10 Minutes of New Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Gameplay

Senua heads across the treacherous bridge to Helheim, the land of dead.

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Oh, a new Hellblade video.

*Pulls out expensive headset*
those who will play this without headphones should be sacrified
Mikey Hope
Sad thing is, people will judge this against 60 dollar AAA games and it won't get great reviews. The amount of work ninja theory put into this game is insane. Watch the dev diaries.
The more I see this game, the more incredible it looks.
I'm so impressed that a small independent team is able to pull this off. And I love the twist that it takes inspiration from schizophrenia like the whispers you hear. It gonna be a real trip playing this game.
Edit: I hope there's more of that creepiness that's at the end of the video.
I already pre ordered it about a month ago. I have seen all their dev diaries as well. I am supporting the hell out of this indie AAA game. $29.99 ain't bad.
Only criticism is when she is pushing on doors, it looks fake. Like the connection between the door and the character is not there :( otherwise wow!!
Sean Marchman
I'm already calling for a sequel.
Put your headphones on! The sound design is ridiculously amazing!
Icarus Tanović
How about Blade of Darkness?
Rubmeet Off
Such intense graphics! This game is too immersive damn!
First Impression
Infinity Blade/Horn + Dark Souls
I only have ONE thing to say :


Honestly it will be unplayable if it stays like that
John Chi
Oh man. The combat looks so good! The voice telling Senua of unseen dangers is also really interesting. It's going to be an instant buy for me.
Iris W.
HELLyeah! I'm so looking forward to this game!
Jullian Greenman
Best listen with headphones folks <3

Also, love it when the voices say "behind you" because there is an enemy coming from behind. I love how much work they put into the audio, and making not just a way to enhance the experience, but being a part of the gameplay as well
Joker Qyou
"Get up, fight it!" [she picks up the sword] then IGN logo showed up

so the souls of the dark is IGN, lol
Combat really dragged on, first minute was fine but after... Not enough variety in combat for long battles like that
Sir Caco
Videogames always making people spin and expose their backs to do fancy schmancy telegraphed attacks lol
Im waiting to see features in this game.
Game can be beautyfull and very well done, if it s just to advence and fight in arrena:
No thx.

DmC devil may cry soundtrack LOL

Gabe Logan
HELLBLADE and GOW look the same In gameplay but I can't wait to play them ✌👍👍☝️
Looks about as one should expect from a game by Ninja Theory: good visuals, more or less natural looking combat, random light specs, shapes, etc. as if you having acid trip along with random voices, whispers that narrating/insulting/whatnot, - all that together should in Theory be awesome and cool, but that's just another theory that remains to be proven...

Also character looks as if Ninja Theory tried to make a reboot of Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Can't believe this game it's gonna cost 30$ at launch
Miguel Weaver
Combat has a mix of Devil may Cry and the methodical pace of a Dark Souls, looks really good in motion. Looking forward to this
Almerindo Naval
yooooo. this is right up there.
might even be hitting thar Pre-order button. Just cause I know ya'll need them numbers.
and I respect ya'll as a developer.
Marc Christian Bruan
what platform sir?
is it available now?
Java Monsoon
Oh look! Dark Souls.
*moves on*
Tom Green
'ign' great gameplay, fascinating story, really great graphics, a real classic hack and slash for gamers to sunk their teeth in. 5/10.
My tip:
Put in more enemies
Reduce their health
Put in finishing moves and dismemberment.
Ethan Metcalf
Now that I've finally seen some gameplay this game looks pretty good. I'd like to know more but this is a nice step.
Rommy Erdian
Dark Souls: Birdman version
Playing this for sure, not so much for the gameplay, story alone looks so dark and interesting, the whole fighting your own demons thing is so well depicted here. I can't wait.
Maxime Guyon
This game its Aloy in Dark Souls!
Pembe Ning
woohoo!!! thats what i have been expecting from ninja theory!!
great work!!!
I still don't know what this game is,
but I'm intrigued.
Nick Lastnamelol
Loved the gameplay of DmC and this looks great too ..looking forward to it !
Noah Higgins
who remembers heavenly sword?
Josh West
This has such interesting combat and unique graphics. The puzzles are the best I've seen since some of the original Laura Croft Games. Will definitely be purchasing this when it releases!
Trent XY
The Combat system is so beautiful. That's my opinion
Gimme Apen
I like it. It's still Hack and slash regardless, but its grounded more on the story than a arcade-y feeling like its previous installment. This is a instant buy for me.

