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Cloud stacking seo:

In this video I will talk about Cloud stacking seo, and how to make seo optimized html websites to put on Amazon S3.

Did you know, that you can use Amazon S3 hosting to create simple, fastloading, seo optimized and super powerful websites?

Cloud stacking is referring to the practice of creating html webpages, and putting them onto cloud hosting services like Amazon S3.

It is an extremely powerful technique, if you know how to do it right.

Yesterday I uploaded a testpage, designed to be optimized for 7 keywords. Out of the 7, 4 of them are ranking, and 2 of the keywords are ranking on page 1. Furthermore, my targetpage was pushed up from #7 to #4. In a matter of hours..

I have a course where I am teaching this in great detail, the link is in the top of the description.

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Mike Ryan
Course is awesome with an easy to follow over the shoulder training!
David Piperato
Jesper nissen - cloud stacking seo king 👑. Will definitely be attempting to “borrow” that html template lol
Smækker ApS
Cool video about cloud stacking seo. Can i use that for my webshop?
Terry Power
Nice video!
Cloud stacking seo, thats very interesting!
Rasmus Nissen
Love ur video!
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it says that the links in moments are no referrer so does this mean they are no follow?