DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
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Matthew Shezmen
Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers.
cookesman vaf
Animators get nothing on youtube these days, and still you make a 25 min long video. Job well done
Whoever did the old lady voice, congrats. You totally had me fooled into thinking it was the actual game intro voice-over. ...Until the second line, that is.
Kenny Sells
Stand Master: Soul of Cinder
Stand Name: [Through the Fire and Flames]
Stand Ability: Absolutely wrecking your health bar
Soul of Cinder: And now i will reveal my stando! GWYN, LORD OF CINDER!
Irving IV

"I'd like to do some legit levelup, please."

Iron Pineapple
as someone who's played this game a few times... this was amazing dude

can't even imagine how much work went into this
Fire Keeper's voice is so frickin cute omigod.
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
13:45 Waifu Material indeed
NarutoBros4 YT
I won't lie i can relate after playing one dark souls game I was legit a fiend for more
Chris Stovall
16:18 nice job man, even have the teeth fingers of mimics. the attention to detail is astounding
Dishonored Knight
If he wanted more doors he should pay a visit to" Lord of the rings:Shadow of MORE-DOOR"
Aldrich pudding anyone?

It has Vitamin G
All easter eggs, references and small details:
0:05 Nintendo GameCube in lower left screen corner
0:07 Cake (Portal), Nuka Cola (Fallout 4) and Sprite (Street Fighter)
0:11 GameStop
0:29 Vogue magazine, Rogue One (Star Wars) and Piranha Plant (Mario)
0:29, 0:50 Snake's red metal hand (MGS V: The Phantom Pain)
0:50 Dio! (JoJo reference)
0:59 Poster armor helmets (DS1 & DS2)
1:23 Giant matches
1:34 Aldrich in opening cutscene
2:00 Pepe the Frog meme and useless Resistance stat (DS1)
2:13 Appearance editor sliders
2:29 Conan O'Brien
2:57 A lot of funny tombstones and Geralt's skeleton (The Witcher)
2:57 "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
3:12 The message written in elvish (Lord of the Rings)
3:31, 4:20 Gundyr's shoulder face
3:49 Mega Man's hat
3:52 Frampt and Kaathe
4:00 Emerald Herald (DS2)
4:14 Temmie's face on shoulder (Undertale)
4:17 Mask of the Father (DS1) (Git Gud)
4:37, 23:59 Fire Keeper's crown face
5:01 Merchant (Resident Evil 4) and Eye of Providence (Illuminati?)
5:05 Playstation VR
5:26 Buster Sword (Final Fantasy 7), Master Sword (Legend of Zelda) and poster armor helmet (Demon's Souls)
5:57 Messenger in the bowl (Bloodborne)
6:04 "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
6:14 Helmet in lower right screen corner (Dragon's Lair)
6:22, 16:37, 16:57, 18:25, 20:06, 20:33, 21:27 Pudding
7:04 Mighty No. 9's tombstone
7:13 Tree with middle finger
7:20 Tonsil Stone in lower right screen corner (Bloodborne)
8:04 Bus sign and road sign to Hemwick (Bloodborne)
8:20 "Take on Me" by a-ha
8:35 Cage Spider with party hat
9:08 Forest Spirit (Princess Mononoke)
9:41 Giant toothpicks
10:03 Shadow of the Colossus
10:14 Overwatch logo
10:21 Breaking Bad
10:26 Londo Police Department
10:34 Do not disturb C.R.G. (Curse-Rotted Greatwood)
10:37 Fextralife
10:54 Casio
10:58 Quake logo
11:02 Dead Goomba in lower left screen corner (Mario)
11:41 Marshmallow on a stick
12:40 Skulltula in upper right screen corner (Legend of Zelda)
13:31 Lothric news
13:35 Thermos
13:44 Darksign cough
13:47, 13:54 Sirris with foil sun reflector
13:50, 13:58 Pink poop in lower left screen corner (with newspaper)
13:54 D.Va's headset and makeup (Overwatch)
