This is going to be an adventure!
Check out the game:


Page and Molly Love You... Go Rescue a Dog!
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Band_Nerd_ Amber
Who else think that Stacy looked beautiful in the intro? :)
Eliza Petty
I dropped my iPod on my face when that shark came out of no where.
Alison Clentsmith
this game would be great in VR!
Egg Pies
lets just take a minute to notice how perfect stacy's eyebrows are.
#StacyYou'reAwesome (LikeIfYouAgree)
This is a short series and does NOT replace any of my regular Minecraft series. Hope you love it as much as I do!
Maya C
When Stacy said it was breathtaking I was like "breathtaking aye?" And when the game started realising why. It was underwater....
Tori Schlickbernd
It's like the lost city of atlantas
lazy laiah
This is a very relaxing majestic game ♥️♥️♥️
The_Pink_Ferret 'U'
Hi Stacy I'm new to ur channel and I love it so far! I'm planning on going to minecon next year I might not though. I'm hoping I can meet u next year and get something signed by u! I can't wait too see u next year! My name is Piper and I really hope u respond to this comment! I guess it's like a note, but I shouldn't pester u about it! I love u so much Stacy I hope that's not weird but all I wanted to say ur so great and u always make me smile I really like ur mineclash and hope u do more! I just-- I can't explain how much I love u and ur work in words! Please respond,
Elena of Avalor Official
Did anyone else fart when they saw the shark eat flounder?

Or am I the only one?...
Stacy, I know you probably won't see this but I have a game to reccomend that I used to love. It involves Disney characters and is amazing.

The game is called Kingdom Hearts. There is many games after it. Start with the first one which is Kingdom hearts xD
I hope you see this because this game was my childhood all in one
always a girl
Omg that shark scars me my heart stopped working when it eat it btw Stacy my fav water animal is prob sharks I do not know why but they do scar me
jumpscare warning around 15:10!
Cami P.
I watched the first, like, minute of the video, and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Oh wait... Stacy isn't part of the game!
Ava Drye
Anyone else think that Siri the pixel bio. Would like this?
Pumpkin Queen
I think u should play this with Amy lee
My first reaction: "wow!"
My second reaction: "wow!"
My third reaction: "wow!"
My forth reaction: "its so beautiful!"
Wolf With Wings
Who's watching in 2019???
River Rygmyr
fruity •
Ohhh Stacy your so beautiful 🤤😙🙂
Susie Reeves
Little Fish!
That's so pretty! Downloading it right now! Stacy, I have suggestion for a series! You should do one in Minecraft PE! It would be so cool for us PE players! Go on servers, build a house, and of course GET A DOG!I love your vids!
"I'm less afraid of sharks than I am of my ignorance"
Stacy: personally, I love this game and I think you are doing perfectly at posting a lot of content in a timely manner :)
XxAspynsAstethicsxX :3
"Oh ok we're not dead.....that's good" I legitimately nearly died
Axel The King
Beautiful, but strange.
Just like Stacy.
Ck Mercado
When the shark came out I literally dropped my burger... 😂
xX_Rifle Raptor_Xx
I have a theory that the thing that she releases from the coral thingy mabob. The creatures that come out of it are creatures that are extinct or are endangered
Krystallaine So
When Stacy tried to ride that big fish into the coral door..
Jill Ro
AAAAHHHHHH I love this already!!!!! It's so beautiful! Gaaahhhh I love the ocean! When's ep. 2 coming out, Stacy???? I need this!
Krystel Lao
The scene is so beautiful! That shark made my heart pound double time, and can you please louder the voice? Please? I can hear soft voices only
_Yo_Itz_Ari_ _
I cracked my screen on the floor when the shark came out 😂
Grace Siemer
Stacy I just realized how perfect your eyebrows are! (In the intro)
Alexis C
OMG Stacy I love this already!!
Jodi Masters
Mt favorite sea animal is an orca, idk why I just love em. The shark scared me though
wow I love this series I can't wait to see more.
Brenda Simon
OMG this is so beautiful it makes me feel so at peace oml I've never seen something so beautiful
Sprinkles105 Hi
Armine enimra
STACY u are amazing, thank u for making vids for me to watch and smile almost everyday, don't listen to the haters, ❤️❤️ this game is amazing, mostly because ur playing it so yeah! Thx for being amazing, u might not reply, but on Facebook I did a fan art for u, it's pretty bad, but I sent it to on messenger a while ago, so yeah! Plz check it out.! love u! Potato flacks for life! (I dont know if that's what u call us, I'm pretty sure it is 😊)
Addie’s World
When the shark 🦈 ate flounder I was eating a apple and I literally threw my apple 🍎 on the floor.
noah. ¿
ive never noticed how beautiful this game actually was
deflintely one of my top 5 favorite styles
Marteshia Dorsey
when she said eels i thought she said eews who else thought that 😂😂
LPS Lollipop
14:51 that shark FREAKEDme out. 😂
#Cutegirl203 MSP
0:02 AWWWW Milquetoast should win an award for being so freaking cute 😍😍😍
Checker Swag
this reminds me of
Journey, another amazing game
Amy Cassidy
Orca!! I love them, they're so smart and beautiful creatures. It just makes you think how horrible humans are
Raccoon Girl
I jumped out of my bed when that shark ate that "flounder" lol!😅😂😂
Elizabeth Murphy
Also I love this series it is beautiful... Even though I haven't watched a lot of it yet... I love it already
Elfego Chavira Jr
Stacy should probably focus more on finishing her other series than starting a new one
Jeff Jeff
I wish you had your face him so I can see her reaction
Ariana Tolbert
Stacy your makeup looked so beautiful in that intro! Wow!
Stacy I think I'm going to play this game and when I asked my mums he said yes we can buy the game and thank you so much for suggesting this game 😘😘
Yandere Chan
This is so flipping pretty I love this btw love you Stacy <3 :3
I love the game every game you play Stacy is going to be amazing. My favorite under water animal is a turtle and a mantra and starfish
Keano Barely
I'm trying to sound more intelligent when it comes to talking to adults and I envy you STACY!!💙😄
Bella Reacere
hey Stacy! I live for this video, you play the best games I can possibly ever think of congratulations for success on your channel and I have one question, when is your next meet up?
MaddyLPS 121
It’s so pretty at the start of the game
blaze wh
Stingrays are my favorite we swam with ones who were still dangerous and our tour guy said they loved me.
Lindsey Bottoms
If I played this, I’d probably walk away every time something got intense. I have Thalassophobia 😆
Just Add Magic
14:56 that jump scared me!!
Blue Kitten Creepypasta Girl
You have a cute cat I love the cat's eyes! O w O
Aleks Sisljagic
Milk is SO CUTE!!!! ARGH I want himmmmmmm😩💦😂💕
Nate Mason
YOURE SO PRETTY Love you stace!❤️
Harry Quinn
Maples Tree
omg this was amazing
Simone Filter
Oh my goodness, that shark that dudenly like appear scared the life out of me!
Imagine dragons Fan
I love this game it's so relaxing
Caticorn Gaming
When that shark ate the robot I was like..

