphin DOTF.
remy pereira
More like looks ABZUlutely amazing heh
4:09 "Riding on Falkor*" Still love the reference though
As someone who loved Journey, this looks pretty killer.
Aw, man. I'm getting emotional just watching this. T_T
I am SO buying this game!
Edwin Zheng
"some people will ABZUlutely love it"
Moses Mark
I wanna play this while high using VR....
4:09. "Like Neverending story where you ride on Atreyu." I.... must have missed that part of the movie.
Wow. This is going to be my first Indy game, I think. This looks so good!
Fate Mandouh
I love how beautiful the relationship with the shark is 🦈 (also I believe the main character is genderless)
Cute Crusader
Call of Duty Ghost fish A.I.
Amit Kalderon
I love this series!
The game looks amazing and like it fits me really good.
Seems it is an overwhelming recommendation.
Jefferah Meyvitaan L.
Such amazing fish AI..... yes.. i went there..
this game looks really beautiful too :P
it looks really good for one of those games that you'd just hop onto and play after having a stressful day, or just being bored.. i'd definitely play it.
Taylor Balty
4:03 Atreyu is the name of the main character in Neverending Story. I think you meant Falcor the flying fur dragon
"It's really fun when you jump out of the ocean at high speed and do a flip, and sometimes the fish follow you"...

Seriously? How many times can you do that before it gets boring? It is almost as if you are being paid to review this game...
Scrooty McBoogerballs
This game is so beautiful :)
Le Tran
The game is absolutely amazing there are lot of moments of breath taking beautiful scenes you wish could last forever.
Only played it for bit but I'm having a good time playing it and its really good looking game, I like exploring as much as I can.
little too pricey for a 2 and a half our game imo. il get it free whenever a torrent pops up 😊
Christmas Channel
My parents gift me the game today. I love this game and I think its more interesting than Journey or Rime.
Cancer Patient
I want this game it warms my ❤️
I bought this game, and I absolutely love it. I'll be uploading a video on it today.
I got it on Switch on sale for $15.
I'm loving it.

There was a Dreamcast-era Sega arcade game called Ocean Hunter that I love.
This is like that combined with journey.

The art is gorgeous, the nature and mystery is so cool, the swimming mechanics work great, and the music is indeed splendid.
Bryce Buttrey
0:51 more like... some people are going to abzulutely love it
"They are air"
John D
watching this makes me want her to swim to the surface and breathe lol
I loved Journey and so I'll love this game!
Brian Making good videos by himself
"We happy few" should be the next one gives me bioshock feels.
This game is gonna be ABZUlutely amazing
That thumbnail takes business sharks to a whole new level. XD
atlantean 107
Before you buy know its the most amazing game ever created
Pod Melia
man, I enjoyed this game so much! but I agree, it will be one of those love or hate games
Ricky Jacoby
Love you gameranx😉❤️
:) looks good, I'll be buying it
thanks for the vid ;)
THIS GAME IS AWESOME! The story is amazingly told and its just so beautiful and everything! JESUS!
Vintage Fits
One of my favorite games I've ever played
Kibalin K.
Oh! Nice video series. Abzu seems amazing, I'll probaby try it! I LOVE the soundtrack so far. Subscribed!
Marc-Antoine Hamelin
bound is coming soon. i like journey and Absu for their relaxing tone so i hope that it will be similar.
HA! Jokes on yoU! Bought it the first second it came out on steam! I kept refreshing! :DD (best game ever btw)
Thumbnail got me dying 😂😂😂
Dino Killr
This game looks beautiful and i really want it, if only i had mons 😢
Guys it's a TON of fun!
And the soundtrack is orgasmic
the guy
Another walking simulator, Yawww- wait it's underwater? I must buy it!!!
Number Four
im watching this while playing subnautica, am i obsessed with oceans?
Jonathan Melton
You can't ride Atreyu... maybe Artax??? :D
I played this game with my daughter, and it was a beautiful bonding experience. Loved it.
Ben Sutton
Character from Abzu: DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER!?
Dug The Dog
Can you do Cannon Brawl when it comes out on the fourth?
Basically Godzilla
I love how you made that connection to the classic Tomb Raider games because I simply cannot hear that clarinet(?, not sure which instrument it actually is) without instantly and constantly thinking of TR's original theme. Why they stopped using it I don't know but that shit is legendary, so much nostalgia, man.

Great review, thank you.
this looks so freaking beautiful
Jon Hendrickson
loved the game its was amazing
مُزَّمِّل Muzammil
Poods already killing it!!!
Ben Hyclak
I was really hoping you'd make an episode on this.Thanks Jake Baldino!
I think it looks amazing. I watched 30 seconds of this video and then went to Steam and bought it.
Bought it, love it, want to play it more!
this doesn't have a platinum 😭 TOP game tho!
The thumbnail Photoshop is so amazing