Combat is gritty, Atmosphere is somber, settings are beautiful. o la la
Not even a minute in and im already sold GAH DAMN ✨✨✨
Ninja Theory has come a LONG way with this game. I remember when they first showed off combat and it looked meh and uninspired. Definitely picking this up when it drops.
Is that Vilhelm from Dark Souls 3?
Shuvam Ghosh
This + Uncharted: TLL for around $60...
Crazy August...
Not call of duty
Aaron Lansdowne
this looks amazing
Elijah Corley
Man I'm sold. This game looks great. And for 30 dollars? Can't beat that price. Thanks for being real Ninja.
The fighting style kinda reminds me of FOR HONOR and some god of war as well.
Mathew Cheriyan
this looks awesome...makes me think of dark souls a bit
Will this game be Souls/Nioh difficult?
Looks weird in a good way. Got a very unique feel to it. I like it. Hope people can appreciate it for what its gonna be. The dev said its going to be a rather short game. Such things usually get aaaall the blind rage the interwebz got to offer. Now mention qtes as well and people will be foaming out of their mouths for no reason
jimmybeast 77
Simply amazing! What else can i say
Meu deus como eu estou ansioso por esse jogo !! THE BEST
Inspired by Octavia from The 100?
Peter B
Dark Souls: Zero Dawn
Lana Reine
Didn't expect this visceral and fluid combat.Well color me surprised.
That "Behind you" is giving me goosebumps
Already preordered. Can't wait!!!
Bought the t-shirt and pins too!
I really want to support the devs, but it appears I m not a story person. Combat first for me. The game lacks soul. its too stiff the fights. Goons have too much health. Goons dont react well to the attacks. And she lacks variation of combos. It will get boring quick and become a chore. I really want to support Ninja theories indie vision but if I cant play the game. Theres no point. Please revise the combat add finishers and more attack synergy or flow. Better enemy reaction to the hits and I m sold.

I hope they can tweak it b4 release.
ARABIAN golden desert
I want heavenly sword Sequel give a 👍 if you agree
Kevin Yusuf
Seemed like the female version of GOW 👍👍
Guillermo Rosas
the sword, pick it up, fight the darkness..... AND DANCE WITH THE DEVIL!!!!
Azie Ilyas
It's like Ryse son of rome
The graphics so awesome

Now I'm waiting Uncharted : Lost Legacy
Timm Weis
A great mix out of "Dark Souls" and "For Honor"... :D
It looks very good :)
the animation is very well done, so is the design of the characters
Tiboa Sheard
moves as devil my cry,difficulty as dark souls,scary shadow areas as silent hill,enemies as god of war,puzzles as onimusha,opening doors as resident evil......
Joe Momma
Sweet will most likely grab this on my X1XPC
I was a huge fan of Enslaved, and this just looks brilliant. The atmosphere, what they're achieving with AA development, it's just fantastic. I'm sold.
PC Principal
As long as ninja theory keeps their hands off devil may cry franchise I'll be happy.
This Game looks cool though. MC Reminds me of heavenly sword a little.
Nunya Business
looks alright, enemies are really spongy though.
Rodrigo Moisés
I can tell by watching the dev. diaries this will be a groundbreaking game (as a indie AAA). They'd promised us a bold experience with a good story, and that's what I've seen in this video. A reminder to the haters: the developers warned this game wouldn't be for everyone.
Been waiting for this game, sick of FPS games...
This looks interesting but the combat looks a bit repetitive.
Maybe it will feel better if I'm the one doing the fighting.
I hope so.
Kim Schmitt
This game is a slap in the face of the giant and greedy publishers, for the sake of the industry i hope this game will be a success in critics and sales. I hate what Ninja Theory did with DmC but if they succeed in Hellblade, they will open the doors for more games with this ideology, indies with low production cost, shorter in duration, but AAA quality and creative freedom.
Dennis Barros
This video sure convinced me. I haven't gamed in like 3-4 months. Day 1 purchase. Unbeatable price point for a game that looks this impressive.
Both combat and camera angle when fighting had been improved this looks promising
JagBone's Wild Adventures
I just hope that one day, Ninja Theory make their own big hack and slash game like DmC.That was could have done well and be well received if it had been an original game by them. And not having the DMC title on it. The gameplay was good but it could not match up to the main series. I am sure they learn alot from their experiences in making and bearing the huge burden of Devil May Cry. All the best for the future Ninja Theory. I've already pre-ordered this game.
hard mode
slow and predictable, makes me remember Dark Souls...
Vinicius P Piacenti
Wow! Fantastic! Superb atmosphere!
Markus Sangalang
the combat reminds me alot of infinity blade on IOS

those were some good times
They are killing immersion by tooooooo many HP. It should be short, deadly and scary.
The first seconds it was OMG, then it went to ooooooooookk.....3 minutes later it got annoying.
Not the league of a Dark Souls.
I sense a hint of dark souls
Loved the part at the end
Franco Malfatto -
I loved every AAA game made by NT (even DmC) and I hope this game could be very succesful.

I'm waiting for Sony to give green light to Heavenly Sword 2 so badly.

(Sorry for my bad english ^^)
The graphic and combat looks amazing
Arseni Plotnikov
I'm not going to watch this video considering this game is pretty short and I want to be surprised when I play it
Jean Neige
The rear third person camera view is so unnatural it hurts my brain. Really it is like moving with a hand on your left eye while watching up constantly...
Can't play those games !
Hopefully after this game we can get some "Heavenly Sword 2 : Kat's Journey"
Ummm... Doesn't look like my cup of tea...
Demarkus Mills
This game is very dark I see😅
the slow motion ability is not my favorite but the game sure looks nice
Sergio Jara
No thanks but I already played Horizon Zero Dawn
Jared Smith
Looks amazing! A bad comparison but Lara Croft gone savage.
Maiyagy Gery
An easy enemy version of Dark Souls?
After watching this; The gameplay doesn't feel all that great. A beautiful hack-n-slash, no doubt, but I've seen some pretty hack and slash oh phones too. They've all got so-so gameplay.
JackaL YT
I've been waiting so long. Love you Ninja
Wow, I follow Hellblade's news since its announcement, man the game looks pretty much like a masterpiece now !