WHAT THE*drops ipad in tea* NO WUT WHY
Moonlight_Murder 18
while watching stacy I felt like I was watching a movie for some reason
tuber weez
You’re saving the fish
Alice Wonder Swan
"Humans know more about outer space then they do the oceon-" *A shark eats flounder* Me: *Heart stops beating and jumps out of bed with fear*
Ella Rae The Slime Queen
I can understand why you're feeling confused Stacy there is so much going on you can't tell what you're doing
name isn't important
Deciding who i should watch.
HBomb94 or Stacys new series...
Stacy for sure
definetely do way more of this :D
Seren's Gaming, vlogs and more!
Who screamed “FLOUNDER!” When the shark ate him
Heavenly Stars
Hey stacy if you collect a of the seashells in all hidden places you will get a swim suite with a shell on your back instead of a upside down triangle!
Kat King
My favorite sea creature (well one of my faves) are sunfish (:
Audrey Sebastian
Her eyes❤️❤️
riyan mathew
I love sharks! I would swam after that shark, if i was playing that game! XD!
Ashley Spradlin
THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL GAME!! The grafics are amazing and the music goes perfect with it!! Ily Stacy!!
TheCute BabyFox
This is a goooood game <3
Anna Chernomordik
Wait i thought you did finish this game before..
S.N Lara
Did the triangle thing at the end remind anyone else of Gravity Falls
Yasmine El-Amin
Stacy is honestly so pretty!!! I love her so much
Emmaline Smith
It was 12 when I was watching this and I was falling asleep until Stacy got jumped by the Shark. Then I paused it so I could get some sleep.
Valory Willbanks
This game is so beautiful! The girl reminds me of Celty.
Isabel Lotti
Thank you Stacey, for always calming down as my heart races
Who else would kill for Stacy's lashes
Christian Cusano
Omg that shark attack scared me so much 😂
Tae Bae
Man it's been so long sense I have seen a video from here. I forgot how beautiful and pretty Stacy was! ❤
sea anemily
Morgey Pooh
That shark made my heart skip a beat
koalaKy 17
The face of the character looks like cat
Paytin A.
Stacy's reaction to the shark was scarier than the shark itself
Cupcake and Cheesy
Omg you look beautiful!! <3
This music is really relaxing and i just started it btw
mya elizabeth
When she said, "Eels!" Who else automatically thought, "Escalators!"?