14:20, 24:13 DUUMB
14:32 Royal helm (DS1), Sans (Undertale) and Skeletor (He-Man)
14:35 Lesser crab in Skeleton Ball
14:49 Zubat in lower left screen corner (Pokemon)
14:58 eBay, Gravelord Nito (DS1) and Coolskeleton95/Papyrus (Undertale)
15:09 All of the windows are dick-shaped
15:29 Disney logo
15:30 Yellow light running under the bridge (Tears of Denial bug (DS3 speedruns))
15:41 Irithyll Winter Olympics and red lamp (Bloodborne)
15:45 Planking dead body
15:52 Columbia Pictures logo
15:57 Sewer Centipede with "That rock" gesture
16:06 Iron Maiden, Peace Symbol, Hunter Rune (Bloodborne), Outsider's Mark (Dishonored), AD (BioShock Infinite) and chain (BioShock 1)
16:25 Asgore's trident (Undertale), Shovel Knight and Genie's lamp (Aladdin)
16:33, 18:25 Gwynevere (DS1)
16:37 V for Vendetta and Vendrick boss (DS2)
16:47 Old school church sign
16:54 Captain America's shield and Adamantium (Marvel Comics)
17:25 Batwing Demons (DS1)
17:44 The bucket trick (TES V: Skyrim)
17:54 Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
17:57 Guts (Berserk)
18:02 Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings)
18:05 Creepy wedding (Usurpation of Fire ending)
18:10 Yorshka
18:14 Xenomorph egg (Alien), Giant Crow (DS1) and cherry engravings
18:25 Sachiel's mask (Evangelion)
18:27 Error 404 instead of Nameless King statue
18:29 Lance of Longinus (Evangelion)
18:43 Coca-Cola (beer can, that was found in the Grave of Saints textures (DS2))
18:53 Deal With It glasses
19:09 Pizza (rose window)
19:23 Two different posters combined and Seath the Scaleless boss (DS1)
19:28 Shizuka Joestar (JoJo reference)
19:33 Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid)
19:37 Giant Chupa Chups
20:06 Cherry engravings
20:11 Baked chicken (Castlevania)
20:33 Ramen (Pilgrim Butterfly) and beach ball shield
21:02 Alert (!) sound (Metal Gear Solid)
21:15 Aldia's Experiments book (DS2), The Pthumerians book (Bloodborne) and J.R.R. Tolkien book
21:21 Eye on the window (Last Guardian)
21:27 Giant ice cream and Warp Pipe (Mario)
21:42 Candy canes
21:55 Prince symbol
22:09 Dark Souls 1
22:33 Ornstein in lower left screen corner (DS1)
22:36 Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception)
22:39 Crystal Lizard's sound
22:50 The Dark Lord ending (DS1) and Leave the Throne ending (DS2)
22:55 Dragon Ball Z
23:06 Gwyn (DS1) Stand (JoJo reference)
23:15 Neo vs. Morpheus (Matrix)
23:25 Soul Edge (Soul Calibur 3)
23:30 Slice of cake
24:00 Lower right screen corner (Childhood's Beginning ending (Bloodborne))
24:06 Glorious PC Gaming Master Race in lower right screen corner
24:13 Upper right screen corner (GameGrumps)
24:34 Steam and Half-Life 3

Unidentified references:
15:19 Action figure
If you know, what are these references or if you spot another one, pls reply this comment, and I will add them or will fix mistakes.
Elnish Gonsalves
This is truly amazing work... Impressive Af ❤️ please do. More 😂
firekeeper waifu
Robin Best
this is the most positive comment section I've ever seen
Jevmen Yt
15:40 this enemys do a sound similar to a horse when they walk.
Also i like the detail of the bloodborne red lamp
Deus ex vesania
11:40 I could watch that part all day on endless repeat.
That Ghru is so adorable!
Guilherme Martins
Simplesmente incrível
Eu sou brasileiro e treinho meu inglês com animações e desenhos, esse foi o melhor que eu já vi , meus parabéns
NOVAL Kurnia
Okay done. Now it's time for DLC 😎👌
The lonely Otaku
Here's a summary of all the Easter eggs I found in this video. Tell me if I missed any.

