HE'S AFTER US! 👿 CUPHEAD Game: Be4 BENDY & the Ink Machine Got Spooky (FGTEEV Part 1 Gameplay)

FGTEEV Duddy is playing CUPHEAD: Don't Deal with the Devil, these cool and creepy oldies style cartoon like BENDY and the INK Machine before it got all dark and spooky! :) This game helps me be a rapper so I like it a lot. There will definitely be a part 2 w/ 2 Player so thumbs up 4 that!

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FGTeeV is a Family Friendly Gaming Channel for all ages to enjoy but primarily focused to the family audience. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.


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You gonna make 2 player game?
Mary Shepard
Yellow carrots are my favorite vegetable and I am going to eat that carets
Bryan Gant
Rip Oreo

He said his dog died yesterday
Ricardo Cortez
Of you call me my phone number I’ll give you some tips how to play this
Game Anthony
Cuphead I like you make me happy😃
swirly factory105
(Cuphead bosses defeated/no run n' gun/in order/names required)
:moe tato
Eli Nathaniel
go back to the botainc panic at the swich port and do not shoot the onion boss
Alex Lewis
Where Cup head and his Paul mug man they really dead dead I just see king Devils game Kathy pay the price pay the price L now do you fighting for their lifeOn the message from Likely read and I did both see but
The Dino Collector
Chapter 5 have a New ending Just play Bendy and the ink machine chapter 5 ok
Dark side
The Devil

Real Name: Lucifer
Job:Casino Owner
Kristel Anderson
Murloc RJ
This game has almost nothing to do with bendy and the ink machine
Thea Saligumba
Cup head and muggy fight devil will try to get the souls
Gamer Nathan
Hey little guy.its fine you can CRY☕️☕️
Violet Vinner Playz
Bendy + Undertale = Cuphead
Bendy. Because the devils and eyes
Undertale. Because of the soul
Joseph Plays
Boss= contract. Run n, gun= 1/2/3/4 or five
ka crazy hi
you should do cuphead with me on steam I'm in world 3
very good!!!! I'm an expert at game
Jean Thoms
My roblox account is DecZim16
Maxipoli8's Channel
He's Mickey Mouse with a cup head
Mook McDan
inqusitermaster fan
fjteev duddy can you tell lexi to taik to me on roblox oh ad I your number 1 biggest fan ever
Falcon fan

W:I don’t know if carpet in the mayonnaise are you
Joshua Lopez
There’s a fun at the Freddys and ink Bendy and hello neighbor under the bridge
paseit !!?
the game took 7 years before bendy to make and you say

"It looks just like bendy"
Pig Expeariments
6:24 is when the gameplay starts your welcome
Joseph world of plushes and toys Belcastro
Not to hurt your feelings I like cuphead
Rosalina moreno
duddy your so funny sound 4:54
Nelda Goodwin
You must Wach all the vids in order
Noriel Nadal
Cuphead is release in 2017 its been create today so yeah 1 like= 1 cuphead
Sara Gerges
You are the best
Apple TV
I'll admit, you look like Nostalgia Critic.
Gabriel Cerna
There's a secret boss it hidden
No one told you
Felix Partida
Who else Was playing cuphead while he was playing CUPHEAD
Bendy And the ink machine
Play as mugman
The Foxy family And friends
Quick notice, cause I know all about cuphead here's the veggie names,
Potato-moe tato
Gacha Dexter
The apple gives you 3coins duddy
Freddy Fazbear
Cuphead is the one who's fighting the devil
Juliet Cons
cringe QUEEN
My friend: **reads what he said before the video starts** dude stop watching him you know what he said!!
Me: FINE!!! **walks away sad**
**later when my friend leaves**
Me: **runs back and watches video**
Little Pandora ultimate gaming
0:00 this video is cool
foxy the pirate
Hey can you and chase watch brothers in arms
Donovan RXM
Fandroid game you are the best!!!!
taco the fox
Play the new cuphead when it comes out plzzz right guys
Mia Perez
that’s pink dude
At the bottom left corner,
theirs a little box and that
tells you how many hits
you have.
My Channel Has Only 1Video Just To Make You Happy
Darksouls cries in corner
Your mom Is gay
If he pins this I will cry for happiness 😭😭😭
štěpa buchar
Bendy is a fandom frenzi boss
cuphead is getting new things bosses and a new character to play as in 2019
callum pearce
Great Job you're Spectacular
A Michelle
I live in Atlanta Georgia
zaid 101
The devil is an upgraded version of bendy
elaine gzs
There’s a secret boss the poppet hello neighbor and Bendy and the ink machine
Go get it
lazer austin360
6:24== game
Rage craft
i knew you would say that it needs a checkpoint!
Flow De Anime Weeaboo
Chase: blue or mug man
Micheal: Cuphead or red
Harley Te Maro
Do u know that's 2 player u and chase can play😆😉
s o m e d e a d m e m e 2
Fgteev Plays Cuphead:They Caused Global Warming
You mist a part in cupheab anb mugman
Murnie Naqiuddin
Dania Villarreal
plays bandy ink AND MINNENK CUPPER 5
Richard Flynn
Bendy and the ink machine?
paul javier
The demon is bendy, no lies,

There's a secret to see hello neighbor and five nights at Freddys and bendy
Trickbot 123
Remmy Matinee
Fandroid how did you comment
Maria Cazares
Fgteev you're the best YouTuber I ever heard there's a new game called bendy and his butt
oatmeal chan
Andrew McCarthy
You forgot the PINK STUFF the PINK STUFF makes your cup heads pain lose!
Brigi Meira
drift cool
Fandroid is my favorite YouTube to
jamie hibbert
There was a intro the sigh 🅰🅱
Jason Brown
THE DEVIL EMOJI MEANS THAT THE DEVIL IS AFTER THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And btw let's make it rain dollar Emojis. Ready? Set? Go! $$$
Stellar Belt
0:10 I love the intro song
Merari Classen
You said b- 2 times wach the video if you dont get me😜😛
Daimond Rocks
go talk to the apple dude
he gives you coins
CreepyPasta_Gaming101 :3
I never thought you played this!! But you did!!
Kitty Lover
I love your VIDS!!!!!!!!!! 😃
Griselda Bermudez
Cuphead is bendys friend
Josiah Brickhouse
Cuphead of my favorite game it’s really cool when you guys play it
William Roomers
Time up you hack in video but I love you😊😊 this is a boy!!!!!!!
Alexia C
play more of this game
Sigil Minecrafter
To Cup head: NO ROLL DICE
mohamed Hocine
O MY GOD GOOD Game!!!!!
Weird peeps Hangout
I’ve got a grcey shirt
Sheila Watson
next time can you play avakin life please duddy 😄
Lily Gamer
Play this with chase
Jacob Gaming!
This was made on my birthday
Tyler Rowe
That dude on the bridge at the beginning he gives you 3 coins
luis rios
it is two players you just need controller
ozge bilgili
Just be glad you could do the tutorial fast unlike a reviewer
Susan Spivey
I was depreciator of cuphead
Sarah Crockett
i love you so much fgteev and my fav boss the root pack
Michaelflash123s stuff
A great slam and then some, WALLOP
Eros T
dude you got those walmart headphones but my kid loves you keep up the good work you need to upgrade them wal mart headphones bro !
Tobias Borba
oh. its you fandroid
Beth Benito
You can be multiplayer you is Cuphead and the your Friend is mugman
Brandie Siedlik
Play bendy and the ink mshing
Natphumin N.
You Can Play 2 Player
GACHA 8 nights At Ava’s
Please read~hi I love your channel and I really want the funnel boy plush -8 nights at Ava's!!