Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II - Abilities Preview

Pillars of Eternity's Game Director, Josh Sawyer, talks about some of the new abilities in The White March - Part II.
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Sebastian We
the cipher one seems freaking cool
Johnny D
Can't wait to start a new playthrough! Gonna be awesome :D
Charge for Fighters, awesome :D
Mr Revolution Mars
Does pillars of eternity will get more dlc ?
Stew The RPGer
sweet, psionic abilities
Magnus Häggström
imagine this game with DnD 5th edition rules *cry*
Hmm how Reaping knives work ? Do they replace your weapons ? How will they work on a monk ?
RPS Corp
very much enjoyed my adventures in POE 2....i havent seen a game this good a since BG2
s ss
we miss chris avellone
Abaszyn Widłakowski
pilars of ertenity 2 is a good game , and i like it so much
yes I am enjoying thank you very much
Tiago Lourinho
Ty guys =D
I still can't decide my personal game of 2015...it's either Pillars of Bloodborne.
They're my two favourite series (the "infinity engine games" and the "souls")
I hope you guys are able to create more awesome Crpgs..
Jacob Turner
Really enjoying this game. Got it on the ps4. Finished the White March 2. This morning and that was a tough choice to make. Was fitting for the character I went with.