0:05 a GameCube
0:06 a bottle of Nuka cola (fallout series) and a pun on the drink Sprite with Ryu from street fighter on the front.
0:10 if you didn't figure this out game'sCock is GameStop.
0:30 Vogue one a pun based off Star Wars: rogue one just changing it based on the line of Beauty products vogue. A plant monster that appeared in lots of Mario games. Last of all a sort of robot arm that I couldn't really recognise but I think it might be the synthetic arm that big boss uses in MGSV TPP
3:12 the message is "treasure ahead" written in elvish which is probably a LOTR reference
0:50 a portrait of Dio from JoJos bizarre adventure part 3 using the purple hermit ability
0:59 both of those helmets were used heavily in the marketing campaigns in both games and were on the covers too
1:34 I think the pudding of the lords is a joke based on Aldrich being sludge in the opening cutscene
2:00 you can see that one meme Pepe looking sad proably referencing the uselessness and disappointment of the stat as a whole.
2:29 Conan O'Brien much
3:00 roughly multiple things that I could explain but I'll only explain the less obvious ones that I get kona mi=konami, in the top right the Wii U, mighty no.9 and a part of Michael jacksons thriller was playing. (Edit) you can see a skeleton that bears a striking resemblance to Geralt (except that he's a skeleton of course) in the background
3:50 a mega man hat (pretty obvious)
3:53 primordial serpents instead of snakes on the ambulance (one of my personal favourites)
4:00 The emerald herald (excuse my memory if that's incorrect and mentos for whatever reason (they probably have something to do with the food them of this video.
4:13 I don't know why but that face on his shoulder reminds me of those weird cat people from undertale
4:17 the fathers mask aka the mask of MLG
5:00 the merchant from resident evil 4+Illuminati!
5:05 a PlayStation VR for whatever reason
5:26 I love this shot. We've got the helmet from the main armour in demon souls at the left we have the buster sword FF7 and last of all the master sword from the legend of self-aggrandising series
6:00 here we have a messenger from bloodborne in the bowl
6:15 that arm or next to him feels familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it
6:23 The pudding of the lords! ( I just wanted to include it)
7:05 I presume a lot of people here will know Might No. 9
7:20 that stone at the bottom right is a tonsil stone from bloodborne
8:04 you can see a bus sign that says hemwick in the bottom right corner and of course hemwick is an area in bloodborne
8:20 this entire song feels very similar to take on me but I don't know
8:56 that sign or whatever on anri's armour is probably an Easter egg but I don't know it.
9:08 I'm loving this one I missed it at first it's a forest spirit from princess Mononoke
9:15 cmon if you're watching this video you've got to know what praising is if not check it out its too grossly incandescent to describe in a few sentences.
10:00 the first colossus from shadow of the colossus ( I am loving these Easter eggs!)
10:17 the wooden grave post is shaped like the overwatch logo
10:22 the drug lord part is a reference to Walter White the MC of breaking bad
10:37 it's a reference to what some people call the dark souls wiki fextra life as a joke
11:02 a dead goomba okkkkkkk
12:41 that skull spider though I've seen a lot of skull spiders in other stuff so you guys can decide
14:00 almost definitely an Easter egg I just can't recognise that thing
14:17 yeah m8 exactly like Dungeons and Dragons exactly
14:32 is that the mask of that bad guy from He man(edit: I think he's called skeletor) cause if it is then this is my new favourite video ever and don't forget Sans with the weird helmet
14:52 a Zubat that was shot by an arrow
14:55 soulsbay is a pun on eBay and coolskeleton95 is the name that Papyrus from undertale uses on his social media profile(s).
15:00 there's Neto he's real Neato ain't he
15:30 a reference to the Disney castle at the start of multiple Disney movies
15:32 Below the bridge you can see a glitch related easter egg. Look at the highlighted reply for more info.
16:03 I do not know what that thing is
16:07 the tattoo at the top right is the hunter rune from bloodborne and the one at the bottom left is a sort of sign bestowed upon specific people from this godlike character in the dishonoured series
16:27 I can't put any specifics one what these are from but a shovel possibly from shove knight, a (magic) lamp possibly from Aladdin, a trident and a golden great hammer/axe
16:36 probably a reference to Gwynns daughter Gwynevere
16:37 King Vendrick from dark souls 2
16:54 the star on it is probably captain Americas shield
17:55 Jon snow from game of thrones
17:57 it's a invader posing as guts from berserk
18:03 that's a red eye orb which due to the shape of the tower on which it stands is most likely a reference to Saudi s tower in Lord of the rings
18:16 a reference the the crow who carries you to Lordran in the first game plus an alien egg on the rail
18:26 Gwynn, Gwynevere and Gwynns son aka SPOILERS the nameless King SPOILERS who isn't there for lore reasons
18:40 coco cola for some reason
19:25 a reference to Seath the scaleless from dark souls 1
19:28 a reference to the invisible woman from JoJos bizarre adventure part 4
19:33 it's revolver ocelot form metal gear solid
20:12 a cooked chicken in the back what a castlevania reference
21:05 the books on the outsides are references to Aldias and the Pthumerians from bloodborne the one in the middle I don't know
21:21 an eye on the window from the last guardian
21:55 the banner at the back is the logo/sign of the music artist prince
22:05 deeper than the darkest holes (I'm sorry)
22:08 Artorias ring is a ring from dark souls 1 that you need to fight the four kings boss without sinking in to the Abyss
22:32 dragonslayer Ornstein from dark souls 1 in the bottom left
22:38 I'm pretty sure that's an inception reference
22:55 he used instant transmission from dragonball
23:07 GWYNNN! Plus this is so a reference to Jojos bizarre adventure this entire scene is an anime reference.
23:25 it's soul edge from the soul calibur series (the blade with the eye)
24:00you can see your ascended character from bloodbornes good ending
24:06 it's the PC master race mascot on his tower
24:15 I see him editing the video Dumb which leads me to believe you got this game as a birthday present Matthew plus Game grumps in the top left
24:35 steamed=steam and a half life 3 reference

I spent about two hours making this list off memory so I would really appreciate if you would like this comment have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed the new video from Matthew cause I certainly did. Thanks for all the tips on things I didn't see this list is much more complete than it was at the start when I first posted it I'm probably going to do this for the next video from Matthew.
James SAP
I like the reference of the cake how it is modelled after the cake from portal
UBI fan
I finally understand why it’s called Dark souls cause you’ll be left with one when u finish the game *if* u finish the game
sassy the sasquatch
You should do one for sekiro👍
Etienne Rossouw
this is genius. I started with 3 and I RELATE
| |

Jack Bean
Well Dark Souls lll for your birthday, wow that should be a DEATH DAY present, good work
24:35 is probably the most accurate thing. 😂
Crocer 1
Man seeing the animation again after the 3rd just wow

Plus this vid made me get the game
Drew Foley
So anybody notice the two Easter egg skeleton heads at 14:45
ChewYour Beer
This is every players first experience when playing any DARK SOULS game, also this mad man went the whole game with the same loot
Sans Sation
Did anyone see a Sans the skeleton skull as well on 14:36
BamBam 231
17:56 There is no escape from Guts 😂
Matthew Shezmen
What's up guys, Shez here. I hope you will have a good time watching my video. These last 5 months were not always a fun ride for me: just two days ago, my grandma has passed away after getting sick last November. Seeing her in that situation getting worse as time went on, while I was working on average 11 hours a day to get this done, was a tough one. I just hope this animation will bring you some joy, thank you for watching.
Love you guys.
Star Wars Katze
7:50 R.I.P upfuck dragon from the nameless king😂
Punished Link
18:30 Shez's burial gift was a giant Oreo cookie. Holy moly the attention to detail is amazing.
I just play video games
The first time I watched this I hadn’t played dark souls 3 yet and rewatching it I understand all the jokes now
15:18 if dark souls was created by EA
18:00 is that a berserk reference
"Here's your kindle" I died 😂😂
Nostalgia Comforter
Ah this video is amazing with somewhat logical stuff 20:42
Maker Rei
Around 9:10, there's a kodama, a tree spirit from Princess Mononoke behind the main character :D XD
Peter Williams
Easily the best video on YouTube by far! Please make one on the first Dark Souls
William Magan
5:46 master sword in background
Kyle William
This. Was. A. Masterpiece.
I hope Miyazaki sees this.
Zaishi Junior
24:30 Is that a JoJo reference? (DIO portrait)
Shadow Werewolf6
When Vordt of Boreal Valley just appears, "🎵Big Fat Dooog🎵" then insert Classic Dark Souls Gothic, orchestral music.
Krzysztof Iskrzyński
14:56 on the information "Beware! They look good but they give you weak spots." down singed -Coolskeleton95.It's Papyrus.
He didn't use the Ithralli Straight sword, not an accurate first play through
Waiting for the Sekiro parody.
arturo troncoso
this is late but you can pacify the speer guy and he only attacks enemies and no longer damages you.
Seth Renegade
6:05 That get rekt sign....(^O^)
watching before part 3 just to keep up with the lore
Ronan K.
Firekeeper is best waifu
Thank you for listening to my TED talk
Benco ASP
17:56 when you realize its Gatz from Berserk 😂😂😂
Matteo Zilioli
14:32 sans with sabaku's helmet is awesome 😂💯
Malti Moto
at 8:20 plays "Take On Me" :-)
"I'm invincible!"
Nándor Kovács
23:20 And you know what's funny? There is a "practice mode" in Sekiro :D
This work belongs more than just on YouTube. This is incredible mate, I can't imagine the amount of time and tears that went into this. I hope you can continue doing stuff like this but I know it can be really daunting.
Space Unicorn
Imagine if they got him dark souls 1,2, and 3 at the same time
Hylia Yggdrasil
You've convinced me to finally get this game and join the masses that have dedicated themselves to endless suffering..

So thanks for that.
Qiu Albert
Dude, you should be glad to play as Conan O'Brian
Speaking of lame fashion: upturned polo shirt collars since 1982...
Vortex stark and Co.
SooOO Funny :D frenchs tell you : "thank's for this" :P
Nifty 5ifty
I like the way you gave Anri her own unique armor
Toofan Salehi
Dude,if someone knows how to make these things,its you were all dying to see your SEKIRO
So I ended up getting dark souls 3 for the sole purpose of watching this and understanding it...... WORTH IT!!!!!
John Fox
It's been 6 months and I finally beat gundyr!!!
Jim Pickens
"Press your eye sockets and kill yourself" Well aint that just lovely? xD
3:01 [grave at bottom right] Oh, look, a foreshadowing!
I love how I recognized every part of the game. Great job on this!
Chad W Fischer
HAHAHA the screaming sword and shield made me lose it XD
Extremely high quality and extremely funny !!
Thank-you bro (  ̄ー ̄)ノ
Mannylo Anime Squad Life Lessons
first 3 mins in and this is great xD i just played and beat the game! bought it 3 days ago its awesome!!
Terry Oliv
"Welcome" 🤣
Kelpy G
I love the view to like ratio on this video. Jeez
Matthew Shezmen
IF i'll do a cartoon about the DLCs guys, my character is gonna get F*CKED like you have NO-IDEA. We are gonna have lots of fun... ; )
Coltin Strop
Why is there an overwatch symbol at 10:18
Robert EO Speedwagon
Lol at 24:29 are picture of DIO
".. before taking this job, I was a character from dead or alive."

who is she refering to? I really cant tell.
el jodax
4:00 just look back

Edit: sorry for my English
Kylian Lecas
17:17 R.i.p boss 😂😂😂
19:31 Jojos REFERENCE (the baby uwu)
still coming back to this i wish i knew the music used so epic
Colton Yeager
This story is EXACTLY how I got into dark souls and exactly how it went😂
niperman poo
I love the stupid amount of references there are in these videos
The ending was like me but after I had played bloodborne then I went and got all the dark souls games lol
Tadinite Riad
9:07 I understood that princess mononoke reference.
Awesome. Never played Dark Souls but now I'm interested. Funny huh ?
1:17 when people ask matthew if he really made an 25 minute animation
Dikk Bumm
17:57 best part in the whole video
xX FeuerHerz Xx
"They were talking trash about your mom" 👌😂 (12:25)
Gujudhur Harish Kumar
I'm just here to see Freya
Rogal Dorn
omg the lord of cinder was manifesting gwynn as a stand
Siko mack
Did anyone else see the overwatch grave
Schaden Freude
The abyss watchers is my favorite boss I even invade as an abyss watcher